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File 148852243529.png - (59.64KB , 500x500 , splash10.png )
784444 No. 784444 ID: 4063a3

CHAPTER 1 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/692327.html
CHAPTER 2 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/696969.html
CHAPTER 3 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/715522.html
CHAPTER 4 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/727645.html
CHAPTER 5 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/736166.html
CHAPTER 6 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/743488.html
CHAPTER 7 :: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/754011.html
CHAPTER 8 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/759736.html
CHAPTER 9 :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/768999.html

WIKI :: http://tgchan.org/wiki/A_Little_Town_Called_Coxwette
DISCUSSION :: https://tgchan.org/kusaba/questdis/res/103517.html

You got knocked the HECK out in a little town called Coxwette.
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No. 810858 ID: 8d4593

Now go help Susanna.
Is there another weapon like object around?
No. 810860 ID: e136ae

Yeah, sure why not.
No. 810891 ID: e6c6b6

Take off your pants and go back to Susanna.
No. 810892 ID: be0718

Equip beaver, return to Susanna.
No. 810897 ID: 9876c4

There is nothing we can do in a swordfight, and plenty we can do with a flustered beaver.
No. 810929 ID: 77c5e3
File 149867850373.png - (15.71KB , 500x500 , 124.png )

Lisa is too heavy for you to equip, so you just foolishly run back to the mayor's office. Really, the only thing keeping you from fleeing the building is the monster outside the front door.

You push open the door to see the furniture of Susanna's office splintered, and the floor covered in rubble. Books have been slashed off of the shelves, her desk is hacked down the center, and even her well-kept fern is in a shattered pile on the carpet. Susanna is near the center of the office, defensively batting away the reverend's recklessly aggressive slashes with a harpoon jutting from her shoulder. The noise of this fight is a staggering cacophony of snake screams and swords smashing into breakable objects.
No. 810930 ID: e136ae

Distract monster to give Susanna an opening. Preferably by dragging Lisa over and groping her in front of it. Or just yell lewd things. Don't attempt to show goods; that will give the monster a target we don't want to risk. Or just throw junk.
No. 810931 ID: fc33ea

Think indecent thoughts to distract him while you look for something sturdy to throw at his head.
No. 810932 ID: 8d9821

There are many ways we could distract the reverend with. I think getting Lisa involved would be too slow.

I think more than a portrayal of sin, the thing that would distract them the most would be a denial of their religion.
So try to shout, "Your God is fake! There is no God!", a few times.
No. 810933 ID: 143250

sinful thought, and then throw your quest log at it as a distraction. That things has all sorts of sinful missions on it...
No. 810937 ID: 3ce125

Start thinking about plowing that snake ass.
No. 810938 ID: 77c5e3
File 149868097936.png - (10.66KB , 500x500 , 125.png )

You run to the fireplace nearer to Susanna's door. It looks like it hasn't been used in quite a while. You grab the nearest implement, a cast-iron poker, and circle around the fight. You fill your head with thoughts of Lisa kissing Selma, riding Susanna's butt like one of those robotic bulls at novelty western bars, and being the filling in a snake/beaver sandwich. To top it all off, you shout at the reverend.

You: "I would say GOD is a piece of SHIT"

You: "But pieces of SHIT"


You: "EXIST"

Pewter looks almost comically taken aback, then starts to run at you. You hit him with the poker, sending a small plume of whatever that shit was that was on Rachel into the air. Hitting him feels like hitting waterlogged wood. It doesn't make much impact.
No. 810939 ID: a0bd4b

Don't just think it, describe it loudly and in detail. Make it steamy enough to get Suzie hot and bothered for it later.
No. 810942 ID: 9e9eae

He won't die, so you just need him to not move. Focus on smashing his limbs, if you can make them out. Joints especially.
No. 810943 ID: 9876c4

Wehll shit. This is bravery, more or less.
Keep up the pressure, try to give the Susannah room to strike decisively.
No. 810944 ID: 1b7784

Cold iron
Of fucking COURSE itd be cold iron
No. 810946 ID: ea9895

Beat him as if you were beating down a door to a room filled with horny 18 year old girls, after not having sex for X years.
No. 810947 ID: fc33ea

Get ready to block or dodge as he retaliates.
No. 810952 ID: 3ce125

You might want to focus mainly on defense while you've got his attention. This is a 2-on-1, so whoever's not getting attacked by the reverend can attack him without worry.
No. 810956 ID: 77c5e3
File 149868424113.png - (15.36KB , 500x500 , 126.png )

Susanna does not ignore the opportunity to attack Pewter from behind, striking him ferociously on the spine and kicking him over. She pounces onto him, her eyes a non-reflecting black, and begins to hack and saw at his face and chest. You beat him anywhere you can with the hook of the poker, and Lisa joins in with the soot shovel. You have not seen Susanna so vicious since the harrowing vision you had of her murdering Pewter for the first time. She minces up his neck and pummels him with the hilt as if trying to kill him as many times over as possible.

The reverend stops moving after some time, and the mayor stands up. You look down over the ashy mess of what looks like a mutilated, burned corpse in a black sheet.

You: "Is he-"

Susanna: "No."

Susanna: "He'll be back. Could be hours, could be days."

Susanna: "Chuck"

Susanna: "Why did you come back in here?"

Susanna: "I told you to help Lisa and you brought her into the fray. What's wrong with you?"

Lisa: "I'm... ok though. Ma'am."

Susanna: "By luck."

You throws your arms out, and Susanna grumbles.

Susanna: "What you did was brave. Ok?"

Susanna: "But I'm not going to die. I need you to help the townspeople, because they will."

Susanna: "Help me get the bookshelf off of the wall. It's bolted."

Susanna: "I'm going to tip it over onto him."
No. 810961 ID: 4fbf17

Help her, but ask her why. I mean, it's dead already, so what's the point of adding a bookshelf on top.

Afterwards, look her in the eyes and ask her how she's feeling.
No. 810967 ID: 9e9eae

Help her with the bookshelf. While doing that, say you assume she got a bunch of agate off Sally, isn't there any magic shit she can do now that she couldn't before? Maybe the same thing she did to Marcie, only reverse them to being children or something? Hell, she said when she did Marcie she could feel what else was affecting her, maybe she'd find something out about the reverends? If their mojo is bound to some crystal somewhere then you just need to find it and smash it, right?
No. 810968 ID: fc33ea

I'll help, but my money's on crucifixion, ma'am.
No. 810971 ID: bb78f2

So he will just get up again at this body and NOT poof and respawn elsewhere?

Because, I'm gonna be frank here, I'd rather bury him in concrete than under a bookcase. He escaped a cage, somehow, after all.
No. 810974 ID: 91ee5f

>But I'm not going to die.
Doesn't that mean that she would also take a few hours or days to come back? We wouldn't be able to hold out that long waiting for her to come back, seeing as she's the only person in town that even knows how to deal with these things!
No. 810975 ID: 01764f

Burying him in concrete absolutely wouldn't work guys.

Like - think about it. Concrete doesn't just MAGICALLY APPEAR. You'd have to go find enough bags of cement, get a bunch of buckets, find a power mixer, mix it, pour it over him, and then wait for it to cure which can take a long time.

Assuming you could even find everything, you'd also have to carry it back and this is ridiculous.

Tip bookshelf
No. 810978 ID: 9876c4

We don't have time to mix concrete, and it's likely away in the warehouse anyway.

Follow her lead. because this isn't over yet.
No. 810991 ID: 70426b

Burn his remains. Put them in the fireplace, and give him a taste of what those fires of hell he keeps going on about actually feel like.
No. 810992 ID: 143250

Help tip the bookshelf on Pewter, then spit on the Pewter.
No. 810994 ID: cc08c7

All-Out attack successful. Finish that spooky bastard off.
No. 811005 ID: 8d4593

I can lure them, you can murderfy them. If I wanna help the towns people I need you to cut them down.
Or a big gun.
No. 811009 ID: 143250

I like this answer. Let her know we can't do this on our own. We need teamwork here. that is why wee came back.
No. 811012 ID: e1bc1c

Burning him does seem like a good idea, I mean you've got a fireplace, and I can't imagine there's much that would take him longer to come back from.
No. 811015 ID: a0bd4b

Jizz on him.
No. 811034 ID: 87353e

Run few ideas past Susanna, like trying to put a ward or circle of power around Pewter's corpse to hinder his revival or dumping it in the fireplace to burn. If none of that would help though, then tip that shelf. As for helping the townsfolk does she think getting them to the Path Manor be the safest since its apparently also magically warded? There's also a Reverend waiting right outside the front door to Town Hall.
No. 811035 ID: 3ce125

Yes ma'm. Are the reverends going to be able to break in everywhere in town now that the bottle is broken? Seems kindof like keeping all your eggs in one basket in that case...

There's still two more out there. Call the plath house to warn them, then everyone else you have a phone number for. Whoever doesn't answer, you go check on. You could tell Sophie that Layla is injured but we're not certain where Layla is.
No. 811047 ID: 32d29a

Just check, but would cutting the body up into pieces help or not?
No. 811050 ID: 3abd97

>"Why did you come back in here?"
There was one pounding on the front door too, and if we left you alone and you lost, we'd be trapped in here with him.

Help her with that shelf.
No. 811056 ID: 2120ee

This might actually work, but you're gonna need Lisa to lend you her vag real quick to make it work.
No. 811058 ID: a363ac

"Sussana we have to have anal sex on top of it's corpse it might break them to be touched by sodomy jizz."
No. 811086 ID: e136ae

In addition you will have to eat Lisa out at the same time because we might need girl juice.
No. 811154 ID: be0718

Topple it backwards onto him to deny him reading material!

Lisa should stick with the two of you for now because staying here alone is probably more dangerous. Your next stop is Marcie's bakery, because it's the closest building and some may have taken refuge in there.
No. 811172 ID: 62f1df

The best thing to do right now would be to gather the townspeople. That's the best way to both see to their safety and gather all the manpower (well, mostly womanpower) available. You should gather whatever supplies the town hall holds then contact the locals.

Isn't there a phone service here? Otherwise, you'll have to go from place to place to bring them with you, probably to the Plath House, since it's the only building big enough to house that many people.

Right now, there's nothing concrete (no pun intended) to be done against the reverends. What you can do is damage control.
No. 811184 ID: b8d5aa

ask what DOES kill the reverends. would susanna even know? maybe it is possible to kill them but she just doesn't know how? and also, what is the game plan? disable the reverends... and then what? relocate the inhabitants of coxwette? what's next?
No. 811186 ID: d36af7

We just saw that they can slip through narrow cracks, which would explain escaping the cage in the river, but how about encasement in concrete? Or better yet plate glass, like an aquarium.
No. 811213 ID: c7c14d

can't you just like, separate the head ashes from the other non-head ashes? place them far away from each other and under watch?
No. 811214 ID: 9876c4

if mundane solutions were effective at counteracting sorcery, it wouldn't be very good sorcery

Let's go be useful.
No. 811221 ID: 1e7aa8

Tell Susana about the one out front, then try and pry some answers about the well and the catacombs out of her.
No. 811222 ID: c7c14d

i would bet you literally no one has ever tried.
No. 811223 ID: 1e7aa8

But there have been attempts that just didn't work..?
No. 811256 ID: 4a49f1

Encase him in concrete or put up glass panes while he is unconscious. This could be your last chance for a while.
No. 811259 ID: 4a49f1

Also take the opportunity to ask Susanna about the catacombs and the warehouse. Ask her how to defeat the monsters.
No. 811265 ID: 62f1df

Why do you keep suggesting asking Susanna how to defeat the reverends? Be real for a minute: they've threatened Coxwette for *decades*. Don't you think that if there existed a way to dispose of them, Susanna would have tried it already?

As far as we know, the best place to find something to use against these monsters would either be that strange safe in Chuck's room at the Plath House, or at the bottom of the well, behind the weird door that Sally could presumably open.
No. 811282 ID: e121d3


Well, she need the blue agate to do magic with, and she hasn't had much of it before now. So theoretically there could be magic shit she hasn't tried that she wasn't capable of before.

The "someone would have tried by now" argument applies just as much to the idea of something being in the well or some other secret location. If people haven't explored this place physically all the way, it's equally possible they haven't explored all available solutions either.
No. 811305 ID: 62f1df

Alright, but that was Susanna not lending credence to the idea that there could be something useful there... or not wanting to risk it. As for the townspeople, they were too docile and ignorant to try anything anyway.

The point is that Susanna seems pretty sure that there is no way to deal with the reverends for good, so asking her sounds pointless. For the record, though, I would be happy to be corrected!
No. 811306 ID: 4a49f1

This, there's no way the reverends could escape being encased in concrete, and we already know the town has it since that is what they used to seal the well. Trapping the monsters is the fastest way to win condition for the quest.
No. 811308 ID: e121d3


Susanna is kind of mentally screwed up, though. She has baggage and seems like the kind of person who spent a lot of time trying not to think of certain things. There may be things she hasn't tried that she won't until someone gives her a nudge (or kick) to.

Like, for example, she clearly has a pathological hatred for the reverends, as would be expected from her experiences. There may be non-destructive ways of dealing with them, or magical things she can do that she's only ever considered doing to people she likes, that just never even occurred to her.
No. 811339 ID: f0e552

Can't we like pour holy water on these guys or something?
No. 811346 ID: 9876c4

No churches or holy men for miles around. Guess whose idea that was.
No. 811352 ID: 91ee5f

Technically, they've already got holy water on them because that's what's inside those tube thingies that the stabbed Chuck with.
No. 811424 ID: 4fbf17

I want to vote against using concrete for several reasons.

First of all, we're in a critical situation and time is of the essence.
Secondly, can we even produce concrete on our own? Does Chuck know how to mix concrete? Last time he was simply helping Rachel.
Third, we don't have the tools and we would need to ask Rachel about them.
Fourth, it's dark. Concrete would not dry and harden fast at this time of the day.
And most importantly:
>Naz: “Someone tried to trap those monsters in a cage in the river, and it didn’t work. They just got dragged down into the water and drowned. When they went back to look, they just found an empty cage that was still locked.”
They disappear after they die and reappear elsewhere. Trapping them in concrete would inevitably cause them to die.

So! Even if somehow we magically trapped them in concrete, they will just disappear and reappear later.

Anyway, if you need something to work with, I posted some theories in the discussion thread.
No. 811450 ID: e136ae

This is why we need sexual fluids. They will wake up coated and will promptly wish they were dead instead.
No. 811467 ID: 8133b3

Decapitate it. Burn the body, keep the head.
No. 811481 ID: 62f1df

Okay, I guess it's worth asking, just to be on the safe side. I still think it won't yield anything useful and will only piss off Susanna, but at least, we can check that off the list.

Killing the reverends, however, seems like it won't achieve anything very useful or lasting. As Susanna indirectly pointed out, the best we can do is to maim them and/or trap them.
No. 811511 ID: bb78f2

>They disappear after they die and reappear elsewhere. Trapping them in concrete would inevitably cause them to die.

I don't know if I'd say that, leave the possibility to breathe and MAYBE feed them if they need food? They could stay the trapped indefinitely.

Just trap them from the waste down, restrain their limbs (or chop them off), or whatever. Just keep them ALIVE, forever, trapped.
No. 811527 ID: 399555

Would now be a good time to demand to know exactly what is in the catacombs and/or warehouse? they are the only places left that could hold a clue about the nature of the curse and how to lift it. The monsters are going ham and aren't scared of the mayor anymore, she's not in a position to still be keeping secrets if she really cares about the lives of the townspeople.
No. 811604 ID: 8895f8

Cut off the arms and legs and cauterize the wounds
No. 811617 ID: 9876c4

Slow the action scene down with needless caution and exposition.
No. 811618 ID: e136ae

What about desecration?
No. 811626 ID: 9876c4

I mean, sure, we could probably work that in.
No. 811849 ID: 7fad5d

Get we leave, indeed. Get we leave as soon as possible.
No. 811851 ID: 77c5e3
File 149901765742.png - (9.26KB , 500x500 , 127.png )

You: "We should just"

You: "pour concrete over him or something."

Susanna: "He'll come in from the woods again."

Susanna: "The bookshelf is really just in case he decides to get up in the next thirty seconds."

You: "What's with the model ship, then? Was that just this building?"

Susanna goes quiet.

You: "Was it just this-"

Susanna: "It was every building in town... except the Plath House."

You: "You've got to be fucking kiddin' me."

You: "Why didn't you just cast the spell on the whole town? Why'd you just do the buildings?"

Susanna: "That is a LOT more area than just the buildings. Look how much agate had to be in the ship!"

Susanna gestures to the shattered mess of the model on the carpet. The pieces of blue agate that made up some of the ship's components have turned to greyish-blue dust, reflecting a level of pulverization that is disproportionate to the fall impact. The mayor is growing restless.

You: "You shouldn't have kept it so close to the window!"

Susanna: "You shouldn't have opened the curtain!"

Susanna: "Why did you open that?"
No. 811852 ID: 77c5e3
File 149901767671.png - (43.29KB , 500x500 , 128.png )

You: "How was I s'pposed to know he'd have a harpoon!"

This reminds Susanna. She walks over to pick up the harpoon that she had previously dislodged from her chest, and gives it to Lisa.
No. 811854 ID: 143250

Enough arguing. It's reverend hunting season. Start with the one at the door.
No. 811855 ID: f36501


Evac everyone to the Plath house I guess? We gotta check on Ramona anyways.
No. 811859 ID: 6b1d95

Right now, the Plath House Inn is the safest place in town. Reverends were not able to enter it, despite the fact that it wasn't protected by Susanna. This means that that house has a protective ward of its own.

So our mission for tonight should be to tell everyone to get to the Plath House Inn. And stay there. It's gonna be quite a party!
No. 811862 ID: bb78f2

You got that agate Sally got you, Susanna?
If that shit can ward them, it has to have the power to kill them permanently if we can get close enough, or we could maybe try something MORE clever with it if its possible. Trap them in a building then ward the building so they can't get out, or ward their spawn point instead if we can find it.

Whatever, we'll figure it out later, just remember to grab that agate Susanna. Hopefully Ramona might have also have more at the house, cause that sounds like something the Plath's would stock up on to make sure you can't do jack. Then we'll think of something.
No. 811863 ID: 91ee5f

"Well, Susanna, since you're the one that originally killed them after they killed you, I've gotta ask, WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO THEM TO MAKE THEM LIKE THIS?!?!"
No. 811872 ID: 3abd97

Just apologize. You were trying to help, and you done fucked up.
No. 811918 ID: 70426b

Well, let's round up the townsfolk and go to the Plath House.

It's the only safe place in town, and we need to make sure Ramona isn't dead yet.

Also, f u why does Lisa get to have The Penetrator? She can't even penetrate things... I assume.
No. 811942 ID: 6b1d95

Oh yeah. The reverend also had a sword. So many weapons to choose from.

We should bring the fireplace poker and the sword with us. Something tells me the poker might be more effective than a sword against these guys.
No. 811971 ID: 064dbf

I can't remember, did they have weapons when they killed the Plath guy and started this whole mess? I thought they just strong armed him.
No. 811998 ID: 62f1df


Yeah, all the blue agate at the Plath House would definitely be a big help.

As far as I remember, they just overpowered him, tied him to a chair, and burned him. Nothing like a sword or harpoon was involved.

Talking about that, yeah, let's keep the sword (if Chuck can bring himself to take it) and fire poker at hand, just in case.
No. 812026 ID: 486e87

Snayor shouldn't have kept such a fragile magic item in the open if it was so vital, but that's besides the point at the moment. Time is vital and the more time wasted the more the townspeople are at risk, so apologise or otherwise deescalate and start getting people to the Plath's house if it's still warded.
No. 812245 ID: 77c5e3
File 149910185450.png - (5.99KB , 500x500 , 129.png )

You: "Alright whatever. If she gets the harpoon, then I get the reverend sword."

Lisa gasps.
No. 812246 ID: 77c5e3
File 149910187241.png - (8.52KB , 500x500 , 130.png )

Lisa: "Chuck that has Layla's blood on it!"
No. 812247 ID: 77c5e3
File 149910188754.png - (7.08KB , 500x500 , 131.png )

Susanna's eyes darken, as does the room. You do not feel completely ensnared, but you do hear a distant crackling and feel slightly floaty.

Susanna: "Be happy it is neither of yours."

Susanna: "As much as it pains me to say it, the Plath house may be the last safe place for the townspeople."

Susanna: "I just don't know how I'm going to do it, or even if they're all still..."

Her voice trails off and she blinks away her carnal speech.

a) Lisa and I will distract the reverends while you get the townsfolk
b) You distract the reverends while we get the townsfolk
c) [A different plan] >_
No. 812248 ID: 4fe424

D) Get distracted by Lisa's ass and tiddies and signal this with your D.
No. 812254 ID: be0718

Get distracted by the snayor's tiddies and suggest plan B. Wish her luck.
No. 812261 ID: 9876c4

I think by any sane metric, Chuck and Lisa have the people skills, while Susie recovers from lethal wounds.

Plan b is obvious, unless we're being needlessly contrary.
No. 812284 ID: 91ee5f

"So? A weapon is a weapon and I ain't going out there unarmed!"

This sounds good.

Maybe we should call the Plath House and let them know that the entire town is going to be coming over?
No. 812289 ID: 8d4593

While Suzanna has combat ability, she can also use carnal speech to instill urgency into the towns people. We need her on crowd control.

We'll have chuck and Lisa distract. They can run the gamet around town.
No. 812293 ID: 77c5e3
File 149910746470.png - (11.87KB , 500x500 , 132.png )

You: "Me 'n' Lisa can't fight 'em like you can."

Susanna: "Very well. I will distract them, then."

Lisa shivers.

Lisa: "Are you... going to be ok? Susanna?"

Susanna: "I told you, I will. You two gather up anyone left out in town. Go as fast as you can. Use the clipboard if you need to contact me, but don't get tied up worrying."

You: "Alright, but... they don't seem to like to chase you like they do the rest of us."
No. 812294 ID: 77c5e3
File 149910748774.png - (7.33KB , 500x500 , 133.png )

The mayor shrugs off her shawl.

Susanna: "Just go save them."
No. 812295 ID: 77c5e3
File 149910750017.png - (9.23KB , 500x500 , 134.png )

Susanna: "Now."
No. 812296 ID: 77c5e3
File 149910752685.png - (18.84KB , 500x1500 , 135.png )

Susanna: "I'll make sure they come after me."

No. 812299 ID: be0718

Go go Lady Godiva!
No. 812300 ID: a363ac

No. 812317 ID: 3abd97

She's snekkid.
No. 812318 ID: 6b1d95

I don't like these options at all. There's no need for Susanna to get hurt. We would've had an easy job cleaning them up 3v2 because the other two reverends probably don't have any swords.
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