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File 141584242929.png - (246.60KB , 1000x667 , talking thread.png )
86774 No. 86774 ID: 939c7f

Here's the second discussion thread.

I'm starting another one seeing as the last one is so cluttered and filled up that it can be hard to find snippets of info among all the commentary.

I'll post a few segments of text blocked into four parts. I'll try to keep it concise and legible.
blue text means that it's an errata, that it was changed since the last edition and that this is whats to be followed.

After the blocks the thread will be free and open to discussion. Have fun~
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No. 96403 ID: c6d510

Very small army. We used up a blade to manifest Richard, remember?
No. 97233 ID: 2ccbb3

Important question: What happens to souls that are unclaimed and do not die in the name of any?

Would like a percentage demographic plz
No. 97449 ID: 939c7f

I feel a bit bad for not updating a lot lately, i know my update rate is already pretty low, but I've been tasked with a lot of extra hours at work lately since one of my coworkers took his vacation this week...
No. 97450 ID: 939c7f

oh and the souls that aren't claimed wander around between he afterlife... usually snatched up by devils looking for a quick meal or sometimes they find a door that lets them in, for better or for worst...
No. 97453 ID: 665ed8

How does one get virginities, im assuming there are ways other than sending an avatar and actually taking it
No. 97458 ID: 3663d3

probably any followers can also lay claim.
No. 97459 ID: 665ed8

Yeah but it said that they had to be sacrificed to us so that wouldn't make much sense
No. 97462 ID: 3663d3

a priest is given power to make sacrifices to their god.
No. 97478 ID: 939c7f

Priests tend to actively try to gather roses for their god, as it usually gains their gods favor. However anyone can consummates the flower in the name of a deity, sometimes even, women will offer their flower to a deity directly. Virgin souls however require a small ritual and is best left to priests...
(Of note: the rose blooms around the age of 16, regardless of race or species. (so you can't grind a wealth of 2.6 year old kobold roses) only valued souls (sapient creatures) have roses worth mention. The breaking of the hymen is not required or relevant for gathering roses. Until a living penis penetrates, the rose is still within the maidens souls. (if anything it's an obstacle...)
No. 97576 ID: 939c7f
File 145459399216.png - (278.02KB , 1000x689 , dates over time.png )

Hey guys,
It's been a little over three years now I've been writing Eadoo quest, and I had a great time doing it! But I've got some problems with eadoo quest and I think it's about time I move on...

I'd like to point out that all of these problems are my fault, I'm not blaming anyone but myself.

For one, it's been three years and the plot only advanced 4 days... The game was supposed to be about empire building and resource management and the stagnation really didn't help the plot along, to put it into perspective: it'll be four days before the away team reached iron root, seven days before we storm the castle, nine days before we discover who tass's champion is... and if it continues as is, those days equate to years for us...
The other problem is that there's too many characters and too little spotlight... In trying to keep the story fresh I crammed in more characters, granted these characters would have arrived sooner or later but, still. I feel the characters don't get the love they deserve from me and that saddens me because I honestly really love all of my characters and world lore...
Finally we can all agree that the game mechanics are shit... I tried making my own thing and rolling with it, but it's very broken and unrefined in so many ways, and the fact that no actual resources exists makes it pretty hard for me, I'm pretty much out of inspiration for it...

so I'm gonna put Eadoo quest down for now... I promise to myself that at some point, the next quest I wright will be a return to Eadoo, but given that amount of time I'll rewrite the game mechanics and have a new approach... For now I'll write a simpler, less politic and empire driven story.

How I'm gonna not gonna fall into the same traps...
First off the story wont be very time oriented, it happens when it happens, and without having multiple groups, sometimes there will just be over world travel, or a time skip... but I'm not factoring in long term plans on in internal level...
I'm keeping to a short cast, and leaving one open slot dedicated for side characters at a time...
lastly, the game will run on pathfinder... no fancy custom made game rules, just pathfinder. for those who don't know, pathfinder is d&d 3.5, but newer... Yes I know that's not exactly true, but you can argue about that in another board...
You can find all the rules for pathfinder here http://www.d20pfsrd.com/

I'm making no grand illusion that this quest will fail me in new interesting ways, but I'm excited to see how it breaks down~ Here's hoping you guys stick with me for another three years!

For those wanting to know what my new story is about... I'll put it in spoiler warnings since it has a cold opening...

You play as a highly advanced learning AI who fell upon two siblings, a younger brother named Varonos and an older sister named Doukissa as well as their close friend, Prince... Your prime directive is study demi human emotions and culture in hopes of understanding or even integrating them...
The game takes place in pseudo fantasy setting with a bit of a modern twist to it... It's a romantic comedy with a eldritch call of Cthulhu style twist~

No. 97578 ID: 665ed8

While I can't say I am happy you are leaving the quest I do approve. Your reasons are logical and I am more excited to see what you make next than see you stagnate in this one. Thank you for telling us and not just moving on.

Excited to see what you do next, Purpose~
No. 97580 ID: cd886c

It'll be sad to see eadoo quest ending but in the end you should do whatever you think is best for your art.
Thanks for the story so far. Excited for what you do next.
No. 97582 ID: e18d6f

Your reasons are sound, but I still wish you'd reconsider. There are a lot of loose plot threads that are going to be difficult to let go. And while it's true that the pace is very slow given the scope of the quest, the multitude of interesting characters is one of the quest's strengths. You could still speed up the pace artificially by withdrawing the viewpoint a little. Have Gatling begin feeling like a deity and all of a sudden not every single gear in the works of their empire will be important enough to learn every minutiae of their insignificant lives. That's how a common adventurer with absolutely no influence builds a power base. We now have that and it's pretty reasonable that the pace of the quest will now shift with the focal point being an immortal demigod rather than a charismatic fuzzbold. It could be explained away pretty reasonably by having something significant happen to Gat to cause this withdrawal. Either something revealed by our uncle or something happening that is painful enough emotionally that we embrace our inhumanity to escape being caught in the tangles of our followers' lives.
No. 97583 ID: e18d6f

In other words while I'd happily watch Eadoo quest Wheel of Time it for another 10 years, I'd sooner see Gat Dr. Manhatten it and have events unfold montage style apart from the key points of conflict and plot development. We don't need to Tolkien things and talk about every footstep as we head to the castle.
No. 97584 ID: b17b81

I remember helping choose stats at the start of Eadoo quest. That was a fair bit ago I guess. I kinda fell off after a couple months. I genuinely look forward to your next quest.
No. 97595 ID: 99a64d

I stopped reading Eadoo a little while ago for pretty much exactly the reasons you listed. I could tell you were getting bored with it as more and more random, barely explicable shit started happening. Like suddenly Eadoo wasn't special and there were two of him?!? All of the cast seemed like they had the potential to be interesting characters, but they fell flat due to a complete lack of development. If you had kept the cast down to maybe, Gatling, Eadoo, Trix, Shenzi, Roland, and a few others then it would have been better. You also included a bunch of sidequests, and while I appreciate giving the suggestors more options, the story was slow enough without them. Eadoo quest could've been great, if it had just been a series of important events and battles with the suggestors making plans inbetween I would have loved it, but it got bogged down with minutia, fluff, minor characters, and other plot irrelevant things.
But that's just my two cents. If your next quest is anything like the good bits of Eadoo quest then I'll probably be reading.
No. 97596 ID: 99a64d

Plus, considering Eadoo Quest's reputation, it's probably good to be getting a fresh start.
No. 97598 ID: 665ed8

Though I am curious, given the way people reacted to the sex in Eadoo will the new one include such?
No. 97635 ID: f7a64f

Sad to see it end, but I can't say I don't understand. It ran so long with such a huge cast of characters that alot of the characters and their development got lost just because it happened so long ago most of your suggestors wouldn't remember it. Thinking back on how different it was having corny adventures with Eadoo and the princess as compared to later on with our cast of dozens, it's like that stuff never happened.

I almost wish you wouldn't quit it. The story may be unfocused, but that's because it's broad and detailed. Maybe what's needed is just to make some broad strokes so that all the little conflicts we've been building to with no resolution turn into defined direct conflicts instead of overarching situations (I.E. force a confrontation with Gorrister, or the church of magnus, or hidden revolution).

Then again, if you aren't enjoying it anymore, you shouldn't do it, and you shouldn't worry about me or any other poster in your game.

Regardless, you are a great writer and I hope your next game turns out great. You work is top notch and a cut above most stuff on tgchan.
No. 97642 ID: e18d6f

I get what you're saying but I think you overestimate the number of people who have actually read the quest start to finish and think it's just a sex quest. Most of the detractors I believe are a vocal minority who never read much of the quest or are simply squeamish about the particulars of some of the sexual situations. While early on there was unnecessary nudity (which I personally don't care about), anyone who reads the quest can see how Flynn matured as an author. Sex is present at times, but it's all presented well within the context of the plot. And remember that it's the readers who chose almost all current instances of sex. We built Eadoo into a charismatic succubus, and we made Gatling a lust/fertility deity.

No. 97677 ID: 939c7f
File 145481055673.jpg - (1.14MB , 3684x2428 , slavethiefslut and theriseofthevileblood.jpg )

Thank you so much for the support, it means a lot to me and it's not easy to let go of Eadoo quest, so it's really nice to see you guys have my back~

>Regardless, you are a great writer and I hope your next game turns out great. You work is top notch and a cut above most stuff on tgchan.

This actually had me teary eyed...

This is a pretty good idea and I'll definitely consider it when I eventually come back to Eadoo quest. But that might be in a long time, I hope you'll still be interested in reading my quests when that time comes...

>Though I am curious, given the way people reacted to the sex in Eadoo will the new one include such?

It wouldn't be a proper flynn quest if there wasn't controversial themes and nudity, But I'm going to tone it down significantly... There will be occasional breasts but I'm going to avoid giant floppy cocks all over the screen all the time... Nudity will not be forced and appear naturally if and when there would be nudity. Sex on the other hand will be more of a reward, something that doesn't just spawn because the author got a boner. All of the characters can end up having sex, but they're not destined to without TG's effort. Also sex scenes will be tame and sensual in stead of wild and sexual...

Characters from Eadoo quest might be making appearances, thought they may be modified or renamed, they won't be the literal same characters, but rather recycled faces...

I'm thinking, since I'm using the pathfinder system, there will be moments when you're asked to chose a feat or spell from a seemingly never ending list... in these cases, we'll settle the vote by first to 5 votes or most votes after a set time, I reserve the right to break a tie with my own personal opinion... We may lower the vote count to 3 or raise it to 7 if need be, based on over or under whelming votes...

I'm hoping you guys like the next story... The slave, the thief and the slut / Rise of the Vile Bloods
No. 97684 ID: e18d6f

Booh, no giant floppy cocks? Preposterous. :P
Look forward to the next quest.
No. 97686 ID: 3f9dc0

My impression, especially recently, was that the pacing in Eadoo ground to a halt because every time we sat down to try and get stuff done, another thing crashed into the spotlight needing to be dealt with first. All you had to do was wait to introduce a new element until AFTER we had resolved an old one.
No. 97688 ID: b17b81

Since I'm gonna miss at least one round of voting for stats or class, I'm putting my idea here.

Ranger Gnoll
Str 16 (+2) 10pt
Dex 12 2pt
Con 14 (+2) 5pt
Int 14 5pt
Wis 14 5pt
Cha 8 -2pt

Medium Int because it affects how many skill points you get per lvl (real important in pathfinder for skills) and also it would let us learn 2 languages (otherwise we are just stuck with gnoll)
Medium Wis because rangers are the Wis class
High Con and Str for rolling two weapon fighting ranger
Meh dex because we have a nat +2 to armor class and it's hard to make every stat great
And bad Cha because it is the best dump stat
No. 97689 ID: 88e46e

To be fair, that really depends on having a team. Unless we're guaranteed a few allies we can also reliably control, we can't really afford dump stats, since even Charisma is important for social stuff. TWF ranger is legit great as part of a team, but I'm somewhat concerned about how survivable it is solo.

Can we get some author input on how worried we should be about having to fill every role? Also, how do you feel about Dreamscarred Press's stuff, Broken Halo/rest of you guys?
No. 97691 ID: 3f9dc0

Nothing about Dreamscarred specifically, but I have never looked in to a pathfinder 3rd Party Publisher write-up and found it not to be broken in some way. Either overpowered, or badly put together.

I mean yes, you can break the game with the core rules too, but you have to kinda work at it. No sense making it easier by including 3PP.
No. 97693 ID: 88e46e

That's why I said DSP specifically, they're actually excellent and much better balanced than actual core. Most of their stuff is on par with bards, inquisitors, magi, and so on. The only things that might actually be problems are some of the full-manifesting psions since they ported Astral Seed and Psychic Reformation from 3.5e, but the rest is generally as powerful as a sorcerer. Some of the Path of War stuff also does a bit much damage at very low levels, like 1-3, but they're actually working to fix that. I legitimately consider them to be much better than Paizo, especially where taking feedback is concerned.
No. 97710 ID: 939c7f

you have two allies that are npc controlled but not stupid, and a dedicated slot for side characters that come and go as they please. (like in kingdom hearts) one of your allies is a jack of all trades does everything (not saying what class yet) and the other is going to base it's self on your character to fill out the team so we don't die horribly.

as for third party rules, I generally stay away from them, there's already a little over too much to process in the vanilla rules, and I have a completely biased opinion of third party vs first party and balancing issues, (once again, it's biased and I stand by it) I do how ever use the advanced bestiary guide.
No. 97711 ID: 939c7f

oh also, hands raised, no lying... who voted for gnoll just to have a dick girl?
No. 97713 ID: 40c6ad


Well, I was the one who suggested NOT a spotted-hyena-like gnoll, so not me. Really there's nothing to say gnoll ladies have to be dickgirls in any case, they have other non-hyena traits. The original D&D gnoll (at least, after the "cross between a gnome and a troll") was just a human with fur and a hyena head, like most beastmen-esque races.

Also striped hyenas and aardwolves are cute and there should be more gnolls based on them.
No. 97714 ID: 99a64d

Will the new quest be getting its own disthread?
No. 97717 ID: 47160d

Also are we the slave, the thief, or the slut?
No. 97718 ID: 939c7f

No. 97719 ID: e18d6f

Is dickgirl ever a bad choice?
No. 97720 ID: 0cdf95


Well, there are various biological and social ramifications, many of which could be negative, so yes.
No. 97722 ID: fbed30

Well in the case of a gnoll, if it's a hyena style pseudo-peen, biological ramifications aren't as major as in the case of a trans like Roz was. And socially it might actually be a hindrance to be the only gnoll chick without one (assuming the gnolls in this setting are the same as in Eadoo's). That said it could be explained away with our bloodline; and I will admit that I mainly want it because when we do get fanservice or fanart, that's my personal taste in soda pop.
No. 97723 ID: 0cdf95

>if it's a hyena style pseudo-peen, biological ramifications aren't as major

Depends on if you want your firstborn child to actually manage to take a breath.

>And socially it might actually be a hindrance to be the only gnoll chick without one

I don't think hyena social rituals would really apply to gnolls. The spotted hyena dominance ritual is about displaying your genitals for your superior to have a sniff and taste of and to threaten with their big jaws, and that whole thing becomes waaay more awkward for a bipedal species that wears, for example, loincloths to protect their junk from getting frozen off and/or bitten by the wild animals they're hunting.

And if there isn't a social dominance reason to have a pseudoschlong then it's really only a big hassle and a threat to their health. In fact, even if you assume some magical melding of humanoid traits with a hyena to explain it in place of some kind of evolution, this being a fantasy setting, then it might actually be a situation where some female "circumcision", in the sense of a ritual surgery to open things up down there, would actually make some degree of sense, for reasons of the previously mentioned stillbirths and et cetera.

I don't think spotted hyena females even ever use their dicks as dicks, it's only there for the submission display.
No. 97724 ID: 0cdf95


Now that I think of it, actually, just being bipedal by itself makes giving birth a lot harder, because of the different hip structure you have to have. Humans have a lot harder time than quadrupedal mammals, death by childbrith was the leading cause of death for women through most of history. If you combined that and the spotted hyena biology, which can also kill the mother quite often as well as almost always killing the first child, then you might well end up with something that doesn't really work at all.
No. 97725 ID: 7178cd

They do occasionally somewhat use it in mounting dominance displays actually, but I fail to see what that has to do with what a sapient female might do with one. Or what that has to do with whether it should be an option or not. You also seem to be arguing using both "evolution must be kept in mind" and "fantasy setting so magic explains all", so I'll just ignore those bits except to say that using hyena social rituals or biology as a direct map of what gnolls would be or do seems silly. It's like seeing chimps groom each other by eating each others parasites then getting upset because humans give each other backrubs instead of picking off bugs. Same goes with the physiological concerns of a pseudo-penis. If Flynn does decide it's an option then there are plenty of ways to explain it scientifically. Gnoll babies could run small, or the canals run large - or not - just as in hyenas the actual genital configuration could be an example of social dictates deciding evolution's course. Or it could be a genetic throwback that only a percentage of females possess.

Regardless I'll find my justifications just as you'll find yours, so it boils down to preferences. If Flynn gives the option, it will come down to votes. He's about the only author here who provides that particular brand of girl, so I hope he does.
No. 97726 ID: 939c7f

I'm a futa lover myself so it comes as no supersize that my gnoll ladies have pseudo dicks, but I also like the matriarchal attitude that it gives them. still I leave it up to vote and thank you >>97723 for the brilliant suggestion. If we vote against having a pseudo phallus on our gnoll it's due to a ritualistic circumcision to help with child birth, assuming the alpha females don't go though this process to maintain their superiority. also it could vary from clan to clan tribe to tribe... in pathfinder not all gnoll tribes are matriarchal, some are lead my alpha males, other by blond gnolls named flinds. But the females tend to be larger and more dominant like their hyena counterpart, hense my suspicion of their lady junk, but pathfinder never Ever Ever touches base on such sexuality, so ultimately it comes down to preference...

given that he wanted a ranger gnoll should I post the stats for him?
No. 97727 ID: b17b81

Nah, different stats for different classes. Just trying to make whatever we go with(personal preference) viable/good. (trying to mix roleplaying and rollplaying) Given enough time I can make most things work well. (it's what I did for my Forest gnome fighter)
No. 97730 ID: b17b81

>who voted for gnoll just...
Going with the flow.
Also, if I had realized sooner that kitsune was an option, I would have voted for that. (cause fox chicks are my thing)
The new stats I came up with are the same, just wis and cha swapped. Took a little to see what affects what in this class.
No. 97735 ID: e18d6f

It definitely factored in. It's one of the things I like in your quests and your take on gnolls.
No. 97780 ID: 939c7f

I'm thinking I'll roll between posts instead of in the posts themselves... would tg trust me to roll off screen and not cheat?
No. 97782 ID: 7b82a3

Sure, and maybe you'll show us some mercy from time to time.
We're pretty shit at rolls.
No. 97787 ID: e18d6f

No. 97936 ID: f7a64f

I've seen you fudge rolls before to protect us, but I with the crazy number of rolls you put out nothing else will work
No. 97942 ID: b17b81

You're the Dm behind the Dm's screen. You are allowed to fudge any roll you want so long as you have a good reason. (story or mechanics reason) I trust that you'll be fair, not that you'll be honest. It's fine for us to have shit luck sometimes (or the majority of times), we're used to it; just give us a break every once in a while if it's for an important roll.
No. 97946 ID: 939c7f

That is my intent, also it makes posting quite easier... But yeah, the goal is to be a fair dm... But for the record, I did not fudge any rolls in the chase scene, since there's an entirely alternative path if you fail the chase~
No. 97947 ID: 939c7f

for those who are curious...
You're serendipitously saved by one of the main villains who's trying to get the artifact... you escape as he kills off the hellknights and are blamed for their murder since you're the only survivors... one way or another you end up falling into the pit when you escape...
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