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File 153430141280.png - (166.50KB , 700x600 , qd2.png )
124805 No. 124805 ID: 270774

i don't like em puttin chemicals in the water that turn the frickin frogs gay
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No. 125997 ID: d887c0

It's the spitting image.
No. 126003 ID: 1872dc

I hate so much how fucking wrong Pascal is about his hair it's so hot what an asshole

That's rad
No. 126029 ID: 11b5c9
File 153953188964.png - (512.67KB , 1092x1040 , Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 10_41_44 AM.png )

hi it's me on the wrong quest! i was told to post this here as well so... its bunji and his snake husband!! bunji is my character haha so i'm very invested in his marriage. he was, at one point in his 400 years, a singer! so he likes to serenade minmin, and having a husband who is a big snake is perfect for dancing :-)
No. 126032 ID: 9d6446

1) bunji rules and you rule for making him
2) HE SINGS?? Ricardo on violin and bunji on vocals team up when? (Once the duel is over they get to be friends.... Right?)
No. 126036 ID: 8da8a1

Shout out to Pascal's very tight pants for somehow not ripping after all the acrobatic kicks he has done.
No. 126037 ID: 1872dc

No. 126047 ID: 270774
File 153962457740.png - (1.90MB , 1000x2985 , one big long stupid kofi post.png )

hey in the meantime im trying to fund my stupid life. get some dirt cheap art because i open commission slots once every billion years but this shit is perpetually open https://ko-fi.com/iraprince

unlimited slots means turnover can be a little pokey but that's how it is
No. 126048 ID: 270774

oh and dont clog up this thread w questions about this i just posted it here so people would see it. if you've got questions hmu in my drawthread https://tgchan.org/kusaba/draw/res/40307.html
No. 126055 ID: 270774
File 153964032321.png - (200.67KB , 500x500 , ric.png )

drew this in response to a ricardo love message on tumblr and so of course it is only fair that you guys get to see him too
No. 126105 ID: 23ddfd

The more we learn about the Bathories the more I get the impression that this version of Elizabeth Bathory was like this one from a 70's exploitation movie
No. 126106 ID: 23ddfd
File 154005686935.jpg - (302.15KB , 800x565 , Daughters-of-Darkness.jpg )

Sorry! I hit send instead file selection!
No. 126256 ID: 270774

ok i need the name of the film tho

anyway i am about to WELL AND TRULY spam yall bc my inbox has been piling up again and some of these answers (esp the first one) are ones i think are like, genuinely important

>what are the different kinds of vampire affinities?
OKAY YAAAA i’ve answered this in brief before but now that we’ve met some more characters i wanna give a more in depth answer. there’s four main categories that all break down into more specific categories: power, psychic, shifting, and special/other. all vampires have at least a little bit of each of the three first categories, but it’s normal to have one you’re firmly sorted into and one you’re especially bad at.

POWER types like bunji are either strength (like him), speed, or durability/regeneration. there’s often overlap, but if there isn’t, you can kind of train yourself up within the category more easily than you could learn something from a completely different category. all vampires have enhanced strength/speed/regeneration to some extent compared to humans, but power vampires outstrip their peers significantly.

PSYCHIC types have a lot more wishy-washy overlap than other categories, but can generally be broken down into clairvoyance, telekinesis, or hypnosis/telepathy (like pascal!) most vampires have the ability for short range, non-specific telepathy (and usually use this for communication when shifted into animal forms), and some can be vaguely suggestive/jedi-mind-tricky to humans, but only those who naturally have the affinity can do anything more dramatic or refined than that. the view on hypnosis as an affinity varies a lot culturally; for vampires that live communally in a “hive” format where most don’t hunt for themselves (like cradle vampires), it’s considered embarrassing and useless, but for vampires who mostly blend with humans and live out their lives within wider society (like american vampires and most nomadic vamp cultures), it’s considered incredibly useful, even though it provides no benefit in duels.

SHIFTERS are very skewed to one category: almost all of them have the innate ability to transform into various animals. a very small portion are much better at changing their form to precisely mimic the appearance of other humanoids, including vocally, and an even smaller amount are best at transforming into........ inanimate objects. getting saddled with that last one is universally considered extremely sad and lame. (as in the other categories, though, it IS possible for a vampire to learn more stuff within their own affinity over time.) all vampires can shift into one animal form, and the vast majority choose the bat for the sake of utility and the ability to blend in anywhere in the world. once their first form is set, learning a second form for any vampire without the affinity is either extremely strenuous and difficult or, in some cases, completely impossible. there’s no known limit to how many forms a shifter can learn, but each one after the first handful is challenging and requires extensive practice and study, even for talented vampires.

finally, SPECIAL affinities are just ones that don’t fit into any of the former categories; this tends to be stuff like elemental abilities, extremely specific powers, family curses, etc. they’re rare, and tend to be very prized as duelists because a lot of them are specifically harmful/violent in nature. vampires with special abilities tend to have all the baseline overlap (one shapeshifting form, short range telepathy) but absolutely no ability to try to learn or hone anything from the other categories further than that.

>Do vampires celebrate anniversaries of being turned or their old birthdays or do they live too long to be bothered?
it depends! pascal’s forgotten his human birthday because bathorys don’t celebrate stuff like that; he remembers the date he was turned, but doesn’t really do anything about it besides get kind of misty-eyed. even for vampires who DID decide to keep celebrating it, though, they’d probably end up eventually getting bored and spacing the celebrations out to once every 5-10 years or so, because once you’re immortal one year passes VERY quickly

>Okay but do bunji and minmin celebrate their wedding anniversary?? How?? Also what was their wedding like? How long have they been married??
they DO. bunji is still a little confused by celebrating it every year bc to a vampire his age that feels like throwing a party once a month but he doesn’t mind bc minmin gets so excited. they definitely do the all out like, rose petals and going out to dinner (murder) and vintage wine thing. their wedding was very traditional, both bc that was what bunji wanted and bc due to minmin’s lineage him getting married was a big deal and had to be Ceremonial. they’ve been married for almost 20 years! (17, to be exact)

>Lowry's one night only drunk adventures with the sukeban!
someone dies

>Alt, Acid soup and vampire crossover one night only thing

>What if Lowry met Pascal
oh she doesn’t have the patience. she doesn’t have the damn patience. she ditches him within 15 minutes

>what if lowry met ricardo
oh they absolutely bro the fuck out. they click immediately. they’re chilling

>Ricardo meeting Lowry? Pascal meeting Sweat? KEL MEETING SWEAT?
i actually just answered ricardo meeting lowry BUT: pascal and sweat are cuddlebugs. they each IMMEDIATELY catch the vibe of how much the other likes physical affection and just go with it. they’re fuckin SNUGGLIN. kel thinks sweat is funny but isn’t much interested beyond that honestly

>jolene and kel share a firm handshake
yes. yeah

>do pascal and sweat fuck? is there fucking with the cuddling?
yknow what. yeah. yeah, they god damn would

>not getting graphic on here bc like, it's public-ish, but does pascal talk about his sex life? would he gossip about what sweat is like in bed?? does pascal try to get ricardo to do shapeshifting angel things?
i should probably make a cc on my nsfw, huh. BUT ALSO SWITCHING BETWEEN ACCOUNTS SOUNDS LIKE A PAIN anyway uhhhh since sweat would be fine with it in this case pascal probably IS gossipy. vamps can only shift into stuff that exists in nature tho so he ends up disappointed

(and then, just as a reminder, i DID end up making a nsfw inbox and i don’t crosspost it here but it’s still all valuable info imo: https://curiouscat.me/beat0meat)

>I'm picturing Pascal being super gossipy about angel stuff he doesn't quiiiite understand. Like telling Ricardo how drinking blood is like drinking ichor and that's why Ricardo needs to eat better
he 100% thinks he knows exactly what he’s talking about and he’s 100% an idiot

pascal falls in love with him immediately but voshkie is a sapiosexual and pascal is too stupid for him. tragedy

>Vampire eye colour lore!!!!!!! Also I have no idea how it works but I hope when you turn 1000 your eyes turn hot pink.
there’s actually nothing much to it outside of what’s already been brought up in canon - your eyes slowly become red, from the outside rim in, as you feed over your first few years. it usually takes 5-10 years to change all the way depending on how frequently and how well you feed!

>you mentioned that a very few vampires can transform into inanimate objects, are there some which can do plants? is it easier or harder?
oh i guess plants do count as animate. WELL thats in the same category and whether it’s easier or harder depends. the scale of which transformations are considered “complicated” to vampires is very wishy washy and dependent on the individual, mostly because i don’t feel like thinking about it a lot. let’s say a fern is harder to turn into than a glass bottle but easier than a. uh. gun

of course a vampire could turn into a fucking gun

>Cain's one night only drunk quest
that’s not one night only

>you mentioned before that vampire hypnosis can't work on other vampires, but can it work on other living creatures? like birds or dogs?
yes. pascal hypnotized an unfriendly cat so it would let him pet it once but then he felt bad

>does pascal like kpop
not to totally show my hand here but he discovers red velvet and has a meltdown. ricardo finds him crying while rewinding the same 10 seconds of the peek-a-boo video over and over again trying to learn the choreography

i don’t have to answer this without a lawyer present and marina is in class

>i know you may have answered this but is sweat like. feathery? or erotically smooth? or erotically smooth but ONLY in certain areas
sweat is kind of smooth but a little sticky to the touch. like a. listen i hate to say this but like a gummy bear with muscles and bones

>what does sweat smell like? does it smell like. well. sweat, or
it smells like sweat and heavy incense and gummy bears

>does sweat . sweat

>Ira I have a Very Important Question: Is the stuff that looks like feathers around Sweat's "ears" actually feathers or is it also gummy material
ohh that’s feathers

>ira what do i do if the suggesters on my quest are split evenly into 2 options that are so completely different i cant combine them? like do i....wait, or,
i either wait for more suggestions, or i choose one of these ways: 1. the option i like best, 2. the option that is the most in character, or 3. the option that was argued for the most convincingly/had the most reasoning explained

>hope this is okay to ask but i'm curious about trans vampires and gender in vampire society and how thats explored? like young vampires like minmin who figured things out already seem to handle things well but i'm wondering about like. super old trans vampires who grew up with archaic values and have spent a thousand years existing as something they are not before given the idea to question it. i feel like thats something that can happen a lot
yeah this is totally fine to ask!!!! but yeah there's definitely a huge adjustment that has to happen with older vampires.... im not like SUPER interested in like, actively applying homophobia/transphobia to my characters in narrative but i AM interested in them learning to be happy and the ways their identities can take time to become something comfortable and fulfilling.... i think in this case its something where older vampires would definitely benefit from hanging out with younger ones bc then they get kind of swept up in that current of change and end up learning stuff, whereas vampires who are really old and more isolated tend to stagnate a lot and might not have come to those realizations of like "oh wait shit i can DO that." but also on the other hand in tvrn the combination of All Vampires Are Gay + Wow We Sure Can Just Shapeshift Our Bodies However We Want Huh has definitely led to like. exploration that probably wouldnt have happened for a lot of these older ones if they'd been humans instead of, getting conscripted into Gay Slut Paradise Prepare To Die Edition

>Your characters ranked by best at kissing?
ok starting with best and ending at worst
minoru, but he’s an acquired taste
minoru if you never acquire said taste
the mortician
tunamouth, who ranks this low for obvious reasons
belial does not have a mouth

>tunamouth kisses sound unpleasant but i WANT 2 support him..


>Tunamouth would be bad at kissing even if he didn't have fingerling lake trout coming out of his mouth though
yuo don’t know that. actually ok i can’t even say this in jest you’re right. he would still be bad. he just doesn’t have the enthusiasm to back it up

>Does Lamb kiss just. Persistently and with lots of teeth.
lamb keeps her eyes very very very wide open the entire time and breathes loudly through her nose

please keep in mind that last time everyone suggested “kiss pascal” ricardo just grabbed his face in one hand and licked his closed mouth

>Pascal was into that! Sorta! And he had food on him!
he did have food on him. it was very pragmatic of ricardo to be like that

>You're wrong, Belial is great at kissing. Who even needs mouths.
this just made me realize i neglected to put TIOS on that list

>what. how is minmin an acquired taste. bc if he is then i got it!! the taste i mean
he’s bitey and obnoxious and overly forceful and also won’t stop laughing into your mouth. which is of course super cute if you’re into that but if you’re not into that it’s hell

>Okay but but but sweat smooches?? Good sweat smooches?? How does the darling gummy penis angel smooch?
it’s just very tender and takes direction well and always ends up naturally kissing you how you want to be kissed, since it’s very attentive and intuitive. also it does in fact kind of taste like gummy bears since apparently that has just become the overall motif of sweat’s mortal form

>Is the mortician kissing actually kissing or more like breakfast
the mortician kissing is like putting your face in a blender

>If we fuck up during a sex scene in tvrn can we ask Pascal for constructive criticism
you will not have to ask he will firmly give it to you

>question. does sloane remember cain at all, or was she too young to remember that he was her babysitter
cain kept an eye on her on a regular basis til she was 5ish, so she could have vague memories, but.... who knows!

>hiring a demon to be ur childs babysitter.......jolene is such a good mom.......
to be fair cain genuinely owned at it. he’s good with kids

>If two vampires are having sex do they need to talk about when they last ate before getting into anything rough or risk decapitation or other not sexy things?
they probably should! but also most vampires aren’t as dumb as pascal “accidentally slapped somebody’s head off because he was upset and embarrassed” cosovei. you can kind of Tell how well fed an older vampire is based on finger staining but that doesn’t work for fresher ones so yeah either way a “hey are you good for this to get slappy” would always be a good convo to have

(i made an offhand jokey tweet along the lines of “please get ricardo to learn romanian fast because i’m dreading having to write Sexy Dialogue with the way pascal currently speaks english” and it prompted the next few questions)

>somehow it just hadn’t occurred to me that pascal’s speech patterns would be different if he were speaking his native language and now that i’m imagining it i just want to tell you that pascal suddenly speaking with perfect grammar during sex would definitely make me lose my shit twice as hard as him attempting dirty talk with his cute accent

>would pascals voice tone change when he speaks Romanian. would, would that happen, bc it happens to most ESL ppl i know and can i just say.......Good
it definitely does! he sounds 10x sillier in english than he does in. literally any other language

>actually, what IS pascals native language?
he grew up speaking romanian and french at home, learned hungarian after he was turned, and started learning english about a hundred years after that

>idk if you’ve answered something like this before BUT!! IN CASE YOU HAVENT!!! how would tvrn characters text.....
you will actually get most of this info in canon IF you can..... wrangle their phone numbers

>Okay but would minmin use obnoxious elaborate emojis ۹(ÒہÓ)۶

(these questions are probably why all the suggestions on the most recent update are clamoring for phone numbers seemingly out of nowhere which is why i need to be better about promptly crossposting over here)

>Is Halloween a thing in acid soup's universe? What are the characters Ultimate costumes?
halloween is forever bitch. but uhhhhh i was gonna do acid soup halloween art actually but who knows if i’ll get to it..... i think in universe costumes would be really Weird. like people just wear whatever. either that or everyone’s in party city polyester

>ira please keep pascal safe
that’s your job, sweet reader, not mine

>but DOES pascal listen to the spice girls
yes and his favorite is baby spice

>what are pascal's favorite bands
MSI, the cure, and rihanna

>Did pascal go wild for the Glenn miller band
oh, he went NUTS

>Has Pascal seen What We Do in the Shadows? If yes, what did he think? Has Minmin seen it? Did he love it?
the thign is i can’t even answer this bc in my heart tvrn and wwdits take place in the same universe

>In that case--Does any of the introduced tvrn cast know Viago
kel and minmin know eeeeeverybody

okay phew that’s all of it. sorry for letting it build up like that lol
No. 126257 ID: e1d580

Daughters of Darkness
No. 126259 ID: 23ddfd

I highly recommend it! I once lost my mind and watched all the 70's exploitation films about lesbian vampires I could find and it's my favorite by far. Mostly because there is a scene where Elizabeth Bathory is knitting and a scene where she is wearing a cape made from pvc.
No. 126260 ID: 270774
File 154082730794.png - (1.80MB , 1000x1333 , 909702F5-FA44-4E1C-A870-347AE6DEDA7D.png )

absolutely sick. if u could make me a list of the ones u liked (with a heads up on the ones that include any kind of sexual violence/assault if possible) that would be rad as hell

speaking of lesbianism, i know this doesn’t really count as questdis but 1. i am looking for literally any excuse to post these pictures absolutely everywhere and 2. u guys deserve to see what brought my updates to a screeching halt for two weeks per >>125978 so here’s me and the wife’s halloween costumes. i guess this counts as a face reveal even tho i’m relatively easy to hunt down on social media. anyway this was extremely fucking fun
No. 126261 ID: 270774
File 154082741361.png - (1.87MB , 1000x1333 , AEC01B69-06C1-436B-9EA7-4D89C3FBA9EE.png )

and better pics of our accessories. she did all the sewing by hand, i made the heart props, and we did the halos together! this is why i disappeared but now the party’s happened and i’m chilling on actual halloween so normal update schedule will resume
No. 126262 ID: 23ddfd
File 154083602629.jpg - (23.21KB , 297x445 , 51ZED5mt6HL__SY445_.jpg )

So the only ones that I would describe as watchable that I have seen so far (there are so so many and I still need to watch the David Lynch one) would be

Duaghters of Darkness: best overall quality with actually having a lesbian who wins and amazing 70's fashion. It's got some pretty awful scenes of violence against women and one scene of attempted sexual assault/accidental murder any scene you wanna skip isn't a big deal since the plot is pretty loose

The Vampire Lovers: A Hammer Films Production it's a pretty by the numbers movie adaptation of the novella Carmilla (I highly recommend reading the book over this though) much less extreme in content and is kinda just silly and lowkey. The lesbian vampiress is killed sadly and the overall message is one of "men destroying the evil of lesbian lust" the two ladies are very goofy together in a charming way though.

All and all while I may enjoy the camp of these films they are explicitly lesbophobic entertainment for horny babyboomer men and not really subversive. I only recommend them if you feel you can safely take pleasure in that camp and reclamation.
No. 126263 ID: 1872dc

Rad and really well-crafted and very pretty costumes.
No. 126290 ID: 270774

thank u both!!

anyway happy halloween have more vampires. if the art in the tvrn spinoff starts getting any more refined/detailed than it is in these first panels, at ALL, it is your solemn duty to fucking kill me dead. just absolutely murder me
No. 126301 ID: 9fcd43

TFW you realize you're projecting way too hard on a fictional vampire's abuse and should probably step back from the comments and let people who are just here to have fun make the decisions |D;
No. 126306 ID: 5d37c7

It might be a good idea to take a bit of a step back for a while for your own sake (take care of yourself if you can!), but I don't think projecting/empathizing with the characters means you shouldn't take part or that you're taking away other people's fun when you explain your opinion! I thought it was good to hear your thoughts, and your wording was considerate of the differing opinions and clearly geared towards explaining your perspective rather than discrediting anyone else's.
No. 126315 ID: 270774

hey............. do u want 13 high res pages of tvrn sketches, including stream exclusives and warmups and other shit that hasnt seen the light of day........................ gimme two dollars https://iraprince.itch.io/september-october-sketchbook
No. 126316 ID: 270774
File 154113547677.png - (72.96KB , 425x488 , pppppp.png )

i forgot to attach the cover image. look how cute he is
No. 126331 ID: 270774
File 154122221405.png - (632.01KB , 852x1680 , feelings.png )

No. 126451 ID: 9fcd43

my lesbian ass would fucking die for Kel
No. 126472 ID: 270774
File 154215694609.jpg - (99.52KB , 640x591 , C127FFBC-2F71-43AD-8DBD-A8C412B62F1E.jpg )

i never contribute anything worthwhile to this disthread anymore
No. 126480 ID: 055cbc


We love you fractak
No. 126481 ID: e1d580

Why do I feel like this is Willy Wonka ERP, like you know the you STOLE fizzy lifting drink thing except sexual and also with vampires

Now I'm imagining the original Willy wonka movie with pascal instead of gene wilder
No. 126490 ID: 270774
File 154243940503.png - (62.94KB , 540x499 , B214C64F-EB3D-4164-9915-7946789B5CAE.png )

because it is
No. 126497 ID: 0e2ebe

Nah I'm pretty sure that Wonka stole the rp from you, that's how I remember it.
No. 126516 ID: 270774
File 154268736398.png - (453.41KB , 666x1046 , venom.png )

guess who just got back from the movie theater
No. 126517 ID: 270774
File 154268878971.png - (192.69KB , 812x651 , venom2.png )

No. 126518 ID: e0ca8d

Ricardo being the symbiote is just him in smoke form.
No. 126521 ID: e1d580

Is it.....

No. 126547 ID: 2755f5

Venom was good
No. 126559 ID: 270774

this update i reached out to tvrn readers i know personally and invited them to participate by working with me to create each of the individual conversations minmin had with vampire npcs for the information given to ricardo. i’d like to credit them individually for their contributions to the quest! in order of character appearance:

tommy was t, a tgchan author! https://tgchan.org/wiki/T
chanyaree was @kimanimj on twitter!
niko was cordemia, another tgchan author! >>/quest/900892
orianthe is a hearts goetia character (>>/quest/897839), of course by marn!
max was @sorbgel on twitter!
daishin was sunny, another tgchan author! >>/quest/900557
auorell was sadie!
cassius was fae, another tgchan author! >>/quest/903869 >>/quest/910471
anne was abraxas!
marama was icie!
oliver was cal!
michel was robin!
taiker was @hivehum on twitter!

this was really really fun for me to put together! thank u so much to everyone who participated!
No. 126560 ID: bb78f2

Now that Vento Aureo's been broadcasting for a bit I can't help but notice that one of Pascal's first outfits we see in him was Giorno's, and I bet there's more hidden Jojo's throughout, and the duel super felt a bit like a Jojo fight.

So, once and for all, just to get it out of my head, are StandTM's a thing in Trashiverse? Or is that a card you want to hold onto for maybe later to accept or deny?
No. 126566 ID: 270774
File 154327306368.jpg - (433.35KB , 800x725 , BEA6C0E5-9D2B-4882-B4B1-94151C1D87AB.jpg )

buddy you don’t know the half of it

lol in seriousness tho: re the outfit the only thing that’s the same is the keyhole in the chest which like, 90% of vento aureo characters have, but yeah my work is always gonna have nods to jojo bc it’s my favorite series. no stands tho
No. 126581 ID: 270774
File 154338543665.png - (96.88KB , 762x648 , JFHDSDS.png )

i drew a bunch of porn tonight to atone for the fact that my porn quest has not gotten to the porn yet
No. 126582 ID: 270774
File 154338547205.png - (102.64KB , 689x648 , hu.png )

but we;re gonna get there eventually i promise. i swear to you
No. 126583 ID: 270774
File 154338549707.png - (100.25KB , 770x624 , dhsga.png )

it's just, you know. vampire politics are important
No. 126588 ID: e0ca8d

If we get to porn before finding out about vampire gerrymandering, this quest will have been for nothing.
No. 126613 ID: bb78f2

After thinking about Ricardo anymore and his goodboy status and his background of being the big protector big brother to a lot of people, I keep thinking that if he never gets to be a Dad of some sort, it'd be sad.

Ricardo and Pascal, my two big gay Vampire Dad's.

If Ricardo does adopt a human (or non-vampire monster) child out of some circumstance, everyone around him is gonna call him a big dumb idiot for it, more than they already do, ESPECIALLY PASCAL and Ricardo just isn't gonna give a shit, and then Pascal's gonna love the wittle baby eventually, and then so will vampire godparents Kel and Minoru, and then we get the 20 years later epilogue and we're gonna see Ricardo will be walking his kid down the aisle like the big fat cliche it's gonna be, but we'll be bawling anyway and we're gonna see Kel, Minoru, and Pascal, ESPECIALLY Pascal, are going to be bawling with us on the kid's side of the wedding room.

Fractal will never get to draw ANY canon sex scenes the entire quest because we keep fucking it up, and that will be their curse.

They started this porn quest to make them sex scenes of good vampire boys, and they NEVER FUCKING GOT TO ONCE BECAUSE WE HAD TO BE GOOD VAMPIRE DADBOYS.
No. 126641 ID: 23ddfd

Lesbian sex while wearing the rosary that hurts you for your faith is a kind of horny I wasn't expecting to indulge in today but Mother Mary did you fucking do it.
No. 126705 ID: 2d2500

I came over here because some guy insulted my quests art by saying its worse then all the stuff on tgchan, but coming over here and after taking a look for myself I can see thats it wasn't much of an insult. Fantastic work!
No. 126706 ID: 2d2500

Additionally, I see you talk about a tumblr in this thread. Can you post it? I would like to follow you.
No. 126725 ID: 270774

oh yeah there's tons of good shit on tgchan. idk where your guy got the idea that that would be a coherent insult. anyway, thanks!

tbh i just kind of fundamentally hate tumblr and i only use it bc of how many people are like, on there and not anywhere else, and i'm probably gonna use it even less what with the nsfw purge and everything, but. knock yourself out lol http://iraprince.tumblr.com/

also like, i feel like this has to be painfully apparent from like.... everything about my work, and how i talk, and just in general everything about me, but fair warning that i am a Filthy SJW which i'm aware is not the main demographic of this site and if that annoys u then you probably aren't gonna enjoy engaging with me on social media. but now that i've given a fair warning nobody can complain about it
No. 126732 ID: e1d580

Eh, the site has changed a lot since the days we were a direct offshoot of 4chan. The remnants of the good old Internet Hate Machine are basically gone, I don’t think your politics are considered especially objectionable.
No. 126733 ID: 270774

oh, i mean, it’s not like i find the site hostile or anything, or i wouldn’t still be here. i like it here. it’s more that like, people who find my stuff through twitter and tumblr already know what i’m about and have already signed up for it; people who have been here for a long time and know what i’m about and aren’t into it just avoid my stuff, which is fine; but someone who finds my stuff through a third party and then tries to go straight to my social media might find themselves unpleasantly surprised depending on where they stand bc i’m pretty abrasive about it, which again, is fine, but a heads up might spare all parties some awkwardness.
No. 126738 ID: 270774
File 154424723044.png - (154.28KB , 630x500 , itchiocover.png )

heyo i've got another sketchbook up https://iraprince.itch.io/november-sketchbook

13 high res pages of gay vampires, $2, doesn't get much better than that
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