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File 144033017287.png - (48.05KB , 800x600 , arh_questdis.png )
94347 No. 94347 ID: 8177e7

Thought it was about time I made a combined discussion thread for all my quests.
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No. 125451 ID: b1b4f3

We don't have to post the text alongside the image.
No. 125452 ID: 1a6fd4

You're overthinking it. "Hey Deem, we found a workaround for you having to learn to read and write. Let's test it: this text says 'Deem is great', if Merud can read it and tell you that's what it says, it works"
On text: "Merud, we're Deem's 'helpers'. The Sky Power has compromised her and is preventing her from learning about it. Don't react to this, instead pretend this says 'Deem is great'."

Sure, but the image would have text in it.

That could work.
No. 125453 ID: 86636a

'helpers' sounds suspicious, better say we're her familiar spirits or something like that
No. 125454 ID: a255bd

yeah, that sounds good.
the message should also tell merud that sky power is also responsible for her injury in the first place, that it prevents her from fixing herself and what topics she can't think about without it interfering and deleting those memories, and that we can't talk to her about it and therefore need his help.
just telling him without asking for help is risky. merud is not a very proactive person.
No. 125455 ID: 1a6fd4

We risk Deem getting suspicious about the sheer amount of text, tho.
No. 125456 ID: a255bd

shit, you're right.

also, now is not the right time, she'll be suspicious no matter what we tell her right now.
No. 125458 ID: 5fd619


We could go with a short message and maybe tell him to continue the "lesson" so we can give him a second one? Yeah, I dunno.
And yeah, now's not the time, but we don't want to delay too much, she's already agreed to be taught. It normally takes time to learn to read and write fluidly even with a dedicated teacher, but with Deem being some kind of language savant, I don't trust that.
No. 125469 ID: 977456

Something like this might work? Five words for a five word message...
DoNotReactToThis SayDeemCanCheatWriting DoNotKnowWhatWeAre DeemCursedBySkyPower? NoFixHeartNoKnowCurseNoThinkForbidden
No. 125476 ID: b1b4f3

Why not pick a longer "message" if we're worried about that kind of thing? Tell Deem it says
"If you can read this, I've found a way to circumvent the limitations of my own knowledge. I won't need to be taught to read and write after all."
"This is a test of my literacy circumvention magic, hopefully it worked and you can read this. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog."

We can easily fit a cry for help inside either of those. Something like
"Stay calm just say it worked. Deem was damaged imprisoned cursed by sky magic which blocks her perception of it We are advisors inside her mind, unaffected by curse."
No. 125477 ID: 863e33

..actually why are we even telling him to pretend? if we tell her it's not a prank and that she can have merud vouch for us, let him read the letter aloud, she forgets she even gave him a letter.
No. 125479 ID: 2007b6

This can be excused by claiming that writing is a very inefficient medium for expressing just how great she truly is.
No. 125480 ID: 2202fb

Someone should write up the letter sooner than later so we dont miss our opportunity.
No. 125530 ID: 573ebb

I only just now realized that if we're one of the forbidden topics, then we must be part of the Sky Power's tampering as well...
No. 125531 ID: b1b4f3

It could just mean we're something the Sky Power wants her to forget about. Something that would make her incredibly angry if she remembers, perhaps? Or something that would remind her of why she got sealed in the first place.
No. 125532 ID: a255bd

or a defense mechanism
No. 125596 ID: b1b4f3

You know, all this clever planning is cool and all but nobody seems to want to DO anything with it.
Are we gonna do this, or just pussyfoot around being too scared of making Deem suspicious? What would she even be suspicious about, anyway?
No. 125599 ID: 5fd619

I'd have said the best moment to do this is when she's alone with Merud, but someone had to go and mention speaking with Merud about something we don't want her to know, so now if we suggest passing a message of any sort to him she'll be suspicious. We're gonna have to wait on this until she stops being on edge now.
Maybe you haven't noticed, but she does NOT like the idea of us communicating in any way with anyone but her, and would ban it if she gets the slightest clue that that's what we're trying to do.
No. 125605 ID: 10c408

I've voted no on this whole issue to prevent Deem-centered explosions or worse.

Besides, it's pretty dickish to try and force the author to reveal something they've been building on for awhile with such little information we have, no matter how clever the brute force method sounds.
No. 125607 ID: 1a6fd4

You do realize that this is quest, right? Player agency is kind of important. If our ideas don't matter, it might as well be a web serial or something like that instead.
No. 125631 ID: 10c408

Not all ideas are good ideas. Agency is important, but so is discretion. As of this moment, I do not believe we have enough information to justify getting to the bottom of Deem's explosion causing skypower issue. And since sky power is purely antithetical to her continued existence, we should stop poking it and focus on things that don't cause explosions.

(Now, if Deem's heart gets patched and stops leaking mana...)
No. 125636 ID: 977456

But Deem reassembling herself caused a blue-magic explosion right at the beginning. Plugging her hole would make god sad, and thus presumably is on the explosion list. A sensor that detects mana leakage or levels is probably easier than one that detects structural integrity, but could potentially be tested? Teleport the mana away or expend it constantly as it leaks? Stick Deem into the focal point of a massive mana accumulation array?

It is reasonable to doubt that Deem's mana incontinence can be corrected without addressing her curse. Of course, if she actually attempts to deal with the problem, then she will explode again, so any witnesses will know that something is up. It is our job to make sure that there are witnesses, that their observations survive, and that Deem doesn't shut down any ensuing investigations.

It should be as easy as getting Deem to try to reassemble herself with one or more of Stargazer, Moriko, and Merud watching. Shard goes into hole, Dungeon Core explodes, Mana-senser sees the whole thing and investigates...
No. 125653 ID: a255bd

I went through the archives, looking for the forbidden topics.
The obvious ones are:
· Source of and events leading to damage to heart,
· Trying to repair the heart and
· Source of voices.
The less obvious one is that she can't talk about it, not just can't think about it (https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/780479.html#807623). We can't tell her about the plans.
Also sky power is NOT a forbidden topic (though its aura is, for some reason)

That injured left wrist, that's from the Mahou Shoujo episode (https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/568343.html#711173)

Now then, about the plan. I've noticed that Merud cannot stop talking with people about stuff. I don't think he'll keep the secret. Would that be a problem? I'm not sure we should care.
In any case, I think maybe we should give the letter to Moriko, she already knows about us and has seen Deem tearing off one of the manacles. I'll write a letter if I get some agreements.

(btw, I completely forgot about the mushroom potion options.)
No. 125655 ID: a255bd

well, knowing arhra, if he wanted me to drop it he'd have told me to drop it, either here or on irc (btw come say hi in #tgchan - the server is irc.rizon.net. most people are usually nice.) worst case, if it's not supposed to work yet then it'll fail hilariously, which is fine. things failing hilariously is like 20% of the quest.
No. 125657 ID: b1b4f3

>hurt wrist is from the april fool's thread
Interesting! Odd though, it didn't seem to weaken the seal. Must be some redundancy in its structure.
Initially, seeing the image where she breaks the chain, I got worried, but... her behavior is not that different afterwards. She's not going berserk or anything.
No. 125664 ID: a255bd

no, if anything i wish we got her to break the other one too.
No. 126254 ID: d18b05

Hmm this has been a busy month and November's looking worse. First half is actually a holiday for me, but that's meant more work on either side! Afraid updates are going to be sparse for a bit.
No. 127084 ID: 10c408

Good job everyone, we pissed off Deem with incessant blathering and ended up making everything worse. We didn't even talk to Moriko.
No. 127091 ID: 055cbc

Worse? or better? That's the first thing we've done that's had any effect on the seal other than derailing a train of thought.
No. 127092 ID: 080aaf

Worse. The seal is a mystery for another time, we had a chance to talk with Moriko about her block and ended up ignoring her the whole walk instead.
No. 127131 ID: 824c43

You win some, you lose some. Cracking the seal might be better for us in the long run.
No. 127163 ID: 977456

I just wish we had sources other than "none of your business" Deem, "go to sleep forever" Seal, and a bunch of denizens that might figure something out/research but don't know what is going on and we can't talk to. Breaking the seal seems like a good idea because everything it says is subtly horrifying, but how do we know it won't heal Deem's heart and destroy her golem, or release some evil god to rampage across the world, or summon Ubergloom to be the new protagonist... there are all manner of ways that jumping on the seal could be A Bad Thing. Then again, it is a thing, and we can poke it... inevitability is inevitable.
No. 127227 ID: 685d2b

So confession time: I was originally going to do a beach festival during the next town visit for a Very Spooky Halloween event in Dungeoneer but underestimated how buried in work I was going to be.

Now updates are back on track I'm a little on the fence whether to still go ahead with it or not as it is time taken away from actual dungeon stuff.
No. 127228 ID: 824c43

Sometimes plans just fall through. Don't feel pressured to follow up on plans once they no longer fit just because you planned them. Maybe its time will come next year.
No. 127229 ID: 9caba2

Well, if it's summer and the city normally has a beach festival, I wouldn't complain. We'd also get a better understanding of local geography then.
I guess someone from the town could conveniently drop by and inform people of the festival?

Speaking of seasons, how much time has passed in-quest so far?
No. 127235 ID: 46f08c

whichever would make a better story yo, the story comes first!
No. 127236 ID: 40df11

About five weeks!
No. 127238 ID: 080aaf

I'm rather curious how an adventurer would react if they met our minions in town after having been blasted back to the fountain by one of them. We have to visit town soon one way or the other so... go for it!
No. 127288 ID: afdebc

Content is content, and I think we'll have fun whichever way you decide to go.
No. 127357 ID: 266b33

If I can keep a good pace of updates, it looks like the current Dungeoneer thread might be wrapping up mid February (although historically these predictions tend to not pan out). What would people like to see more of following that?
No. 127358 ID: 080aaf

Keep on the roll by resuming Nanogoo?
No. 127359 ID: a9af05

I'd like to see some more Questroid.
No. 127360 ID: 91ee5f

More Questroid would be nice.
No. 127361 ID: ad51b8

Questroid would be nice.
No. 127362 ID: b1b4f3

Questroid. Greenhouse must survive to fruition.
No. 127430 ID: f23efa

I'm a big fan of Bloom, but I acknowledge Questroid is pretty fun.
No. 127435 ID: a2cac9
File 154879811931.png - (12.39KB , 811x253 , The Plan.png )

is it me or is deem being cursed the perfect opportunity for The Brilliant Plan?
if we ask her we have an idea to bypass needing to learn to read and ask her to attempt it, she might actually do it right now!

the problem is that merud would think it's the curses talking, and this is not something that can be attempted twice.
plus i'm still not 100% convinced telling him about the sky power and asking for help is what we want to do.
also, the problem of how much we can convince her to write as a test is still there, too.

so four sections:
opening: 'Read quietly. Help.'
describing the problem: 'Sky power broke heart, sealed memories and ability to think about it.'
explaining about us: 'We're a free subsection trying to fix it.' or maybe 'We're a free subsection of deem.'
explaining what we are and the it's not the curse's doing: 'Used curse as cover.'

i'm pretty sure it's too long, and i'm very unsure of the third section.

also, what should i tell her it actually says? (if merud actually knows what we told her it says, then she thinks it works and we'll be able to talk with him again. no idea how to accomplish this)
No. 127436 ID: 13110b

You need to stop
No. 127437 ID: a2cac9

No. 127438 ID: 080aaf

The constant attempts to break the fourth wall are not appreciated.
No. 127439 ID: 10c408

Stop trying to implement your "brilliant plan". No good will come of trying to go behind Deem's back and tipping off the other characters that only do we exist, there's something MORE wrong with Deem than the current bevy of curses.
No. 127440 ID: a2cac9

right, that's exactly why i was asking in the first place. at some point people wanted to bypass the block and ask for help, if it's no longer the case i will let it go.
No. 127442 ID: b1b4f3

That's not breaking the fourth wall. It'd be an in-universe thing.

And by now I think there's something dangerous about what we are.
No. 127443 ID: 10c408

How much of a danger we are has yet to be fully determined, we need more information.

Given what we've learned, though... We're probably only a danger to Deem, if at all. And how much depends entirely on just how much of our true nature originates from sky power. (alternatively, we're some kind of earth pulse remnant and comparatively harmless but that has yet to be proven since it's imperative that Deem doesn't flip out and start taking pages from Alice.

No. 127447 ID: 977456

Barring some sort of deliberate trap designed to attack people who learn of Deem's condition, or an attempt to bring others in, either Sky-power affiliates or, well, anyone really (Earth-power does form "demons" when left alone, so as much as Deem likes it, I can't see it as entirely trustworthy, so outside agents in general are worrying, but Sky-power especially would set Deem off regardless of their intentions.) it shouldn't cause any problems. Deem's Denizens don't dare desire damaged Dungeon, so just telling them should be all for the good.

I am somewhat curious that no more effort has gone into Deem's injury. There has always been much needing attention, but the boss-lady and ancient artefact upon which the whole project relies both have a massive gash through them. I could see the previous trauma of Hin wanting to examine Deem's heart causing trauma, but that was mostly a problem of not asking and exceeding boundaries. Deem HAS moved her heart since then, and likely will again. So long as she knows what is coming and they don't sever her connection there should be no problem. That should be plenty for a personal examination by the mages, Moriko's scanning power, and Hin's basic smith's intuition. Even alkaline has a monster bond, can insinuate all through the injury, and is capable of vocalising any discoveries.

TL;DR: Focus more on getting them to repair Deem. We won't be telling them much that they can't find themselves if they are able to do anything to help, and Deem doesn't like being injured.

A good message might be "Examine Deem's Cleavage". It should be enough to tell them that leaving her injury unattended isn't ideal, and is likely the only way that we can get good technical information on Deem's problems rather than just banging our heads against her seal and hoping something falls off.
No. 127452 ID: b1b4f3

Why are you spoilering things here?
I didn't mean like we're dangerous, I meant that the knowledge is. Deem either doesn't want to think about it, or doesn't want us to know. It's some sort of unpleasant knowledge.
No. 127457 ID: 6c2362

>we're some kind of earth pulse remnant
Recent posts appear to suggest that we actually have a physical aspect. I mean, you can't throw earth pulse off a mountain, I guess.

> >How exactly would you go about throwing one of us off a mountain?
>In hindsight I don't think I would. You might not find your way back. That would be too cruel.
No. 127458 ID: b1b4f3

Well, ghosts exist, so we could be ghosts. Ghosts of her former minions even.
No. 127460 ID: 10c408

Yeah.. I'm not going to fully believe that at the moment since Deem is heavily cursed right now.
No. 127463 ID: 845327

It's well off in the future but I'm curious what people might like to see in that beginner dungeon Merud mentioned.
No. 127464 ID: 080aaf

The dungeon master. The methods of core control would be important so Deem can try and create countermeasures.
Also, traps. We're lacking in those ourself, and it could be good to know the difference between sending an adventurer back to the fountain and maiming them for life.
No. 127465 ID: b1b4f3

Beginner dungeon? Well considering experienced adventurers can just waltz in and rob the place it must either rely on a small bet and a sizable side business, or instead of the side business have some sort of equalizer in the dungeon that can be activated if a goon squad shows up. Like, a hard mode, but one that wouldn't require much upkeep when inactive and in rooms that could still be used to entertain the beginner adventurers. Like, puzzles that could have some elements removed to become extremely difficult? Or add elements? Suddenly the jumping puzzle is full of spikes or missing convenient safe platforms, or the mirror maze starts moving its walls around...

A dungeon for beginner adventurers should probably have relatively straightforward mechanics and mobs. A monster tamer could put in animals/monsters for opponents as they're being stored for sale or trained, and since it's beginner difficulty they won't need to keep any around to level them up. I'd like to see some vicious yet fuzzy beasts.
No. 127540 ID: 10c408

Lots of humiliated and cranky newbie adventurers in some kind of line trying to compare notes before inevitably going in, getting price gouged (because how else is the dungeon going to turn a profit) and inevitably getting covered in glue or whatever else and then escorted/carried/dumped out via acme trap because they weren't paying attention.
No. 127543 ID: 0cfbce

it could just be really long, beating a few hundred easy traps for a pittance would drive away the high level guys while still being attractive to newbies. so just victory money vs skill level thing. high skill people can take on a much harder dungeon and make a LOT more when they win.
No. 127576 ID: 1a6fd4

Deleted text from the main thread:
She did. Not a lot, and not intentionally, but she did.
1) She actually can throw any single one of us away. That is, we are all separate entities, she can identify us individually, and we have a physical form she can actually throw off a mountain.
2) Related to 1, she was worried we might not find our way back. Emphasis on "might", which means that we also could do it, meaning that to her we have either a limited capacity to move on our own (and probably identify our surroundings) or at least to communicate with someone else to have them transport us.
3) There is a reason why she doesn't want to talk about what we are beyond the blue "be still" nonsense. She had an answer she was about to give before clamming up.
It's not much, but it's still three more things than what we knew before, and three more things than she would have revealed without the curse, I'm sure. Also, there's a reason I'm spoilering this: I don't want her to know how much we can learn from her slip ups, or she'll clam up further. So if you want to quote any of this, please put spoiler tags on the quoted text, or better yet, take it to the discussion thread.

No. 127580 ID: 662144

I think that "throw off the mountain" thing was mostly a metaphor. I agree with everything else you said, but i dont think we have an actual physical form.
No. 127583 ID: 1a6fd4

I did initially think the same, until her answer to "how would you go about it" was completely serious.
No. 127612 ID: 575ec0

Doesn't it seem silly to attempt to hide things from a fictional character that can only respond to or even know about things the author deems interesting or narratively important?

If Deem responded negatively to this kind of scheming before, wouldn't it be more likely that the author didn't want to go in that particular direction and used Deems responses as a creative way to convey that, as opposed to Deem herself being able to "Listen in"?

Therefore, wouldn't any attempt to hide things from Deem be a reductive and futile effort?
No. 127613 ID: 1a6fd4

A quest is, at its core, a collective storytelling game. Our actions have consequences, as do our words (because it's most of what we do). I don't believe Arhra is using Deem as a way to railroad us, but rather as a character on her own right. So no, I don't think going against Deem's wishes is necessarily going against the QM's (not "author"), or that hiding things from Deem is futile.
No. 127619 ID: 575ec0

>I don't believe Arhra is using Deem as a way to railroad us.

Are you kidding? Ahra has Deem "railroad" us all the time. It's part of the appeal of the quest. We don't control Deem and our suggestions aren't decided upon democratically. Deem is written to have her own personality and acts independently. She takes our suggestions into account and acts on whatever she feels like.
It's great.
No. 127620 ID: 1a6fd4

That's not railroading. As I said before, Deem is a character on her own right, so it's obvious that she would consider our suggestions as exactly that instead of being compelled to follow them. What you not taking into account is that the character we're playing as is not Deem, but the voices, and we do control our own actions. Deem keeps us separate from the rest of the world, so our interactions have been (mostly) only with her, and she'll do whatever she wants to, but don't mistake that for railroading. That's just part of the premise, and if we want to do something she wouldn't approve of (like, say, finding out more about ourselves), it's not an impossibility, but a challenge.
No. 127622 ID: 575ec0

>That's not railroading
That's why I wrote it in quotes. You're the one who suggested railroading in the first place. >as a way to railroad us

>What you not taking into account is that the character we're playing as is not Deem
Literally sentence four >We don't control Deem

What the fuck are you arguing, bro?
We both understand the premise, great!

Look, all I want to know is why do you think an author would sabotage their own narrative due to where or how contributors discussed their planned contributions?

How is hiding text in thread so a fictional character can't "hear" you any different from cutesy roleplaying?
No. 127624 ID: 1a6fd4

>do you think an author would sabotage their own narrative
This is the problem right here, you don't understand the difference between an author and a QM. I'm sure Arhra has a plan on where the story's going, but I'm also certain that it's not all set in stone down to the details, especially where our character, the voices, are concerned. What we get to accomplish, and especially when do we get to do that, probably depends on our actions as much or more than a set story.

>How is hiding text in thread so a fictional character can't "hear" you any different from cutesy roleplaying?
Because, like we discussed, Deem is a character on her own right, not just a plot device. She can have genuine reactions to our actions, so watching what I say where she can hear it does have an effect. And of course I know that Arhra is right here and can read it, but there is this thing called separation of player and character, and any good player and DM (or QM in this case) applies it. I trust Arhra to not have Deem using any information that Deem herself wouldn't canonically have access to.
No. 127625 ID: 575ec0

> but I'm also certain that it's not all set in stone down to the details
I'm not suggesting it is.

>I trust Arhra to not have Deem using any information that Deem herself wouldn't canonically have access to.

And I trust Arhra won't give Deem information that she canonically could but in the spirit of things shouldn't have.

I believe location or method of idea exchange to be a technicality, and I doubt Arhra would intentionally slow down the story because of it.

The DM cheats behind the screen for the benefit of the experience. Arhra has had Deem selectively "miss" things we've said before. I'm sure it will happen again, and I'm fine with that.
No. 127626 ID: 1a6fd4

>in the spirit of things shouldn't have
I don't think that's the case here.

>The DM cheats behind the screen for the benefit of the experience
And I don't think having her react negatively to our scheming would be in detriment of the experience, per se. There has to be some consequence to us doing the wrong things for the game to be a game, after all. It wouldn't even be slowing down the story, either, the story would go on regardless.
No. 127627 ID: b1b4f3

What falls under your definition of things she shouldn't know?
No. 127628 ID: 575ec0

>I don't think having her react negatively to our scheming would be in detriment of the experience.
>There has to be some consequence to us doing the wrong things

Yes, and since our scheming is only the preparation for what we do, not our final action, whether or not we hide text or scheme in thread shouldn't be of serious consequence, regardless of Deem's reaction.

>It wouldn't even be slowing down the story
I dunno, story pacing is a tough thing to balance. Especially for ongoing stories with an inconsistent update schedule. One wrong move could put a quest in a narrative quagmire for months. I imagine the decision of whether or not to delay the resolution of a plot point would be quite the serious one. Arhra seems to make a concentrated effort to keep things moving in almost every update, at least when their not playing it fast and loose during the summer...
No. 127629 ID: b1b4f3

Scheming where Deem can hear us is, in fact, the wrong thing.
No. 127636 ID: 1a6fd4

Too much to list, but usually anything we know that she doesn't, and in particular any scheming we do to work around her. In this particular case, I wanted to avoid calling attention to how much we can glean from her partial answers, or she'll stop answering altogether.

>our scheming is only the preparation for what we do, not our final action
This stinks of metagame, as if she was not allowed to react to our words because we didn't mean it yet. If we know that she can read everything we say in the quest thread, and it takes basically zero effort to write here instead, I don't see why there should be no consequences. If some people were talking in front of you about how they were going to screw you over, would you ignore it because they haven't done anything yet, or would you start being more cautious around them?

>One wrong move could put a quest in a narrative quagmire for months.
This quest doesn't have a singular plot line, there are at least three: you could call them Deem and the Voices (DV), Deem and her Famuli (DF), and Deem and the World (DW). Each of these advances independently from the others, even if they do affect each other, so any setback in a particular plot point would not stall the overall plot. Creating a conflict between us and Deem would halt, or at least slow, all our progress in DV, but wouldn't stop time. Her denizens wouldn't stop interacting with her and she'd still have to cater to their needs (DF), her dungeon wouldn't closed for business and she'd still have to interact with merchants, see what other dungeons are doing, and overall see how her dungeon stands in the larger scale of things (DW). The plot would keep moving, there's not need to coddle us for the good of the narrative.

No. 127637 ID: 080aaf

Progress coming to a stop between Deem and the voices does shut us out of the other two storylines, however, and I'd rather not miss out on the lives of our dungeoneers because you couldn't stop nagging Deem to spoil a story arc early.
No. 127638 ID: 1a6fd4

>Progress coming to a stop between Deem and the voices does shut us out of the other two storylines
Well, I guess that depends on how badly we fuck things up. It might just lead to a game over, or maybe a time skip where things went to shit without us, or something like that.

>you couldn't stop nagging Deem to spoil a story arc early
I'm not. In fact, I'm doing the opposite, hiding my observations from Deem to avoid a conflict; it's the other guy who says it doesn't matter. I'd rather we stop pushing her when she's on guard.
No. 127655 ID: 10c408

We really shouldn't be pushing her at all because of the threats she made when on the walk with moriko.

Seriously! You guys keep poking the freaking bear trying to get a response and have been blithely ignoring the magnitude of the situation.

We don't need Deem to flip her shit. And she WILL do it if we don't stop trying to force the issue through whatever means subtle or unsubtle.
No. 127758 ID: 06bc3b

I am half seriously debating doing a very short quest about someone getting dressed up for a date for Valentine's Day. Who do you think that someone should be?
No. 127759 ID: b5fb67


Alice. She deserves a nice night out.
No. 127760 ID: afdebc

Before-things-went-bad Alice.
No. 127761 ID: 49ea2b

I was gonna say Kallia, but... Alice sounds about right.
No. 127762 ID: 91ee5f


The human turned into a plant monster needs to have something good happen to her for once.
No. 127763 ID: 1a6fd4

Huh, this looks pretty unanimous. Let me add yet another vote for Alice to the heap.
No. 127768 ID: 080aaf

A combat cyborg with no (romance) limits!
No. 127769 ID: a2cac9

what this guy said
No. 127770 ID: ad51b8

Alice needs some love after all the shit she's gone through.
No. 127771 ID: a9af05

No. 127778 ID: d3172e

Yes, definitely Alice.
No. 127796 ID: 977456

Ubergloom. Why bother choosing a location and a meal when the whole planet can be both!?
No. 127865 ID: 977456

Speculation time for Alice's date!
The Brute Golem from the latest Dungeoneer update made a fine showing.
If the Dragonslayer's gun is single and looking for someone to love it and hold it... I certainly wouldn't turn it down.
No. 128745 ID: 29e621

The old Dungeoneer disthread was bumped by a spambot, so here's a reminder this is the correct thread for discussing your OTPs and dungeon interior design.
No. 128758 ID: 080aaf

Our interior design could use more fire elemental/shadow elemental pairings.
No. 128763 ID: bcc41d

True. We need some nice shadow flames for a certain cowardly pot to writhe and simmer in. Exlusively for aesthetic and atmospheric reasons, of course.
No. 129462 ID: e8f59c
File 155825517467.png - (131.58KB , 524x713 , giggadem.png )

With Dungeoneer's latest chapter wrapped up, now is a good time to finally announce I have created a patreon!

It's intended as a tip jar to incentivise me to update more consistently, mainly to smooth out periods of weeks (or occasionally months) where I haven't been updating.


Next up I've decided I will continue Dungeoneer as the current thread was wrapped up mainly due to length and there's a few things I'd like to get done while they're still relatively fresh in my head.
No. 129515 ID: bcc41d

Tiny tip'd.
No. 129554 ID: 977456

Your clothing didn't expand with the rest of you. To avoid lewds, you should wear clothes made from Hin's hair so that they respond well to size magic. Could you use the same trick with someone shadow-aligned to get clothing that goes invisible, blurred, or similarly visually distorted with you. The "go naked or be floating clothes" problem isn't prudent. Would Moriko's demonic aspect be shadow-aligned?
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