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File 144033017287.png - (48.05KB , 800x600 , arh_questdis.png )
94347 No. 94347 ID: 8177e7

Thought it was about time I made a combined discussion thread for all my quests.
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No. 129819 ID: 10c408


Doyle is basically all chest, accept no substitutes. Or for a non-joke suggestion, let's go with shopkeeper. It's been awhile.
No. 129820 ID: 91ee5f

I agree with this.
No. 129845 ID: 977456

Well if nobody else is going to say it...
How does the kitty explorer expect to conquer that kaidunjeon?
No. 129870 ID: 3d1dd5
File 156250231814.png - (12.22KB , 400x400 , enhance_cat.png )

Well as you can see if you zoom and enhance, she's not really prepared.

With the Patreon supported update for this month done, I have decided I'll also be bringing back the Bloom questionably canon date thread back this week, since it has been a bit neglected.
No. 129871 ID: ad51b8

>ok so I may have rushed into this a little unprepared but by god the loot must be amazing.
No. 129930 ID: 3d1dd5

I've been debating using the disthread to get input on minor things like potion side effects or decorative decisions to get input without having it 'take up' an update in Dungeoneer. Mainly to get a better balance between suggester induced shenanigans and time actually passing.

Anyone have any strongly held opinions about this?
No. 129934 ID: ad51b8

go for it, it's a disthread after all

Though I would suggest putting a link or something in the actual quest thread so more people will know that potion effect talks and what not are happening on the disthread so no one feels left out incase they don't check this thread that often.
No. 129941 ID: 1a6fd4

Yes please. Anything that speeds up a quest is a Good Thing™.
No. 129982 ID: 866d3a

Well to get the ball rolling, Deem's going to be brewing up some buff potions so a few thoughts for primary and side effects would be appreciated. Potential ingredients will be slime, frog, imp and woodland plants.
No. 129983 ID: 151656

Somehow just reading that one of the ingredients is gonna be "frog" put me in mind of them getting all "acrobatic fighter" on the bear. So I'm gonna go with "enhanced jumping".
No. 129984 ID: b5fb67


The potion equivalent of Enlarge/Reduce
No. 129986 ID: b1b4f3

primary effects:
(slime) Regeneration/healing. Stretchy limbs. Adaptive damage resistance.
(imp) Agility. High energy levels. Bravery. Ability to sense nearby demons/monsters.
(frog) Strong legs/limbs. Increased accuracy.
(plant) Barkskin. Strength. Enhanced perception. Regeneration/healing. Growth. Higher energy in sunlight.

side effects:
(slime) Semitransparent skin. Bubbles when speaking. Sweatiness.
(imp) Red skin. Fangs. Black sclera/demonic eyes.
(frog) Tendency to ribbit/croak when talking. Urge to jump instead of walk. Oversized tongue. Shiny, smooth skin. Froggy eyes.
(plant) Green skin. Urge to bask in sunlight. Leaves sprouting from skin.
No. 129989 ID: 0fae41

Enlarge/reduce potion side effect: Cooldown period of the opposite effect. Or something completely unrelated, like hallucinating shadowy figures behind everyone.
Sticky skin potion, side effect: long sticky tongue.
Potion of Breath Holding. Side effect: Ribbit.
Agility potion with a side effect of horny.
Plants cover a wide variety of effects depending on the local flora. Maybe you get the ability to put down roots, locking you in place but making you harder to knock down & recovering some health in soil. Maybe you gain a fire vulnerability but also thorny skin. You could even turn into a potted plant for a minute, but get fully healed after your transformation.
No. 129996 ID: 3d1dd5

Oh and while I also think of it, no-one's suggested anything for whether to use the Fixity Bangle on anyone and what physical reinforcement it should be used to 'lock in' in preparation for bear fights.
No. 129999 ID: 9caba2

To throw some more onto the pile.


Leaves: A leaf on the wind, imbiber tends to swirl around attacks, as if the attacker was swiping at a falling leaf.
Roots: Rooted, the drinker can sprout roots to avoid getting knocked back, but they might take more damage depending on the attack.
Slime: Best Buds, grievous injuries or dismemberment results in the damaged part splitting off into its own miniature clone that joins the fight.
Frog: Water breathing/breathing through the skin.
Imp: Are there really any positives to this? Maybe some vague magic detection abilities or a dinky horn.
Ash: Caustic skin, strong deterrent to anyone trying to eat the consumer.

Side Effects:

Leaves: Imbiber can easily be brushed aside and can't hold their ground against attacks.
Roots: The consumer might sprout roots if they remain still for too long, gaining nutrients but being immobile until the effect ends.
Slime: Slippery.
Frog: Oversensitive skin, overly sensitive to poor air quality, tadpole tail
Imp: Upset stomach, you shouldn't be drinking this. Speaking negative thoughts about others without any mental filter to stop it.
Ash: Caustic skin can cause damage to the wearer's clothes in the long term. Also refrain from wiping your eyes.

Clay: Some types of clay are used as a clarifying agent it should make the potion less murky but don't use it when animal products cause the main effects. Be sure to remove the clay slurry it leaves behind, decanting should be fine.
No. 130005 ID: 977456

Well the Bear's greatest threat is its teleporting and ambush abilities. The most important thing is to keep it from getting out of sight.

Brew of demonic attune ment: Grants an increased ability to sense and resist demonic magic-type-stuff, like cursed wounds and curse-inflicting claws. Causes the imbiber to gain demonic physical features and intrusive but obvious demonic thoughts.

Bright-pink paint: Upon contact causes the subject to attain a localised bright-pink colouration, inhibiting their ability to blend with their surroundings.
No. 130011 ID: 0fae41

Can Alkaline use the Fixity Bangle? If we enlarge her again she can grapple the devil bear and poison it at the same time.
No. 130012 ID: 977456

Alkaline's curse resistance is luck-based. It'll help plenty, but relying upon it could go poorly. How much can her surface be rendered cut-proof?

Giving Moriko a mild size/reach upgrade and an impact multiplier on her hammer would provide a solid foundation to keeping the bear stun-locked, but I would like to go into this with a base-state Moriko. Prove that she don't need no demon! or that she does...
On that note, you could try to queue up a last-minute demon transformation for her, relying upon The Earth Pulse to facilitate it so that it can only be activated at a peak of drama, going the full tentacle-hair, slicing-nails, spike-teeth, scaled-skin, elongated arms, wrapped in obfuscating shadows... If things are handled then things are handled and nobody needs to know, if things go poorly, then, well...

Tea of Terrific Treatment Time: Causes the victim to tilt their head up and eject a massive plume of steam with a loud whining noise while turning bright red for a few seconds. Any injury inflicted during those few seconds is instantly healed. Causes profuse sweating for an hour afterwards.
It'd be useful if you need to amputate a cursed wound...
No. 130019 ID: a9af05

Since there's a lot of people going with an "Enlarge" potion, I'd like to do the same with my own little spin on it.

Potion effect: Enlarge, makes the user bigger.
Unfortunate side effect: Also enlarges sideways (makes the user a little fat).

When the potion wears off, the user might be a few inches taller and slightly chunkier than they originally were.
No. 130030 ID: 91ee5f

So you’re basically saying the potion still does what it says, it just never specifies how it enlarges whoever drinks it. Is that right?
No. 130061 ID: a9af05

Exactly. That's what makes it funny.
No. 130103 ID: 3d1dd5
File 156346113608.png - (65.92KB , 600x640 , bad_doods.png )

So given it's an excellent time for random encounters, any flora and fauna people might be interested in running into? Keep in mind this is pretty near the dungeon so some might end up being useful as dungeon monsters, ingredients or simply have to be cleared out so Deem can encourage something more useful to spawn in their place.

As you may have guessed, the frogs are the pidgeys of this area.
No. 130104 ID: 465a14

I'm fond of wicked jelly-johns from this thing: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/0BxVHEMMjLlZ4ZnJyWnlSNEc3LW8
No. 130105 ID: 1ed92d

I recommend burrowing beetleoids like Ankheg. They mostly eat fruit and carrion and thus are perfect for an aspiring dungeoneer, especially with their ability to dig tunnels.
No. 130112 ID: b1b4f3

Since we're going shadow-themed how about an actual shadow monster?
No. 130113 ID: dadaee

Is it limited to the things we see there? because there's something to be said about some classic, good old-fashioned giant spiders.
No doubt with some new twist.
No. 130114 ID: 0fae41

Giant wasps make dangerous neighbors, but perhaps if tamed via down-leveling like Doyle, they could revert into a more friendly honey-/bumble-bee form.
Carnivorous plants make neat enemies. Maybe they grow higher up, in poor soil on the mountainside?
Raccoons have ties to the shadow element. Maybe they've banded together like a vicious little tribe of brownies.
Since we're near the mountains, there might be an apex predator that lives near the peak. Would Deem have knowingly settled near a dragon? Probably not, but perhaps a roc or a yeti...
No. 130115 ID: 977456

Landsharks. Not the ones that swim in earth or fly or anything, pretty much their only adaptation is tough slime that keeps them from drying out and lets them breath, but big jaws and strong tails make their flopping around dangerous, and they are near silent and odourless when waiting in ambush.

Feral golems might be interesting. Presumably there are golems out there who lose their masters or maybe a large Earth Pulse discharge goes into some clay? Deem is used to being on the team with all the golems, and the bear probably wouldn't hunt them...

Do monster frogs have a metamorphosis postfrogdom? What would be to a frog what a frog is to a tadpole? All of the limbs? Wings maybe?

Every great dwarven tale of plumbing the depths reminds one of the treeful terrors. Can we get some Old Man Willow action?

Everything is mimics!
No. 130123 ID: 977456

And, of course...
1, 6, 8, and 9 are all appealing.
No. 130226 ID: 10c408

Some kind of flying predator would be an interesting change of pace.
No. 130228 ID: 977456

That would be #8, the Fake Deer! Uh... I assume it is a predator? I mean, it doesn't look predatory, but it must be, right? It's look are probably deceptive! It can't really be a hybrid of a balloon and a pinata.
No. 130248 ID: 3d1dd5

It eats wolves.
No. 130397 ID: 842ac4

For a shadow/earth mix, definitely going to want giant spiders. It matches too well, and based on how we want to run things we can have normal dumb spiders that up the fear factor for adventurers, but also have the potential for intelligent spiders which are scary as fuck to anyone.

Spiders are such a common fear we might scare some of our denizens though.
No. 130400 ID: b1b4f3

Shit, spiders, of course. We definitely need some of those.
No. 130409 ID: 977456

In before meme taratects.
Speaking of which, What does Deem know about the metamorphosis of available monsters? We've covered Alkaline pretty well, but don't know much about turning Char into a dragon, nor Belph into... huh... A Bog of Eternal Stench? A Steam Engine? A Slightly Prettier Cauldron? A Brewery? A Bong? A Hybrid-between-a-chicken-and-a-house?
Can ogres metamorphose? Demons? What about hybrids of such...
No. 130412 ID: 3d1dd5

They'd probably be taratects just to have less legs to pose!

I'll hold off on talking about evolutions in too much details until Deem has a proper doodad for doing it, but in essence all monsters can be customised, the named varieties are just particularly successful and stable breeds.

Chakarchelou is going to have the option to cycle through various forms as he iterates towards a more draconic form. Wyverns and dracotaurs and basilisks and tyrannosaurs and hydras and draconians and such.

Not sure if Hin would evolve in the course of the quest, but ogres are a kind of giant.

Still making up my mind about Doyle. He might be one of those weird pokemon that doesn't evolve into anything.

Demons are pretty much all over the place...

Deem eventually will have the option to make chimeras but not everyone wants to throw away their humanity for power, even if it is a very good deal.
No. 130416 ID: a9af05

I'm getting a lot of "So I'm a Spider, So What?" vibes from that word.

If that's the kind of spider that we'd end up recruiting, then I really what to get a spider for our dungeon.
No. 130428 ID: e7703b

Taratects are the made up race Kumo-chan is of.
No. 130429 ID: 3d1dd5

Oops, I was thinking of tektites, the four legged zelda spiders.
No. 130444 ID: 10c408

I, for one, would vastly enjoy seeing a dragonosarus hybrid for chakarchelou.
No. 130525 ID: 977456

Does anyone have a good setup for the punchline "A thicc frog rolling in."? It is a play on "a thick fog rolling in" so coastal and navigational themes would help, but it is primarily about frogs.
That or any other terrible frog jokes. We have souls to destroy here and they won't pop themselves without proper encouragement.
No. 130533 ID: 2eba1a

Well, there is a bear roaming around, maybe theres some monster bees around here as well?
Or just to buck the normal Giant Spider trend, how about some Giant Ants? Would be cool for the chitin if we kill some...or the acid.
To go with the frogs, im thinking of some kind of magical newt. Theres that thing about using eye of newt in witches brew, so maybe its eyes are magical somehow, like it can do a weak curse or dazzle effect on you with its eyes. Or maybe they just have big moe eyes.
No. 130534 ID: 151656

Since there are giant frogs, it'd be logical to think that there are giant flies for them to eat as well.
No. 130535 ID: 91ee5f

We could try recruiting a snake monster.
No. 130539 ID: 2eba1a

How about a Bush Beast? Its a beast, thats also a bush.
like topiary with claws
No. 130561 ID: 8d4593

Maybe a lesser earth elemental could be around?
I think it would be interesting to see what Merude makes of such a thing.
No. 130562 ID: 12b116

we must capture and tame Tall Boy
No. 130563 ID: 977456

I believe that Deem's current and near-future internal dimensions are insufficient to provide for a tall-boy's ongoing living requirements.
Let's play innuendo limbo!
No. 130564 ID: 8eaf98

I must say I think the time requirements to accommodate tall-boi's length may get in the way of other activities and spread goals.
No. 130581 ID: 2eba1a

It took me too long to think of it, but you know what would be really useful in a monster to tame right now would be something we could use as a mount or pack animal. Some kind of horse/bovine/Goat Or maybe a large land bird would be great, and make those trips to the city a lot faster, and they could be used to speed up excavation of the dungeon, graze in the garden out back, and provide fertilizer.
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