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File 153430141280.png - (166.50KB , 700x600 , qd2.png )
124805 No. 124805 ID: 270774

i don't like em puttin chemicals in the water that turn the frickin frogs gay
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No. 127921 ID: 465a14

Wasn't involved in it, but after the fact my guess is that people thought it could be offensive that Pascal called the Rapa Nui/Easter Island statues ugly, since they're significant in a culture he isn't part of.
No. 127922 ID: b1b4f3

Isn't that to be expected though? Beauty is subjective, and standards of beauty are different between cultures, even.
No. 127923 ID: 158da5

Yeah don't do that.
No. 127924 ID: b1b4f3

Do what?
No. 127925 ID: 158da5

Justify mocking other cultures because they're different. Being respectful doesn't mean you have to personally like the way something looks.

I don't know if that's what Fractal was even referring to yet, but c'mon.
No. 127927 ID: b1b4f3

I didn't think Pascal was mocking their culture. One statue's appearance is only the barest surface level, after all(the history of the statues is pretty interesting!). I can't see how he phrased it now, maybe it's worse than I remember.

If you ask me the problem was probably how Fractal drew the statue, it could be considered a racist caricature due to being a bit exaggerated.
No. 127938 ID: 9e2e20


heres a message sent to FRACTAL's curiouscat that explains the issue well imo

>different anon here but as someone who has been keeping up with tvrn this really isnt any better With context and i've been trying to find the words to express how uncomfortable it makes me. in the text of the update you had pascal call the easter island statues ugly and compared their features to ricardo's in a way that really didnt read like you were just talking about the eyebrows, i dont understand what's supposed to be funny about this except you playing racism for humor. the "i cannot tell you all apart" line is especially inappropriate and uncomfortably close to harmful real life stereotypes about dark-skinned people. it genuinely shocked and disappointed me, i really thought you knew better than this.
No. 127939 ID: 158da5

Oh wow, okay, that makes sense.
No. 127948 ID: 270774

yeah, the best explanation is the one that informed my decision (which is this one quoted here.) someone else had opened the conversation by telling me in broader terms that they found the joke uncomfortable and racist, and i didn’t really Get It bc from my perspective it was just a joke abt his expression, and then when this person weighed in that was my like lightbulb moment where i was like “oh, SHIT, it DOES completely come off like this.” i don’t think that my intent in this case matters at all bc it doesn’t change what the end result ended up being (which is.... Bad.)

i was very firmly convinced by the points this person brought up, and i don’t want anything like that in my work, and also i just want to take it seriously when someone says they’re disappointed in me for legitimate reasons, so altogether that’s why i decided to just remove that part entirely and redo it.
No. 127976 ID: 270774

heads up -- you guys missed something that's like. not VITAL, but a pretty big deal. i'd been waiting for someone to notice and i normally don't give hints, but this update contains a nudge towards what you missed.
No. 128303 ID: 270774

it’s crosspost time

>What tamagotchi does Jonquil have? Like one of the original ones, or the 20th anniversary re-release? Or are they like super into it and have one imported one from Japan that they've patched
they have Many. they have a Collection

>do any vampires turn their family members? parents, siblings, a big undead family?
depends on location/culture! this is super common in dens (like the brooklyn one.) the same with turning close friends for companionship — generally only done in vampire populations where the ward/sire relationship isn’t automatically considered one of servitude

>when you say tvrn out loud do you say 'turn' or 'tee vee ahr enn'
i say turn! but [my wife, who created ricardo + several other characters] tends to pronounce it almost like “tavern” (kind of like... t’vern) and sometimes i catch that version of it sneaking into my brain

>If you've used historical figures like Elizabeth Bathory as vampires, are there any modern-day famous people that are vampires or other monsters?
i feel weird abt writing anyone who hasn’t been dead for a century or more into my porno comic tbh fjdkjdkd. like even if it was just as a joke it’s just a boundary i don’t really wanna mess around w

>tvrn characters' weirdest sleeping positions?
jonquil crams themself into the smallest spaces they can find like a fucked up cat

>how do you come up with this stuff?! for tvrn i mean. you seem to have such rich backstory and a whole entire arc planned out and it's super cool. i don't know how to tell stories or create characters with depth. also i would buy enamel pins if we're suggesting merch.
ohhhh this is kind of a hard question. my instinctive answer was “i just Do It” but i know that’s not really true, it’s just that i don’t know how to put what i do into words. i’ll try tho!
i think worldbuilding and character development are both just asking yourself a lot of questions and then answering them. the concept of wards + sires is something that’s been part of my Personal Vampire Lore since i was like 15; the question is “well if you get turned into a vampire who shows you how to hunt people without getting caught and how do you find out which stuff is real or not re: crosses and garlic and stuff” and the answer in my case was “well i guess the person who turned you had better show you otherwise they’re a dick.” and then like in terms of how pascal became better developed.... at first his concept was just “vampire who seems scary and elegant but actually he’s just kind of lazy and a loser and a coward.” and so you ask questions about that. “doesn’t he have any friends?” not really. “how does he feel about that?” he’s resigned to it. “what does he do all day?” nothing, frankly. and you just keep asking yourself questions like that until you’ve like..... covered everything, kind of.

>sorry ya it is a tough question ! i guess i’m just really impressed w the way your story is crafted with. peaks and falls and action and what is to be discovered and resolution like i think i just don’t know how to write a story lol
i think the best way to learn to write stories is just to consume a bunch of stories! my work is very strongly influenced by shoujo and shonen in equal measure, and by horror movies, plus of course tvrn is a big sloppy nod to the standard trashy romance novel formula: relatively average but strongwilled protag is thrust into a situation in which they have to exist in close quarters with mysterious sexy asshole, lots of people try to stop it from happening, protag slowly uncovers mysterious sexy asshole’s Tragic Past and Hidden Softness, etc etc. so it’s really just drawing from a bunch of other stuff that i like!

>Who would think being compared to a furby is a complement in the TVRN cast? Is it Jonquil?
jonquil would not like being compared to a furby bc they would interpret that as “slow to learn, almost universally considered annoying.” minmin thinks furbies are cute tho. (furbies? furbys?)

>what does minmin think about longfurby
minmin commissioned a custom longfurby to wear like a mink stole

>Hot take: Pascal should blow raspberries on Ricardo's abs
your brain is so big. thank you

>can we have some werewolf fuck tips since I know werewolves tend to rightfully avoid vampires but, how do we set them at ease around us not to run off when we approach them?
dont let pascal say or do anything at all

>d does pascal hate werewolves or do werewolves hate pascal
pascal is a little fucking bitch asshole to werewolves for absolutely no reason

>will the werewolves be... Hot
everyone in tvrn is and always will be hot, in various and many-splendored ways

>Did pascal fuck oscar wilde Yes or yes
the timeline on this one actually works out perfectly. you know what maybe pascal wasn’t grossed out by fucking humans when he was younger and then he changed his mind once he started getting older

>So pascal said he’s not into fucking humans but how uncommon/taboo is it to other vampires? Are some of them down with that?
i would say more vampires Aren’t into it than are, not bc of any kind of taboo but just bc as a physical experience it isn’t Great, but it’s not that uncommon.

>i’m all for pascal fucking mozart and i hate to be the one to tell you this but i feel like it’s relevant to point out that it was uncovered in some letters he wrote his cousin that mozart had a scat fetish
[taking out my big eraser] not in the tvrniverse he didn’t

>What would happen if the Hearts Goetia cast and TVRN cast net up? Would they fight or something?
i think it’s safe to say like half of them would fuck and the other half would kill each other

>wait how much ass eating is in tvrn. should i start reading it
to be COMPLETELY frank with you there is, so far, much less ass eating than there is psychological horror but i’ll try to even it up

>OK this could be something u don’t want to touch on until it comes up in canon which is totally fine but is constantin just turning people who look like himself?? Because he has the beauty mark, unless its also a tattoo?????
no this is fine i don’t really consider it a spoiler. he does turn ppl who look like him

[it would feel silly to copy paste something in spanish when everything else in this thread is in english but paraphrased, i got a question abt whether tvrn vampires need to be invited into buildings and the answer is only private residences. so they could enter an apartment building without an invitation but to enter a specific unit where someone lives they would need an invitation]

>How would the main vampires in tvrn so far comfort someone in floods of tears? (if comforting is something they do instead of just "you're crying. Stop doing that")
we actually have seen ricardo try to comfort pascal when he was crying in ch 1 and his reaction is literally “stop that.” pascal would probably try to make you laugh to distract you, or flirt playfully to get your mind off it. kel would comfortingly slap you on the back and probably break several of your bones doing so and then you’d be too shocked and winded to keep crying. lamb......... lamb would just get uncomfortable and leave

>Yes tvrn vamps are majestically op, But ever since you said the brain and the heart keep going unless they're completely destroyed I've wanted to. behead a vampire and see if it grows into two vampires like when you cut a worm in half.
i actually answered this once and can’t remember what i said but it was probably something boring and practical like “after 3 days of separation, whichever body half has Less to regenerate (so almost always the body w the heart in it) will start regenerating and the other part will die like a mortal body” but i change my mind and now i’m saying whether the head or the heart is prioritized as the center of regeneration depends on the vampire bc that’s cooler

>now im wondering if pascal’s comments about werewolves not being a threat to vampires is going to come bite us in the ass when he inevitably pisses off a werewolf and we learn werewolves ARE a threat, actually,
it is possible pascal cosovei was blowing it out his ass when he bragged he could take a pack of werewolves singlehanded

>If Pascal tried to suck my blood I would merely take out an aerosol can and a lighter and completely immolate his shitty vampire body
thank you so much

>can vampire be moth

>what would happen if a vampire tried to suck a werewolf's blood? or are we going to have to find that out ourselves? I'll stop if my werewolf questions are getting tiring.
the vampire would retch and spit a lot and wonder why the hell they tried to do that because it tastes like shit

>are all vampires as... elitist as Pascal? he seemed really dismissive of other cryptids. or is it just an old european house thing. also is Kel friends with any banshees?
most cradle vamps are worse than him, and almost all vampires are very obnoxiously aware of how solid their position at the top of the supernatural food chain is even if they aren’t as shitty abt it as cradle vamps are about, like, everything. even if they aren’t elitist abt it tho most vampires don’t have anything to do w other creatures anyway, bc other creatures want nothing to do w vampires, bc vampires are hyperviolent freaks. banshees are completely solitary but kel has some history with sirens

>how would pascal react if some rando just called him a rat because pascal reminds me of a rat but in both a good way and a bad way
he would scream. and then get distracted bc rats are kind of cute and he’d start thinking maybe it was a compliment

>Ok but would kel be friends with a buff werewolf lady if she fought for her love
kel could crush even an extremely tough werewolf in one hand like a dry leaf so it would be hard for a werewolf to win her respect by fighting her but maybe a werewolf could win kel’s respect if kel observed her like, fighting for her pack. (kel would probably refuse to fight a werewolf period bc it would be so unbalanced.)

>wait, do the bathory wards get the tattoo BEFORE being turned? if they got it after, it would just heal, right? 🤔
yep, they do

>hey ira!! do you have voiceclaims / ideas about how tvrn characters sound?
not really! this is one of those things where like... i guess my brain just doesn’t really work that way? and i don’t think abt it in very specific terms

>you've at least implied The Count from Sesame Street as a voiceclaim for Pascal before xD
you’re right, i apologize. count von count is the official pascal voiceclaim

>what do vampires think of their depictions in media? like, do they think its funny or insulting or are they just 'humans are stupid.' Is Dracula wary that they've semi-caught on to his existence?
depends on the vampire. pascal loves them. dracula isn’t bothered — as far as he’s concerned, all the bullshit just obscures his actual operations

>what r dracula's Actual Operations? 👀
in what universe would i answer this when we are on chapter 2, you little sneak

>does dracula have his ass out at all times. does dracula wear stockings. please tell me dracula is sexy and has gigantic titties even if he is evil and we will have to kill him inevitably or die trying at endgame i just want to know
im not telling you anything abt dracula except that all tvrn characters are sexy

>is it ethical to fuck tvrn dracula is the real question we should be asking
i genuinely haven’t decided yet

>Ok but what about the brides of dracula, if they exist are they hot? Are they the grooms of dracula instead
dracula is single

>i forget if you've mentioned this somewhere, but how long can a vampire go without feeding before starvation sets in? and are there any long-term consequences if a vampire frequently approaches starvation, or does their accelerated healing take care of it?
pascal’s mentioned this briefly — depends on how old a vampire is. pascal feeds about once every three weeks in cold weather, and more frequently when it’s warm out. as for the actual limits of starvation, he does mention a story about elizabeth bathory surviving four years without blood — but he also says he thinks that’s impossible sensationalized bullshit, and that in general a 500-1000 year old vampire would be able to go 5-6 months at most. consequences of repeated starvation will be addressed in canon pretty soon

>I think TVRN is turning me gay
congrats and welcome

>do you think it would be going to fast if Ricardo and Pascal got shotgun married in vegas by an elvis impersonator
if ricardo even vaguely broached this subject pascal would steal another car and leave him to die

>Can vampires speak furbish
yuo people age me

>ira help was there bigfoot lore in tvrn, i scrolled ur curiouscat for a while but couldn’t find it
there was but a lot of it is on my nsfw cc (it wasn’t nsfw lore just like, sometimes ppl send it there). basically: they’re pacifists who deeply value strong communication and are happier than almost every other supernatural species

>do bigfeet look at vampires and go "wowww. sucks to be you. peace!" and go away if they encounter a vampire?
essentially yeah. they feel compassion for vampires but also Nobody Wants To Deal With That

>how open to fucking are bigfeet?
in general? extremely. fucking vampires in particular? that is a much harder sell given vampires’ tendency towards Unbridled Murder

>Do Bigfeet count as furbies
fuck you

>Do Vampires leave ghosts? Where are the cute ghosts in general?
vampires do not. ghosts in general are everywhere

>im thinking abt the idea of kel adopting other ppls wards .... like if a ward was treatly badly by their sire and they ran away and found kel and wanted to be part of her army.. would she let them? or would it be too risky?
she would let them if they were tough enough to be useful to her which is a pretty narrow entry requirement

>scouring vegas like a video game level looking for the unlockable playboy bunny suit for ricardo that he has to wear in all the serious duel cutscenes
your brain is huge
No. 128318 ID: 465a14

can a furby become a vampire
No. 128320 ID: 9582af

Does human blood taste the same for vampires as it does for humans? Apparently it can taste better or worse, but how does that work?
No. 128328 ID: 465a14

followup: who are furby vampires gay for, whose asses do furbpires eat
No. 128330 ID: 270774

fuck you

human blood to vampires just tastes like, Extremely Good. Satisfying. evokes the response of “This Is All I Need.” but it all generally tastes the same, the difference only comes in the actual quality based on the health of the victim (and some vampires are more sensitive to/picky about it than others).
No. 128331 ID: 270774

can. can you eat ass with a beak
No. 128333 ID: 17c2ee

yeah sure if the tongues are long enough i guess you can
No. 128335 ID: 17c2ee

wait nevermind i just remembered birds have, like, teeth on their tongues so probably no ass eating

although maybe that's just geese
No. 128338 ID: b67607

Thank you
No. 128339 ID: b67607

I'm fucking losing it this is the worst thing I've ever read
No. 128340 ID: 17c2ee

i thought of something worse, do you remember Bill & Mandy

i want you to imagine a furby eating ass with a betoothed tongue




furbpires don't bite or drink regular blood they only drink ass and toe blood
No. 128344 ID: b1b4f3

No. 128346 ID: c8452a

Is that a bannable offense
No. 128379 ID: 270774

i love you guys but mention toes in my disthread again and i’ll hunt you for sport like a rich englishman
No. 128382 ID: 465a14

how about foot knuckles specifically, not the rest of the thing
No. 128383 ID: 270774

i’m taking my hunting rifle off the wall and my manservant is fetching my jodhpurs
No. 128384 ID: 465a14

reasonable tbh
No. 128390 ID: c8452a

Oh and not the tooth tongue, I see, I see
No. 128477 ID: c8452a

Is it too early to write an obituary for Ricardo?
No. 128478 ID: 465a14

Quick break from shitposting- it's cool to see sign languages show up in quest panels. Dragon Romance's been doing it for a while with Outissa but I'm kinda hype to see other characters to do it in tvrn, so thanks FRACTAL.
No. 128500 ID: 270774

might as well get it over with

:)!!! ive been rly excited abt introducing this character so i’n glad to see other ppl hyped abt her as well. it’s impossible for me to really pick a favorite of kel’s wards bc i love them all for different reasons but i def have a soft spot for sirloin
No. 128501 ID: c8452a

Got it. If he ends up fighting Lamb I will have something ready.

Sirloin is so cool, I love her attitude and I can't wait to see her fight.
No. 128503 ID: 97d823

howdy!! I think I remember reading smth about certain affinities being linked to like, personality traits?? is that true?? are affinities the hogwarts houses of tvrn??
No. 128504 ID: 270774

thats briefly mentioned in chapter 2; minmin compares it to blood type personality theories and insists it’s accurate. in summary, he says:
- power types are “impatient, straightforward, and too earnest for their own good”
- shifters are “crazy tenacious and resourceful and ... socially an acquired taste”
- he doesn’t say anything about psychic affinities in general, but when ricardo asks about hypnotists like pascal minmin refuses to answer bc he “doesn’t have anything nice to say”
- and specialists don’t fit into affinity typing at all.

that’s all the info u guys have in canon rn!
No. 128505 ID: 97d823

thank u!! <3
No. 128696 ID: 270774
File 155353141536.jpg - (61.10KB , 338x463 , 82B2D420-6B6B-4A65-9B6A-4ED78868200E.jpg )

hey here’s something fun. kel is my oldest oc (at least the oldest one i still have and actively think about/care about) and here’s the absolute oldest art i could dig up of her; probably about 2009ish. (i no longer have an equivalent of the other woman in this drawing; she was a very generic like, Shy Timid Stammering Anime Girl and like i still love tropes but not that one)
No. 128739 ID: 7bc8ec
File 155364900392.png - (380.46KB , 1000x1000 , bus down kellyanna.png )

think i made her tits too small
No. 128753 ID: 10c408

I have no idea if you did or not.

But when in doubt enhance knockers!
No. 128847 ID: f6aa09
File 155401181252.jpg - (48.20KB , 400x400 , image.jpg )

Here you go.
No. 128870 ID: 270774

there’s always room for more titty. that doesn’t make this any less cute, tho, thanks!
No. 128894 ID: 270774
File 155416541432.png - (525.47KB , 830x624 , portraits.png )

squeezing in concepts for larger portrait illustrations? in this economy? yes which means i'm just going to post these here so at least you can see them before i inevitably don't finish them
No. 128896 ID: 465a14

why is Lamb holding one of the furbpires
No. 128905 ID: b463f2

these are so beautiful and lovely.... Lamb's is so serene, and the Riscal one effuses stability and joy!
No. 128937 ID: bb78f2

So on a rare chance a human survives a proper vampire feeding (assuming they're throats weren't gouged out like Ricardo does to his victims), is a vampire obligated to finish them off if the human makes it to a hospital (or say they get caught by the police one way or another)?

Now, I'm making the assumption while asking this question that a filling feeding doesn't go way past the surviving point of blood loss and merely near it. Since vampires need to fast themselves to drain enough blood create a ward, I imagine it might actually be possible to survive if the vampire isn't that hungry, but is still hungry enough to want to feed. They bite, drink enough that they're full, the human's bleeding out, the vampire leaves the dying body, and someone discovers the victim before they die and through some luck they pull through, that's the scenario I'm imaganing happen. I don't know what happens to the survivor and I'm curious about it. I don't think it would ever happen in quest, but I help can't be intrigued by the scenario in question.
No. 128958 ID: 270774

well i mean yeah all that happens in a case where a human doesn’t die is....... you have a human with severe blood loss. law enforcement and medical professionals are not particularly going to be like “hmmm i guess vampires are real”

also though to be completely honest i don’t put extensive thought into whether or not the cops are onto vampires because i would find wrangling that insanely boring so i just gloss over it
No. 128961 ID: c8452a

Hey, not dealing with cops is the ideal, so that's great.
No. 128972 ID: bb78f2

It was less the whole cops or paramedics going wild and more like, well now what's the bitten human gonna do now?

Go home, fuggeditaboutit?
No. 128975 ID: c8452a

People deal with trauma constantly. So yeah, probably.
No. 129153 ID: b1b4f3

Hey so... what if Teddy was...
Theodore Roosevelt?
No. 129158 ID: 255b3c

That'd explain some elements of Teddy's relationship with Pascal, what with Teddy being a Rough Rider and all.

I'll see myself out.
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