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File 132568489493.jpg - (36.49KB , 762x506 , desert_sun-1209.jpg )
47988 No. 47988 ID: d14d3e


Setting questions and other rambling here. Rollan stays in /tg/ because there's a thread there already. ASK YE QUESTIONS, and if it's not spoilery, I'll answer.
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No. 48630 ID: 807ed3


>shooting blanks
>golden chains

kinky. I love this quest, man.
No. 48632 ID: c53845

All very excellent questions which will be answered in due time, friend. |3c

I'm not as easy to fool as I was during Hatquest, and you're no Shiitake. :3
No. 48637 ID: b8021d


Are they ALL evil(sides legion) or are some of them just massive dicks?, there's a difference, Since Harumda doesn't seem all that evil just likes fighting and a bit of a sociopath
No. 48641 ID: 1854db

>you're no Shiitake
Are you SURE?
No. 48651 ID: 3d19dd

He's stupid and a little immature, and he loves to kill. Not to mention we have him on a short leash.

I suspect we're not seeing the real Harumda.
No. 48652 ID: 3d19dd

Or rather we're not seeing the EXTENT of it, anyway.

He doesn't seem to be a good enough actor to straight-up DECEIVE us.
No. 48653 ID: f70e5e

he did mention that he would wipe out a few towns if he got out of that circle. I think he's more or less what we have seen, save that he truly does not care who he's killing. if he wasn't bound to us he would probably be burning down settlements in search of interesting fights.
No. 48655 ID: b6edd6

This is my guess. He is pretty likeable (when he is working for you), but his desire to kill everyone for the fun of it still places him in evil.
No. 48662 ID: 5076d3

Sera gained companion perks!

[Love in the Shadows]
[Terrifying Presence] upgraded to [Horrific Presence] in shadows and places with high light/dark contrast lighting.
[Darkness Mastery]
No. 48667 ID: 807ed3

hey, how related are these people to your previous quests? I'm pretty sure I remember Legion and Harumda...
No. 48670 ID: 5076d3

Only incredibly loosely.

Due to the ending of the Hatverse series, Legion is, technically, a universal constant. However, he manifests differently in each world, or at least, he can.

Harumda is just a beloved character. His appearence is meaningless. :3
No. 48695 ID: 3947e9

>Golden chains
Very nice :)
No. 48696 ID: f70e5e

hey shot, if we keep up our habit of freeing monsters for the right reasons is there a chance we might unlock some sort of sympathy for the devil perk or something?
No. 48698 ID: 1854db

Wait, we're in the hatquest multiverse? This is the same Legion?
No. 48701 ID: 7c31d2

If we are the same legion, can we command people to do stuff?
No. 48707 ID: 5076d3

>he manifests differently in each world

>You're not the same Legion

No gaurentees~
No. 48715 ID: 807ed3


only one way to find out, eh?
No. 48728 ID: 3947e9

so... Shot just told us in IRC that Shot is short for "HowDoIShotTrip"
Which makes him a veteran quest author... also raises the question of how to reconcile the two names on the wiki.
No. 48729 ID: 4bdd79

You didn't know that? I've been here half as long as you and I still made the connection instantly.
No. 48733 ID: 3f91de

It wouldn't surprise me if Rose has a son, and that that's who she's keeping secret from Sera ATM.
No. 48735 ID: 1854db

Yeah, that's probably it.

She's probably not married though. So it's like, she doesn't want to panic Rose in case she isn't keen on raising a kid.
No. 48741 ID: 3947e9

I never read any quest by How Do I Shot Trip so I had nothing to work off of.
When it came up I looked him up on the wiki and found out he was a prolific author and started reading his older quests.

Speaking of, I managed to find the final chapter of Rune Quest and added it to the wiki, but it is missing at least 1 chapter between 3 and the finale which I cannot find. Anyone kept a link?
No. 48756 ID: a5ea28

List of current spells with description, because I always forget some.

Inflict Pain: 3 Taint, causes target to suffer pain of 4 on a 1-10 scale.

Summon Minor Demon: 10 Taint, summons a minor demon to the Material plane permanently.

Cause sickness: 5 Taint, Induce vomiting and nausea in the target.

Darkness: 6 Taint, causes a zone of darkness to appear and persist for 10 minutes. The zone cannot be penetrated by mundane light sources, but will be destroyed by sunlight in ten seconds.

Muddle Mutation: Cause (free) or reroll (3 Taint) a mutation in a target (including oneself).

Shield: Erects a barrier between yourself and your opponent - can be placed and 'erected' by doubling the spell cost, allowing you to create cover. Barrier can be considered to have the stopping power of Level IIIA armor, and is relatively immobile against large kinetic blows. Taint cost 2.

Smite: Creates fist-sized, cross-shaped projectiles of 'holy' energy. Upon impact, these projectiles 'explode', each arm extending five inches. Each casting launches three. Taint cost 1.

Heal: Repairs damaged flesh. Can seal up gashes and cuts, stop bleeding, and if sustained, heal bone fractures. Cannot regenerate limbs. Taint Cost: Dependant on Application.

Mend: As Heal, but for constructs. Spell relies on SCIENCE skill to properly understand necessary repairs. Taint Cost: Dependant on Application.

Bare: Generates a blast of magically imbued wind that 'grips' weapons, yanking them free of weapons and shields. Also dispels cloth armors. Area can be doubled if cost is as well. Taint Cost: 3

Enflame: Creates a fire above the palm of your hand. This fire persists until dismissed, or used in one of the following ways:
* To light something else on fire.
* Cast at an opponent like a projectile.
* Snuffed out, as by lack of oxygen.
The spell costs 1 Taint per hour to persist the fire. If one hour is not spent, then the cost is 1 Taint.

Heat Metal: Heats a single metal object within 20 feet to softening point. The process can take up to a minute, and objects larger than one foot (cube) cannot be effectively heated in this way. Costs 1 Taint, can be persisted at the cost of 2 taint per further hour.

Pyrotechnics: A present source of fire may be shaped, snuffed, or violently magnified very briefly. Each use is 3 taint.

Fireball: Casts a sphere of tightly concentrated fire at the target, which then unleashes its bound payload to the surrounding five feet, dealing damage. Area may be doubled with the cost. Costs 3 Taint.

Black Lightning: Lances of dark energy crackle from your fingertips, causing debilitating, full-body pain to those in their way. Costs 2 Taint, inflicts 1 taint on the target.

Wicked Hands: Generates 3 constructs of Darkness for as long as you concentrate - three floating hands. Each hand can lift 20 kilograms of matter. Each hand can exert similar pressure on living beings, switches, and the like. You cannot see through the hands. 2 Taint for every ten minutes of use.

Summon Greater Demon: Summons a greater demon. Said demon is not bound, restricted, or prevented from action in any way. Costs 15 Taint.

Lesser Binding: Pours dark energy into a prepared binding circle. The binding lasts for 2 days, and is not extinguished by your death. Costs 3 Taint.

Dark Empowerment: Adds a Boon of 4 to your STRENGTH, and erases fear in the target. Said boon may enlarge the target artificially for a period of time. Costs 10 Taint.

Void: Casts forth Black Magic - small dark spheres that consume matter before dissipating. Three per cast, at 1 taint per cast.

Tentacle Pit: Summons forth a ten-foot wide zone of black tentacles. With effort, you may control them, without direction, they will simply inhibit movement. The tentacles are 4 feet long each, and the pit lasts one minute. 5 Taint.

Dark Armor: Protects you by destroying matter that moves too close. Lasts 3 minutes, or until magical power is exhausted - 15 taint.
No. 48787 ID: 31afe3

Shit. I knew I forgot something. Due to my mistake, you're getting a bonus spell.

DEEPER DARKNESS: As the spell Darkness, but the darkness cannot be removed by sunlight. Costs 10 Taint.

SHADE: Prevents others from recalling distinct details regarding shaded body parts - commonly used to hide one's face more properly with a hood or hat. Costs 1 taint to maintain for one day.

LURK: Silences sounds within shadowed ground. Costs 3 Taint for five minutes.
No. 48791 ID: 3947e9

so we need to choose one of those 3 then?
I say... lurk
No. 48798 ID: 807ed3


I say shade. not because it's particularly useful, just because it's cool.
No. 48808 ID: 334ec0

Wait by the way I read Dark Armor it looks like it removes taint.

If it does, what happens if we pass back through a milestone, then rise up to it again?
No. 48814 ID: f70e5e

it drains our magical power and generates 15 taint.

voting lurk for our new spell.
No. 48817 ID: 3f91de

Lurk for new spell.
No. 49055 ID: 1854db

If I spoke here, Rose wouldn't hear it, would she?
No. 49062 ID: 01ec94

You were directed here because >>/quest/384955 was pure discussion about the past. No relation I can see to suggestions what 'we', as Legion, or Sera should, or shouldn't, do and say.

The issue with >>/quest/384951 isn't Rose, it's Sera. Or rather Rose isn't the main issue.

Whatever happened in the vault did damage to Legion and Sera, both. They are both missing something aside from the memories. Neither knows what exactly is missing. Only a feeling they lost/left something in that vault crops up from time to time.

Second Sera's mental health is very important. Whenever she reaches a full hundred of taint, she undergoes a crucible. If she can't keep herself together, if she doesn't has the will to endure, she will be a mindless husk attacking anything around her.

The way you spun it will alienate everyone but Harmda currently with Sera. That means nothing outside herself to hold her in this world. Add the caring and friendly character of Sera and even just telling her she willfully killed all those people, people she knew, will devastate her. Where would she take the fortitude to endure the next crucible from?
No. 49073 ID: 1854db

Oh, I got their names mixed up. I meant Sera.

You know, we'll eventually figure out what happened there. It will be less of a shock if she thinks about it a little here and there.
No. 49090 ID: f70e5e

yes think about it, maybe even tell her some of our theories once we have more evidence to back them up. but telling her it was her fault is not going to accomplish anything but aggravate her survivor guilt and stir up her buried fear she may be a monster after all. this is something that will have to be approached with great care, and could emotionally cripple sera if handled carelessly. you have to understand that one of her greatest fears is that she was somehow responsible for the death of everyone in her vault, so even talking about it when she is listening in is a bit risky. if your not 100% sure she won't take something about the vault massacre poorly say it here and not in the main thread.
No. 49117 ID: 057cd0

Can we get current taint, please? The last update on that was 570 before the improvised White Magic Lesser Binding. If didn't miscount we are now above 582.
Smite 2x1
Sickness 1x5
Wicked Hands 1x2?
improvised(extra taint) Lesser Binding 1x3+
No. 49124 ID: a9f1dc

585 taint, currently.
No. 49132 ID: b6edd6

Hrm, a thought:
Angels/demons use holy/dark magic (or the same basic forces at least), but neither group seem to be affected by the taint like mortals are. (It might have caused the angels' insanity, but all the demons we have seen appear to be completely unchanged from their previous selves.)
This seems like something we should investigate by asking Harmuda and shadow-guy.
No. 49269 ID: b6edd6

Questions on spells:
-What is the casting range of shield? Can we cast a standing shield around an enemy to delay them?
-Am I right in thinking that Dark Empowerment would increase the target's running speed through its combination of enlarging them and making them stronger?
No. 50424 ID: a76cbb
File 133221434412.jpg - (110.54KB , 626x800 , Sera.jpg )

Some people were asking if Sera looked like a demon.

The answer is that yes, yes she does.

Some notes - The scales turn blades for the most part. This is including the frontal ones. However, the front ones aren't quite as durable. The Mutation Mastery gets around the fact that it's a little harder to move with them, and also covers maintenance. Sera knows how to properly clean herself behind and between the scales.

And yes, she shaves. :V

As for her age - she is now roughly 19 (I think), and naturally looks young for her age.
No. 50425 ID: 1854db

Doesn't she have little feathery wings on her head too?
No. 50428 ID: a76cbb

Those were muddled away into better wings.
No. 50446 ID: 1854db

I thought Rose wanted to keep them?
No. 50447 ID: dfc57c

I've noticed in /tg you rolled for mutation on the fire and darkness table, too. Did Sera use Fire or Darkness already? I thought Sera needed to use the magic to access its mutation table, or is that only for muddling?
No. 50454 ID: 3947e9

>looks young for her age.
She looks positively loli.
No. 50455 ID: 64e483

That's more on my side, I didn't know how old she would look like.
No. 50499 ID: 49d4d7

Nice art, but this begs a question. Is Sera's face scaled, or human skinned?
No. 50510 ID: 88e5ad


according to the description, only her forearms, forelegs and the front and back of her torso were scaly.
No. 50527 ID: 88e5ad

so I checked, and it doesn't say who's whose boss. care to clarify, Shot?
No. 50533 ID: a76cbb

The guy pictured is MISTER SHOUTY. His name, since it wasn't mentioned, is Noise.
No. 62286 ID: 4435b3

IT LIVES AGAIN, and so does this discussion.

There are some things oldbies should know about this alternate version of the universe:

Sera does not exist.

Scars Of Yesterday was never produced.

Legion was never bound or torn apart.
No. 62595 ID: 649a5f
File 135116246604.jpg - (405.25KB , 1932x1430 , alisa naked.jpg )

sheet for one of the character
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