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File 154948376700.png - (314.56KB , 1099x585 , cute cat 1.png )
127585 No. 127585 ID: 465a14

I'm reviving my tradition of making polls about hot topics to spark discussion, and this time the topic of choice is which cute furry boy on tgchan is, in fact, the cutest furry boy. The preliminaries are being held at:


Vote for any and all boys on the list who you find cute. I didn't set up any measures to prevent multiple votes because that presents a barrier to entry, but please don't anyway- I can still notice when votes are being sus and the bar to move on to the semifinals aren't high. I realize the list may not be comprehensive but there are over 50 options after asking a whole bunch of people.

To make it clear- vote for any number of boys who you consider cute or want to move on to the semifinals, where you will only be able to vote for one boy to move on to the finals, where again you will only be able to vote for one boy as the cutest.

For transparency's sake, criteria for appearing in this poll are listed-
1) Is a furry.
2) Shows up in a tgchan quest.
3) Was nominated when I went around asking people for cfbs they liked, it's too late now, apologies if one you like isn't on the list but I'm hoping that with 50+ characters from a bunch of quests they'll be well represented.

Also the image is a cute cat because I didn't have a more relevant cute furry image on hand, before anyone asks.
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No. 127589 ID: 465a14

Also, the poll will run for roughly 24 hours, plus however long it takes for me to realize it's been over 24 hours. Possibly more if I'm convinced otherwise.

You can view responses directly here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScEU7Psj6ezoYPjTKd6Nplw6zRsvTYiXkhUwovLSKXCinzBqQ/viewanalytics

Without needing to try and submit a blank vote to see how the poll's doing. I remember people having to resort to that in previous polls.
No. 127591 ID: 59c975

posting to be in the ground floor for a thread that will cause the most delicious drama we've seen for years

No. 127592 ID: 465a14

I sure am posting a bunch but I also encourage you to post about your favorite cute furry boys and/or post images of them if you worry that people aren't familiar enough with said cfbs.
No. 127593 ID: 395c02

If this happens you have to be the one who mods it.
No. 127594 ID: 59c975

challenge accepted
No. 127596 ID: 465a14

Someone noticed that Gallsby of F&G only got 4 votes so I am here to announce that his name on the poll has been changed from his full name, Falcine Radium Gallsby, to just Gallsby

If anyone was confused by the absence of Gallsby there is now the presence of Gallsby, feel free to adjust votes accordingly
No. 127597 ID: 465a14

ok and apparently changing someone's name removes all their votes so that's an issue
No. 127598 ID: 465a14

nevermind it moved the old 4 votes for full-name Gallsby to the bottom and started a new vote count for Gallsby
No. 127599 ID: 5fc3a0
File 154950481511.png - (388.32KB , 900x672 , GallsbyVote.png )

always vote for Gallsby he a good boy
No. 127608 ID: 465a14

And the preliminaries are complete! Nineteen cfbs will be moving on to the semifinals, since there was a five-way tie for who qualified for the last two slots. The actual cutest boys won't be decided until the finals, of course, but since people like discussing rankings anyway-
At first place and 17 votes, we have a four-way: Villi, Frillsby, Glitcher, and Kappi are all getting close with each other here. They're followed by...
Fifth place with 16 votes: Story Seeker! I'm sure he's enjoying the view ahead of him, but behind him is...
Sixth place, 15 votes: Pilon! The second neumono to appear, and once again he's just barely ahead of...
Seventh place, 14 votes, a three-way tie this time: Hilt, Chei, and Wordblood! One vote down, we have...
Tenth place, 13 votes and a five-way: Fen, Ridder, Likol, Saint, and Baod! Behind them is everyone else with...
Fifteenth place, 12 votes and the second five-way: Zall, Nate, Radmin, Koror, and Gallsby!

The poll for the Cutest tgchan CFB Semifinals, now with images for each boy, is located here- https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdTVBAukg3bfrf7ZRzQfDlPkuydHN4bf19JU8c5blyJqXr2GA/viewform

Remember, to view responses, use viewanalytics instead of viewform at the end of the URL.
No. 127634 ID: 5fc3a0
File 154964404131.png - (501.41KB , 1096x900 , villipile.png )

Hello have you seen how cute Villi is, especially in the latest thread? Because you have now!!
vote for him in the finals! he can do it!
No. 127635 ID: 5fc3a0
File 154964458993.png - (281.99KB , 1200x1200 , GlitcherCollage.png )

I saw a collage so I hastily made one too
No. 127639 ID: 465a14

And the semifinals are over! This time only 5 boys are moving on, due to a 4-way tie for the bottom 3 spots. Tgchan never changes. A few votes had to be discarded due to exceeding the 3-boy cap or being duplicates from the brief period before the poll allowed multiple choices, but thankfully they didn't significantly affect the rankings, which are:

First place with 12 votes- Villi! Apparently this boy and his collage just can't be beat, since compared to other polls he has a significant 2-vote lead on...
The four-way tie, with 10 votes apiece- Glitcher, Kappi, Pilon and Gallsby! Apparently no matter who wins the finals a Lago boy is going to win. To preempt any such suggestions, a non-Lago poll will never happen- look at what happened to ITQ post-BTE.

This time, I've limited votes to pick 1 boy and not allow multiple submissions. Hopefully people were honest boy-voters and didn't votestuff, but we'll see what happens to turnout now. It unfortunately requires a Google account to vote now, but as compensation I've added lewd art and collages for the finalists! Vote here-


As usual, add viewanalytics instead of viewform at the end of the URL to view results.
No. 127640 ID: 465a14

Also big thank yous to Lago, LD, Slinko and other quest authors for making and drawing these boys, esp. Lago and LD for providing collages of their favorite boys
No. 127643 ID: 4fd10c
File 154966706005.png - (187.11KB , 800x800 , PreliminaryCFBs-1.png )

A congrats pic for the winners of the preliminaries. :v
No. 127645 ID: 5fc3a0
File 154966862073.png - (100.06KB , 424x640 , Gallsbyding.png )

Drawing dingles is the noblest of causes.

Gallsby snuck into the finals so I am legally obligated to vote for him. He's the gayest choice by far and he's got like, a lot of nipples. Things 2 consider.
No. 127650 ID: 2735ca

Wordblood was done an injustice! The picture on the poll didn't show him off well! Somebody bribed the voters! Discrimination against noncorp- What? Excuse me. Not furry? There were a bunch of scalie boys in there! He- Not anthropomorphic? Well, technically, but... uh... um... cut the microphone!
No. 127651 ID: 465a14
File 154967806196.png - (1.08MB , 1400x1120 , Wordblood 2.png )

Wordblood was close enough that I prepared an image for him for the finals just in case, displayed here for anyone who might want a blast from the past.
No. 127652 ID: 395c02
File 154967971720.png - (692B , 64x64 , koror.png )

No. 127653 ID: 864e49

And the winrar is apparently fucking lagotrope.
No. 127654 ID: 465a14

Jokes about everyone being Lago aside, Gallsby and Villi are LawyerDog's boys
No. 127656 ID: 055cbc

oh nooooo I missed my chance to vote for Wordblood?
No. 127658 ID: 91ee5f

I wonder if Kappi made it this far because Rokoa is threatening the judges to help him win or if Rokoa is threatening Kappi if he doesn’t win?
No. 127661 ID: 465a14

Aaaand the fix is in--I mean, the results are out! The finals for the tgchan cutest furry boy poll are over, and despite my joke the responses were unbiased- I should know, I checked all of them individually to make sure. And the results are...

In first place, the CUTEST FURRY BOY on tgchan, with 9 votes... Villi, the baker gote from Frillsby & Gallsby! I have authorial confirmation that a gote is a goat with larger, floppier ears- LawyerDog has finally rused himself into making a canonical species!

In second place, a close runner-up and likely to still be hotly debated, with 8 votes... Pilon, the sexiest neumono to be produced by AsteroidQuest! Hopefully he starts making canonical appearances again soon.

In third place, initially one of the favorites to win, with 6 votes- the eponymous Gallsby, hero of his very own quest! Alas, even his creator abandoned him in Villi's favor when the collage was made.

In fourth place, the other initial favorite to win, with 5 votes- Glitcher! He can at least be proud that him solely occupying this spot finally means this is a poll with zero (0) ties.

In fifth place, with 4 votes- Kappi! He's probably not too downcast, since he's still in the top 5 out of over 50 cfbs.

And lastly, a reminder that no matter what, everyone in this poll got at least one vote- proof positive that each and every one of them is still cute and deserves the attention they get.
No. 127662 ID: 395c02
File 154975598447.png - (178.42KB , 668x600 , sexysnake.png )

You guys are missing out.
No. 127663 ID: 8d23f0

2 banana!
No. 127664 ID: cb22c8

Slinko, the theme of the poll was cute!
No. 127665 ID: 395c02


That'd be why he only got one vote, then!
No. 127666 ID: 4038ea

The tubes..
No. 127672 ID: b1b4f3

What is that he's holding?
No. 127673 ID: 1d1c04

A pair of condoms for a hemipenis.
No. 127675 ID: 465a14

Because this is going to be an attempt at a poll thread in general: Next month I plan on doing a poll for the cutest tgchan cute furry girl. I realize the sheer volume of applicants is somewhat prohibitive, but that's why I'm posting a month in advance and also limiting any one individual's nominations to 3 cute furry girls per quest. I realize there are still lots of quests, but now that people can't just nominate endlessly I'm planning that limits on attention spans will keep submissions somewhat manageable for me.

Feel free to start posting with nominations for 3 cute furry girls per quest you're nominating for.
No. 127676 ID: 8f6858

Eezeryh (Dragon Romance)
Selene (Atoll)
Kliss (Slissa Quest)

Did I do it right?
No. 127677 ID: 465a14

To make it clear: You can nominate up to 3 cfgs from any one quest, but you can pick however many quests you care about. So if those are the only three cfgs you particularly care about then it works, but if there are other cfgs then feel free to keep going.

Asteroid Quest:
that one

Polo Quest:
the other one

Dragon Romance:
ad nauseam
No. 127678 ID: 080aaf

Sniper Bika, Dessert Bika, and Bika Prime from Enemy Quest.
Ceridwen, Eeezeryh and Siphon from Dragon Romance.
Sisirri, Sitkva and Six from Salikai.
Susanna, Sophie, and Selma from Coxwette.
It's a start!
No. 127679 ID: 465a14

>Sniper Bika, Dessert Bika, and Bika Prime from Enemy Quest.
That actually brings up a relevant question- does tgchan think I should treat Bika as one character? She's stated that her drones don't have distinct personalities.
No. 127680 ID: e9d41b

Masha from Wierdling saga
Crus from Titans we are
Reggie from Lupa quest
Shadran from Afterquest
Angela, Ellen, Marcie from Coxwette
Grasswind from Clamp
Strawberri from Lost way
Eilin from Shipwrecked
Kitty from Spike and Kitty
No. 127681 ID: e9d41b

if they have the same personality and all look just as cute they should be listed as one character
No. 127682 ID: 465a14

Bika's one mind split between a lot of different bodies, as I recall, but the bodies are visually different enough to have different nicknames and different purposes, so I'm not certain how to go with it.
No. 127683 ID: fcb197

luka "modern"


erisol npoa

enemy quest:

clear of mountains

fortune's call:

frillsby and gallsby:

jiniki's journey:
amiel lereian
tayza idgaf


nice save:
glinp binp
"tsunami" aka "frenzy"


sabhaxlia's terrible life:

sanya quest:

tiny cat people:

tozol quest:
penji vocta

venji quest:

wholesome quest:

will of the underpants:
maolla syrup
No. 127684 ID: 86eb65

Skullbash the cute pink neumono from Asteroid quest.
No. 127685 ID: 5fc3a0

Dead Dust:
No. 127686 ID: 465a14

Someone on Discord asked if duplicate nominations were good or just wasted text. A character only needs one nomination to enter the preliminaries, although I'd still rather people didn't nominate girls purely because they hadn't suggested before. If you legitimately do think a girl is cute then feel free to suggest her, but don't feel obliged to spend tons of effort ensuring the originality of your nominations either.
No. 127687 ID: 465a14

hadn't been suggested before, rather.
No. 127689 ID: 470289
File 154982495810.png - (104.67KB , 800x800 , Luvi Cute Campaign 1.png )

Vote for the Lovely Luvi! She may not have many things going for her, but she’s confident she can win a cuteness contest!

Why you should vote for her:

-Luvi will always lend a helping hand to anyone who needs her! Compassion is cute!

-Luvi owns a gun! Guns are cute!

-Luvi watches cartoons for children! It’s not sad, it’s cute!

-Luvi has lots of opinions about said cartoons! They aren’t very cute, but she doesn't mention them in polite company. Which is cute!

-Luvi is pink! Pink is one of the cutest colors!

-Luvi is millions of zeny in debt! That’s relatable, and relatability is cute!
No. 127691 ID: 4f51b2

Zirkala, Reilqin and Morgana from Story Seeker.
Muo from Work of Chaos.
Aira, Holly and Lily from Fen Quest.
Ema from A Feast of Souls.
No. 127692 ID: 4f51b2

Zirkala, Reilqin and Morgana from Story Seeker.
Muo from Work of Chaos.
Aira, Holly and Lily from Fen Quest.
Ema from A Feast of Souls.
No. 127693 ID: de6d84

Slissa Quest: Kliss
Fen Quest: Aira
Tezakian Holiday: Kinasa
Venji Quest: Selis, Venji
AsteroidQuest: Jessica, Mimi, Miss
Unnatural Selection: Rulekeep, Alison, Sweatermouse
No. 127694 ID: 125e5c

Asteroid Quest: Roxie (rozu Treeflayer)
No. 127696 ID: 2735ca

>She's stated that her drones don't have distinct personalities.
It's a little more complicated than that, I think? They're all the same "person", but Bika indicated that her bodies can have different personal tastes/reactions to the same stimulus. Some of her bodies are really physically attracted to Zack and some only on a mental level, that sort of thing. But there should definitely be at least one Bika in there!

>maolla syrup
Maolla's an alien, not a furry! You can make a weak argument that scellor are anthro plants but, like... not really, you know? On the topic of Jukashi quests, though...

Lunar Quest:
Saulanna (she's human-looking most of the time, but she has a big fluffy raccoon tail and face mask, and can turn into a were-raccoon thing, so she counts!)
Kairosa (she's kind of a goat dragon squid spirit thing?)

Polokoa/Rokolo Quest: Rokolo, Dastrica

Not nominating Polokoa herself because she's more badass than cute. As for other quests I want to make nominations for:

Asteroid (counting all the setting's quests as one because otherwise I'd have way too many nominations (But Polokoa/Rokolo Quest doesn't count because it was a different author)):
Penn, Rulekeeper, Sweatermouse
Fen Quest: Cheese, Holly, Lily
Story Seeker: Zirkala, Morgana, tailor kobold
Frillsby & Gallsby: Mayor, Ceo
Dive Quest: Ashedel, Tislomer, Arabella (pigsnout orcs count as furry, right?)
Nan Quest: Nan
Crash Quest: Oken
Moot Point: Casey,Nixxy,Delilah
Bruco And Strela Are Married: Strela, Sashika
No. 127697 ID: 06fdc0

Mr. Ilan?! That's so l-lewd! That's setting a bad example for students!
No. 127698 ID: 91ee5f

Matron and Grasswind from Clamp Quest

Ceridwen, Daatra, and Kharadra from Dragon Romance

Emils, Beatrice, and Alice from iAm

Zirkala and Morgana from Story Seeker

Ada and Hazel from D3: Slight Return

Katzati, Penn, and Roxie from Asteroid Quest

Sisirri, Tirzi, and Ekasarra from Salikai

Mac and Luvi from The Rogue
No. 127699 ID: 465a14

>Maolla's an alien, not a furry! You can make a weak argument that scellor are anthro plants but, like... not really, you know? On the topic of Jukashi quests, though...
AsteroidQuest's aliens are in, including mikliks- notably Hok from the cfb polls. So scellor and Maolla are in, too.

>Asteroid quests
People have asked on discord, and my reasoning thus far has been that any thread which isn't a direct continuation of a previous thread is reasonably a distinct quest, for purposes of the poll. So the Asteroid franchise has Asteroid Quest proper, Polo Quest, Unnatural Selection (bit blurry later on but it's distinct earlier), and the Holidayverse, for example.
No. 127702 ID: cb22c8

Venji: Venji, Titzi, Selis
Slissa Quest: Kliss, Kyra
The Creator: Nokizanya
Dragon Romance: Daatra
One of the Tezakia parts that was on tgchan: Kinasa, Jiniki, Shela

The World Is Mine: Vibrant
Reformation: Cadmea
Bungee Grapple Adventures: Diava
Defective: Kata22ti
Weightless: Raizi
Salikai: Tirzi, Six, Speaker

Apologies to authors other than those two.
No. 127716 ID: a9af05

>Ada from D3: Slight Return
Are you sure she counts? If it was Ada from the original D3, I'd agree with you, but I'm not sure if reboot Ada counts.
No. 127718 ID: 465a14

I'm adding her anyway. Voters can decide. That'll be my policy for basically anything that's at least somewhat ambiguous re: furriness.
No. 127720 ID: a9af05

>I'm adding her anyway.
Ok, but which version will you add? Original or reboot?
No. 127721 ID: e9d41b

last minute addition Reno from Eth quest
No. 127723 ID: 4294c6

Shawty is better, imo.
No. 127725 ID: 465a14

Reboot was nominated. Reboot will be added.
No. 127739 ID: 15a025

I'd like to nominate

From 2Frames:

From Fen Quest:
No. 127740 ID: 8d23f0

Retcon Quest: Bote Face
Xenoquest : Astarte
No. 127743 ID: f5a3f7

2 Frames Quest
Raven Pecks

Aardvarks Need Love

A Ketza's Errand
TK's Momma



Dragon Romance

Enemy Quest


Frontier Quest



Journey Quest


Moot Point

Nice Save


Retcon Quest

Number 6

Slissa Quest

Dr. Spencer

Tezakia Quest

Tozol Quest

No. 127744 ID: 12b116

I wanna nominate
Matron from Clamp,
Thorn and Eth from Eth
Aubrey from Aardvarks need Love
Outissa from Xenoquest
No. 127750 ID: a2cac9

(child-like) deem and alkaline from dungeoneer.
you don't need fur to be furry!
No. 127751 ID: ef43dd

Reefa from KoP and Ellen Stoppe from Coxwette
No. 127752 ID: a2cac9

Sara from Static on the Wire!
Squires from Oren!
Marie from Rollback!
deem-alice from the ITQ! https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/94347.html#97536
No. 127754 ID: 465a14

>deem-alice from the ITQ!
Is that a distinct character or another form of Deem? Link doesn't make it clear but it seems like a Deem variant.
No. 127755 ID: c52d35

I would have to argue this is stretching the definition until it breaks.
No. 127756 ID: 465a14

Probably, but I can't be arsed to have arguments over who does and doesn't qualify, so unless it's incredibly blatant that the nomination isn't a tgchan character, isn't a furry by any stretch of the definition, or isn't a girl I just throw them into prelims and let the voters decide who goes on. Usually pretty effective.
No. 127757 ID: 834378

Nila from Crocodile's Tears
Penny, Cider from Dead Dust
Arzfayz from Arzfayz Amazing Adventure Quest
Limmeria from A Most Holy Quest
Susanna, Julia, Rita from Coxwette
Resida, Kit, Samatha from I Am
No. 127772 ID: b970b2

Asteroid Quest: Katzati, Sniper Clone, Polo
Holidayverse: Ramella, Pink
The Rogue: Luvi
Salikai: Tirzi, Ekasarra
Frillsby and Gallsby: Mayor
Dragon Romance: Siphon
Fen Quest: Aira, Holly
Dead Dust: Penny
Slissa Quest: Kliss
No. 127790 ID: 130f18

Kata22ti (Defective)
No. 127802 ID: 470289
File 155026004159.png - (275.52KB , 800x800 , Luvi Valentines.png )

Happy Valentine’s from the day late Luvi!
Remember, someone out there definitely loves you, even if you’re a rogue! It may take years, decades, a century, or even forever, but you have to keep looking for the special people that will finally make you whole again. Never let the smile slip from your face and always keep searching!
No. 127823 ID: e1e1ef

Haze Town:
No. 127827 ID: 643deb

Penji from Tozol Quest.

Polo, Rokoa, and the Sniper-clone from Astroid quest.

Penny Ainsley from Dead Dust.

Bika from enemy quest.

Luvi from The Rogue.

Emils and Victoria from I Am.

Holly and Dame Frais from Fen quest.

Zirkala from Story Seeker.

Mayor and Khivat from Frillsby and Gallsby.

Casey and Miki from Moot point.

Arzfayz from Arzfayz Amazing Adventure Quest.

Rain Silvis who has appeared in several quests. (I can't believe y'all forgot her.)

Isanore and Morriga from BiteQuest. (I can't believe y'all forgot this entire quest!)

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