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File 154501567626.png - (231.86KB , 1280x1024 , 1.png )
914273 No. 914273 ID: ca1cab

Bored. Bored. Bored. Gods Across how can anything be this dull? Had I known I'd be doing so much nothing, I'd never have agreed to this.

And now you're here. The voices Veni kept yammering on about? The ones that told him to plow that Tsang princess?

He told me if I touched his blue rock I'd feel you in the back of my skull one day. I chalked it up to all the Vrot he drank that night. And yet here you are. What are you doing here? How's Veni?

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No. 927386 ID: 482fee
File 155361485055.png - (435.59KB , 1280x1024 , 63.png )

No. 927398 ID: e3e99e
File 155362524229.png - (3.34KB , 70x112 , FBSymbol.png )

'We are the ones who are going to seek justice for you, your family, and your clan.
This was not your fight, and we will make them burn for forcing you into this.
If any of your clan yet live then we are going to try to save them, and maybe give them a chance at revenge.
If you know the name of that thing's master then speak it, and they will meet brutal and fitting end.'

Gyoji, sketch out this symbol. We need to know who it represents.
No. 927403 ID: 4854ef

We can see the one who performed the mark, and his symbol is evident.
No. 927435 ID: c1212a

Good (intentioned) Samaritans. Though I think you're beyond help.

Who are you? Where are you from? Who did this to you? What happened?

Sketch the symbols on the neck-cuff thing as well, he's the one who hasn't got a slave brand on him.
No. 927447 ID: 0dd003

We are madness chained. Hold still, there's a megalomaniac on your face...
No. 927497 ID: ecd116

do you mean us? the voices of the orb of infinite psyche that are talking to you, or did you mean lady Gyoji the Tsang Naji? who made physical contact with you by hand and allowing us voices to reach you making this communication with you possible.
No. 927770 ID: 482fee
File 155386711599.png - (153.19KB , 1280x1024 , 64.png )

Gyoji....psyche...megalomaniac...I know these words but I...can't remember what they mean. A name. Important name. The Gamavo. He called his master that. I saw his face once but I can't...remember.
No. 927814 ID: e3e99e

[Retrieve memories of The Gamavo]
No. 927816 ID: 094652

Close your eyes and concentrate on his voice. What were his exact words? Mimic them as best you can.
No. 928101 ID: 482fee
File 155406012779.png - (192.28KB , 1280x1024 , 65.png )

"A bit sloppy but well done. I will oversee the last clans from here. You however are to head south. I am told the Achim clans found a 'metal man' in their fortress? You are to travel there, and meet my contact and liason with the mud-diggers."

"And what will I do?"

"Help them in whatever operations they need to exhume this, 'metal man'. Oh, and I believe a Makag infiltration group is in the city above. If they send an envoy to the clans, have my liason kill them. I don't need them spoiling negotiations. Rok'sa kut..."

Words pour out like water. But I don't know what it means. I think...I need to go now.
No. 928151 ID: e3e99e

Go to your rest. We will be the blade of justice for you.
No. 928155 ID: 86eb65

Good luck on the other side.

We will do what we can for your people.
No. 928216 ID: 482fee
File 155412742292.png - (245.64KB , 1280x1024 , 4-1.png )

"Hold on there. My name's Dan, from Grim Reaper Gutters. I won't leave until I make a sale."

No. 928217 ID: 4854ef

I concur with that statement. What? What are you selling, and what are you holding.
No. 928220 ID: 9876c4

I can help with the second part! It's a gutter.
No. 928230 ID: 094652

Gyoji Jack Out now, before the brain death traps you here
No. 928232 ID: 5e33ff

Just by the damn gutters. They won't leave you alone until you do!
No. 928247 ID: e3e99e

What a coincidence!
I'm selling these fine leather jackets!
No. 928597 ID: c1212a

Hey Dan how much are installations?
No. 928642 ID: 482fee
File 155438856779.png - (307.67KB , 1280x1024 , 69.png )

"Y-y-you did it again. Tha-aat magic that stings like a fffflaying knife pressed againsssst the back of my eyessss! What did you do?!"

:gyoji2:"U-u-uhm. I..."

"Hands off Lady Gyoji caster!"

"I c-c-c-can turn you insssssside out with a thought!"

"Not if I remove your head first!"
No. 928651 ID: 8d62f3

"You're not a king. You don't have the authority to learn what we're doing.

Does it hurt? Then stop supporting Rezan as it is and support what you think it should be."
No. 928675 ID: e3e99e

I'd say something like:
"Stand down, both of you.
Again, I did nothing. I am simply passing a message along. If you wish to know more, only Veni is permitted to say.
I can only say as much as I have because the circumstances are severe.

I was shown things. A name - 'The Gamavo', and a symbol >>927398.
I do not know these things, but they must be found and their high treason put to an end.
Fetch the spymaster. I must speak with them immediately."

Remember to sketch the symbol.
No. 929010 ID: 482fee
File 155467789447.png - (328.91KB , 1280x1024 , 70.png )

:gyoji2:"Both of you stop! I did nothing, I-i...I don't know what I did, but I learned things. Important things. I saw the dead one's memories. There was a Rezan. He said something about Gamavo."

"G-gammavo? D-did you see thissss glyph?"

:gyoji2:"I-yes...I was about to show you that"

"Gamavo. An old-d-d ruling fffamily durrrring the War of Ffffive Crowns. Th-they were wwwiped out by a Rokofff-Ma-makag alliance and were banissshed to the north to d-die. Every nnnow and then, ssssome pretender claimming to be a ssurviving G-gamavo comes down sssouth and d-declares wwwar, but they're alwaysss a band of ssssecond class rostandi wanting sssssouthern land-d-d. Although, this is a first."

:gyoji2:"What's a first?"

"You said they had thisssss glyph. All thossse other pretendersss never used it. They used their own fffamily symbols. Thisss is the true G-g-gamavo family crest. Th-that is wo-worth investigating. Wassss there anything else you learned?"

:gyoji2:"Um yes. I think he said something about a metal man and wanting a liaison killing Makag. Kill Makag?"

SHIT! You!
Go back now! Warn whoever sent you! Their lives are in danger!
No. 929011 ID: 482fee
File 155467796509.png - (435.88KB , 1280x1024 , 71.png )

Ha, this boy is insatiable. He's a keeper that's for certain. Tiv is going to be so jealous of him. Oh hey, you're back. Had any fun while I was...busy?
No. 929041 ID: 094652

Gyoji says Makag gon' die tonite.

By bunny assassins in Scottish kilts.

The latest Gamavo is doing this.
No. 929042 ID: c1212a

Wizard says your lives are in danger, grab pants.
No. 929043 ID: 4854ef

Prepare yourself, assassins might be coming for your life. Well armed ones.
No. 929067 ID: e3e99e

The opposite of fun.
Get dressed and armed, and meet with the others. Assassins are coming for you.

... for the record, we uncovered a plot already in motion. We didn't get them sent after you.
No. 929270 ID: 482fee
File 155490675847.png - (435.83KB , 1280x1024 , 72.png )

Hold that thought. I just heard the door click. Someone's forcing the lock.
No. 929272 ID: e3e99e

That would be the ASSASSINS.
If you have a ranged weapon that can penetrate the door, use it.
No. 929275 ID: 575ec0

No. 929304 ID: 10c408

I hope you've got something to defend yourself with other than an inexhaustible bunny boi and a thin sheet.
No. 929346 ID: 4deeaf

Get the lead out and equip the bunny with anything! He can turn a table chair into a katana!
No. 929349 ID: 86eb65

Drag the bunny off the bed and get behind it for cover!

Go go go!
No. 929383 ID: 5da03e

Your weapons are by the door in the room with the window. Go get something. Bring Kellach, he can use one of yours if he doesn't have anything handy.

You'll want to hold the doorway. You're already stuck here, we've established there's no easy way out of this apartment even with the window, but a doorway is defensible.
No. 929501 ID: 482fee
File 155507987603.png - (275.98KB , 1280x1024 , 73.png )

I don't know how to use any of that stuff! I need time to get used to the weight and balance. I do however, keep other weapons stashed everywhere. It helps to be prepared if you're born into nobility.

:iagn2:"Hey...hey Kells. Wake up. We have company."


:iagn2:"Dammit Kells, get a weapon and help me! Intruders!"

:kell2:"Oh yer? Well yoosh cn tellertifuckoffmnnm"

Well that's a dry hole. I don't want to alert these intruders I'm on to them. I hear...three separate sets of footsteps. They're already inside, but they are moving slowly. Outnumbered, in closed spaces, and wearing only my drawers. My only advantage is they don't know I'm aware of them. I'd like to keep that.

No. 929503 ID: 4854ef

Hrm.. I wonder if dousing the torch and granting you extra sight to see in the darkness would give you an additional advantage.

*Empowered sight*
No. 929514 ID: 86eb65

*Wallhack visual mode ON*

Let us know if that helps.
No. 929517 ID: fbeef7

Berserker Management 101:
Bash him in the dick until he grabs his weapon from you, then MOVE.
No. 929525 ID: 10c408

Honestly? Darkness, surprise and speed are your friends here. Turn the lights off and then find a convenient corner or pillar to hide your slim frame behind. When the first assassin approaches, kill him and then the others.
No. 929581 ID: e3e99e

We could try to [Enhance reflexes]
No. 929846 ID: 5da03e

He's got this, he doesn't need us to further abuse reality itself for his benefit. Things aren't that dire yet.
No. 929870 ID: e3e99e

It's a midnight ambush by trained assassins while he's tired, poorly armed, naked, and in the comedown from sex.
Giving him a magical dose of Jet is appropriate, and not at all the same as countermanding physical laws.
No. 929875 ID: 4854ef

There's also the fact that there is a sleeping unarmed combatant in the room we must be worried about as well.
No. 929992 ID: 482fee
File 155542457811.png - (129.41KB , 1280x1024 , 74.png )

Enhance my what-whoa! It feels like I've been going through life with a blindfold and cloth ears until now, this is amazing! Is this what Kells hears with those big ears of his? Wait...there's only two, but I know a third is lurking somewhere. Where is the little pavosh?

"...thinkin-a-dat we takin-a-da-bunnyman aftah we-a-dun-killiins da milk-skin."

"Das-wuzza-man? Thinka-weze can gettum-a good price sellin-da bunny-man to-data Gamvafuck guys?"

"Dems-a milkskins-a-try ta-boing-bonk anyfin wit-a hole. Deys-a-buy it fer good-sure...

No. 930021 ID: e3e99e

Most likely watching from the hall, or holding back.

These two aren't the threat, they're the bait. Their job is to be as subtle as a forest fire, forcing you to pay attention to the very visible threat while the killer uses the distraction to go in for the kill.

As frustrating as it is, you need to ignore these two and focus on finding and eliminating the third.
No. 930041 ID: 094652

Terrorize these bozos, then guard against the upcoming sneak attack. Also, did you equip Kells with any weapon?
No. 930047 ID: 10c408

One of them is watching the hall you'd have to traverse to kill them. Track down the third and kill him instead, if you can do so.
No. 930731 ID: 482fee
File 155594488170.png - (469.20KB , 1280x1024 , 75.png )

Last weeks of the semester are kicking my ass, so things might be slower while I churn through this. Sorry for the delay

I left a weapon by Kells, I dunno if he'll even notice it though. I can try to pick them off to scare the crap out of them. With all this...I dunno what to call it. Super senses? I bet I'm even stronger to lemme try something.

"Oi-a diggum. Yousem getta-da up-in da-place-here. We-got-em a jobs-right doin-does. Stop-a fussin wit-a-da guardo there, he's-a-not-em goin place-wheres."

Holy hells! I just wanted to slit his throat! His head came clean off! You didn't say I was stronger too!

No. 930734 ID: 8d4593

Repeat on the other.
Save the heads.
Return them to sender.
We'll deal with figuring out exactly who and where that is.
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