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File 148758692062.png - (11.83KB , 400x400 , 000a.png )
108985 No. 108985 ID: 6cbace

Thought this might be a good thing to have.

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No. 119444 ID: 0c324b

Hope things work out dude.
No. 119446 ID: 6cc25a

RIP. I hope it was an old dog. That way it at least had a long and happy life.
No. 119457 ID: caa73b

I think he means lost as in it's gone missing. If this is the case then I hope everything works out and if you do mean the dog passed away then my deepest sympathies.
No. 119803 ID: 23a020

So unfortunately, I fucked things up.
I have to focus on real life stuff for a while, so I can't give my attention to art and quests for a while.

Thank you for your understanding, and I am sorry.
No. 119804 ID: 13fded

Understandable. Every time you talk about yourself something bad happened. You seem to have terrible luck in life.
I hope whatever the current situation is turns out in your favor.
No. 119817 ID: 3adb50

No worries.
No. 120207 ID: 6cc25a
File 151751308514.png - (560.30KB , 1002x1845 , JustActCasual.png )

In the meantime, let's enjoy some more of Kit's antics.

> >>/quest/853776 >Some people might have noticed me, but I try to act casual.
No. 120337 ID: 7ab1fe

that's ok, take care of yourself first.
people tell me you're around and well so i won't worry too much. still, come back when you can to socialize a little. we miss you there.
No. 120508 ID: cb585b

Hmm, i had a thought... What's to keep Emils from turning an arm into a(n automatic) gun and 24 1/2 Rabbolds worth of mass into ammo in a fight?
No. 120509 ID: 6780f5

The very low amount of metal in rabbold bodies and the lack of metallurgic knowledge fundamental in making firearms-worthy steel. Probably also a much-too-low amount of chemical manipulation to create gunpowder - black or white - in her body, regardless of available materials. That said, creating slingshots/bow-likes out of sinew and bone may not be entirely out of her capabilities.
No. 120514 ID: cb585b

Hmm, i believe the only issues would be propulsion and the materials, however keep in mind that Emils can create {Molten Iron] now so it wont have to be restricted to organic/slime bullets, and yeah a slingshot/crossbow system could work as well for now
No. 120517 ID: 3adb50

Alice did do something similar. Bone crossbow.
No. 120524 ID: 6780f5

The bullets aren't the issue, being able to produce something that can sustain the pressure from tiny explosions propelling said bullets is. So yes, the "only" issues are propulsion and materials, but they're pretty huge issues.
No. 120525 ID: cb585b

This is Emils we're talking about, she'll be fiiine... probably.
No. 120534 ID: b1b4f3

Well, if we can make a firing chamber, Emils could inject water behind the Molten Iron projectile. I'm not sure how energetic that could get but it could work maybe? Also it would generally just spray molten iron on targets, no penetrating power. If we want a bullet or an arrow it'd have to be made beforehand or cooled in the body inside a sort of pre-loading mechanism in her arm surrounded by water and some manner of air cooling system? Or she could just re-absorb the hot water and generate more for rapid cooling. Emils would need to get a bullet/arrowhead cast made of ceramic or whatever. Making one herself won't work since one made of iron would just weld to the molten iron.

Might be better to just throw molten iron on targets, or carry around pellets/bullets/bolts in her body. Making the ammo as it's used requires too much infrastructure with the method above. An alternative method may work better though... maybe Emils can form molten iron in a specific shape and let her body cool it? No need for a cast in that case.
No. 120535 ID: b1b4f3

As for a firing mechanism if she's not using molten iron: thermal regulation. Heat up the firing chamber, inject water to create a burst of steam.
No. 120536 ID: 006e5c

Emils can mimic organic things. Weapons aren't organic so, I don't think she would be able to copy one even if she saw it. She can create iron but, I don't think she can just shape it into any custom shape.
No. 120537 ID: cb585b

Yeah, this sounds useful, awesome, and terrifying all in one, and depending on the size of the bullets she casts, she could keep a stockpile of maybe 20-80 rounds if not more on hand for a fight? A [Molten Lava] shotgun deal could work as well for a painful but probably-non-lethal attack against normal people
No. 120540 ID: 3adb50

Molten mettle would fucking melt a dude, not even close to non-lethal.
No. 120551 ID: cb585b

Well, a few singluar drops scattered across your body wouldnt outright kill you, but it would easily hurt like hell :V
No. 120575 ID: 23a020

>Create heated fluids
While yes, she could theoretically create it, it will cause issues with her organic parts that WILL catch on fire due to the heat.
Unless she learns how to cool herself down.
>Create weapons
A good combination of abilities and skills might allow her to create something, but how durable or practical it can be would require practice.
For example, she could grow a bone blade, but without any knowledge of how a sword works, it could be as brittle as a bird's bone, or dull as a club.
Rifles do exist, but they're on the principals of magical high pressure blowdarts rather than chemical explosions. Kinda like a paintball gun on steroids. Less chance of exploding your hands off, and more stable in long duration storage if kept properly.
That said, Chemical explosives do exists however.
No. 120830 ID: 7bf510

How quickly can Emils convert her mass into {Molten Iron}?
Is the creation spread around her body or can she concentrate it to a specific part?
Does the {Molten Iron} burn her slime?
Can the {Molten Iron} damage her core?
No. 121134 ID: 006e5c

Is it Jogert or Jogurt?
No. 121135 ID: ea36cf

in honesty though, i rarely give proper thought to the names of the characters after the initial naming.
This leads to issues like this, where i go "that's a neat name" and type it out.
Then my brain reverts to the original inspiration of it while typing it out.
I'm a dumb.
It's Jogert
No. 121136 ID: 006e5c

The name is fine either way. Was just wondering if the inconsistency was intentional or not. I mean, it would be totally plausible that Emils is accidentally misspelling Jogert's name as Jogurt.
No. 121137 ID: cb585b

It is confirmed Emils is bad with names.
No. 121165 ID: ea36cf

Emils is okay with names and have near perfect memory.
She just doesn't care.
No. 121620 ID: ea36cf
File 152138321105.png - (8.83KB , 400x600 , 000d.png )

I'll be heading off to the army on the 21st march, till 6th april.
I'll trying to update what i can, but in the meantime, can i request a paperdoll fancy dress designs for Emils?
I'll reuse the old paperdoll image from before, so go nuts i guess.
No. 121706 ID: d2a297
File 152168212625.png - (35.32KB , 400x600 , emilsDress1.png )

Guess I'll make a start...
No. 121737 ID: 555f33


Wish I could draw but these usually turn out great so I'm excited to see what people do
No. 121744 ID: a9dd8d
File 152183835766.png - (89.39KB , 400x600 , Emils dress blue.png )

Another one from me.
No. 121745 ID: a9dd8d
File 152183856980.png - (75.59KB , 400x600 , Emils dress red.png )

Same one in red.
No. 121748 ID: 3abd97

I really like this one! The other two are also cool.
No. 121770 ID: 379265

It was not by my hand that I was once again given flesh.
No. 121771 ID: 006e5c

Some clarification from the author:
>Merged abilities will be lost?
<Radial> you're jigsawing abilities to make a new one and using the empty slot of the old one to insert a temp one

>Would normal Absorption still be possible?
<Radial> no
<Radial> you're taking parts of absorption that allows the slime to take in abilities, and mana core that allows the slime to adjust it's core mana

>How many abilities would we be able to temporarily store like this? And how temporary would it be?
<Radial> one ability. and she'll hold it until she gets another

>Do abilities also count as a form? Would touching someone allow you to turn into them?
<Radial> no
No. 121772 ID: 27f3e3
File 152190886787.png - (45.01KB , 400x600 , Green clothes.png )

Damn, it does look like a Vampire outfit

not exactly fancy, but here is another one.
No. 122019 ID: 9c2d0c

Have you been sitting on that IAMNSFW update for a month, you magnificent nerd?
No. 122147 ID: ea36cf

I've been in the army for the past few weeks.
No. 122231 ID: 2251c3
File 152329232358.png - (23.88KB , 400x600 , short1.png )

No. 122232 ID: 2251c3
File 152329234405.png - (23.61KB , 400x600 , short2.png )

No. 122234 ID: b1b4f3

>past few weeks
Short stay? Wait is this some sort of country-mandated basic training?
No. 122236 ID: cb585b
File 152330311412.png - (8.67KB , 400x600 , fancycoat.png )

I am so sorry you have to witness my horrible, horrible drawing skills.
No. 122238 ID: 9876c4

These are good.

Not a fan of the Hatt.
No. 123133 ID: ea36cf

Question; should I continue updating with no image, or muster up energy to draw for every update?
No. 123134 ID: b1b4f3

Well, you don't have to draw every update, but it certainly helps when introducing new characters or when it would be important to show things. Or more satisfying.

If it's just like, two people talking, then a non-image update is fine.
No. 123136 ID: deec6e


Maybe have a thematically appropriate placeholder image, just so it's easier to see which posts are yours?
No. 123137 ID: 3abd97

I think the only real requirement for text-only updates is putting something in the subject field so it stands out from the suggestions, but you've already been doing that.
No. 123140 ID: e5c658

No art for now is fine, but I'd like to see stuff there eventually.
No. 123141 ID: ba56e6

I don't mind text updates.
No. 123150 ID: 5098a6

I tend to use images to locate updates by tje author, so I agree with >>123136 , a placeholder image would be good for non-drawing posts.
No. 124230 ID: ec54b2

Can I still post some dresses for Emils?
No. 124258 ID: ea36cf

Feel free to.
No. 124567 ID: ff82d2
File 153288681098.png - (26.00KB , 400x600 , dress.png )

I realized that I actually have to draw a dress.

And yes, I suck at drawing so don't consider this a finished design but simply a base (the ribbons are optional), which is missing fancy stuff like buttons, frills, laces and what not.
No. 124568 ID: f1d6a5
File 153289600318.png - (64.45KB , 400x600 , A.png )

this looked better in my head...
No. 124569 ID: f1d6a5
File 153289601823.png - (78.87KB , 400x600 , B.png )

No. 124570 ID: 0c3c2c
File 153289764997.png - (26.06KB , 481x533 , I Am Latex.png )

Since no one else did it...
No. 124572 ID: 166e1c
File 153292888668.png - (238.28KB , 444x1025 , Madoka-Emils.png )

This isn't meant to be a recommendation for the party dress.

I was thinking: Emils have Homura's attitude and Kyubey's nature.
No. 124577 ID: 33cbe7
File 153296551248.png - (61.87KB , 533x800 , madousagimuracat.png )

Magical Slime Girl. Always and forever.

Nine out of ten magical girls agree, gloves are a necessity! Fighting crime is dirty work.
The belt's supposed to be metallic.
The improbable earrings look kind of like slime cores, could possibly be a red herring to anyone who knows our true nature but mostly they look cool.

That is super good. Did you draw the head and legs onto Madoka's outfit?

Failing these, we could still steal her look. >>124570
No. 124579 ID: 166e1c

No. 124633 ID: 830fb7
File 153338741941.jpg - (60.87KB , 400x600 , Ema.jpg )

An adaptation from both >>124569 and >>121745 containing parts that suit each other.
No. 124635 ID: 864e49

I have no idea how to describe this. It's like eastern royal monk/priest/mage warrior.

When I first saw that I thought it was a sequined evening dress.

The dress is beautiful and she is cute wearing it.
No. 124638 ID: c4e86d
File 153341613361.png - (60.24KB , 400x600 , white dress.png )

I'm kinda bad at this...
No. 124639 ID: c4e86d
File 153341617239.png - (55.91KB , 400x600 , cocktail dress.png )

A crappy cocktail dress
No. 124640 ID: c4e86d
File 153341621387.png - (75.98KB , 400x600 , china dress.png )

Something from wherever bea's mom comes from
No. 124641 ID: c4e86d
File 153341695150.png - (45.36KB , 400x600 , sari.png )

Was supposed to be a Sari.
No. 124650 ID: ea36cf

These are genuinely great
No. 125354 ID: ea36cf
File 153642193924.png - (82.23KB , 258x402 , csp25.png )

Upon binge watching Angriest Pat play Nier Automata, I am in realization of something unsettling.
No. 125389 ID: a255bd

..oh god. i am worried.
No. 125390 ID: a255bd
File 153666244187.png - (24.20KB , 400x600 , stemils.png )

the fuck is this!? it's been half a year!
No. 125404 ID: 33cbe7

Don't worry, it already happened.
No. 125417 ID: dbf422

Every part of this fills me with dread.
No. 125506 ID: ea36cf
File 153729399661.png - (804.39KB , 1223x2253 , csp27.png )

Lupa dume
Duhara menua lusi
Lupa lue
Telame fteli musui ha
No. 127308 ID: ee464f

So uh, I’m thinking of making some icons for this quest.
I’m taking suggestions on type of style and stuff if you guys got any.
No. 127309 ID: ebd50b

Character face inside a (colored) bordered circle, with the outside of the circle being transparent. Each icon could also have a logo of sorts somewhere.
No. 127312 ID: 4294c6

How about that captain that blew her own legs off doing that Vault Boy thumbs up pose?
No. 127313 ID: becba8

The icons should represent different forms slime assumed.

Unrelated to this topic: May I as if the pathfinder magic girl class illustrations had anything to do with the rabolds design?
No. 127316 ID: bdfd3c

I meant icons like in /icon/ to use as talky portraits.

any what about stuff like size, 3/4, forwards, sprite, drawn, etc and stuff

No idea what that is, I've never played any tabletops.
No. 127320 ID: becba8
File 154761987780.png - (326.37KB , 443x457 , Gonzo Magic Girl Rabbit 1.png )

Really? When I saw the magic girl being represented by a rabbit I though it couldn't be a coincidence...
No. 127324 ID: fb2a85

The whole magical girl thing is a suggestors thing.
This whole arc is to build up Slimes personality. How people directs slime will affect how it will act in future events.
Emils was originally supposed to be a throwaway personality, to be abandoned eventually.
No. 127325 ID: becba8
File 154763141495.png - (249.91KB , 327x522 , Gonzo Magic Girl Rabbit 2.png )

If I'm remembering correctly the magic girl suggestion was made before the rabolds were introduced and you just made it a long term goal.
When I got a look at the Gonzo books it occur to me that maybe you saw that before and made the rabold specie based on the illustrations because of the magic girl suggestion. I was wrong, but it's still a funny coincidence.

>Emils was originally supposed to be a throwaway personality, to be abandoned eventually.
How would Victoria story connect to the narrative if her bound with Slime were severed early?
No. 127557 ID: 2e758a

I like how the story is going. Is this building up to an adventuring party?
No. 127559 ID: 0b40bc

Years of Kaktus quests have left me unable to trust authors taking the story in a direction the readers want. Are you genuinely letting us turn Bea into a magical girl, Radial?
No. 127560 ID: 080aaf

We're supposed to be turning Emils into a magical slime girl, not Bea.
No. 127562 ID: 158da5

I mean, the noncanon part had a sort of combined magical girl situation going on, so that's really the same thing.

I'm still only going to suggest in reasonable directions, so I'm just going to wait and see where Bea's story is going. But, any variation on this stuff is great.
No. 127570 ID: 1c0f2a

Just so this argument doesn't look so unanimous let me say I'm indifferent to the magic girl thing.
No. 127571 ID: 7e06cf

Most things depends on how you guys take things.
People I've introduced have abilities and skills that can help Slime if it consumes them
Ultimately, how NPCs live or die has been set, but the PCs can adjust and change their lives.

Want someone to join in an adventure, give them a reason to leave a safe city and join you into the dangerous wilderness.
Want Bea and Emils to be magical girls, find ways to turn them into one.

This early settings of iAm are more slice-of-life-ish due to how manual Slime is.
Later on, it'll start taking up more autonomous actions depending on how you progress it's thoughts.

That said, Emils is not Slime. Should Slime take on a different persona, it can be 100% different.
No. 127572 ID: 2e758a

Its it possible to have both i wonder? Slime who understands everything and emils who has learned to be a person
No. 127573 ID: 080aaf

>Ultimately, how NPCs live or die has been set
So if we don't eat them, the other slime will?
No. 127575 ID: f18adc

Emils can learn to be caring and emotional, but in the end it’ll just be a persona of the slime.
Slime cares not.

Also just think of it like majoras mask. The npcs will do their stuff, but Link can change their fate.
No. 127577 ID: b1b4f3

So Slime can never have emotions, just emulate them through a persona?
No. 127582 ID: 3e6031

Maybe we can focus on making emils their own person and find a way to seperate them from the slime some how....even if emils would still be a slime somehow....i mean maybe its possible that slimes can split like cells? I dunno i just feel like emils is becoming a character and is t something id be happy with seeing discarded
No. 127584 ID: 130f18

Emotions or no, slime can learn a directive and a purpose, and develop a preferred methodology. The first impulse we gave Slime was to be a magical girl, and now it has a purpose in following Lust's directive.
No. 127602 ID: 1c0f2a

That is an interesting idea. Not all that useful, but interesting.
If I understand correctly the reason why there is a difference in personality between Emils and Slime is because rabolds though process happen in their brain while mana beasts reasoning comes from their core. Assuming Emils's brain is able to fulfil all functions without needing intervention from her core we could theoretic replace Slime core for a new one and keep Emils as a separate entity.
I imagine you can't just take anyone core and replace with someone's else, specially in the case of Emils who is used to have a core that do much more than what normal rabolds core do. So the best circumstance would be if we could produce a custom new core, the way Lust described.
No. 127603 ID: 92e776

Sometimes the happiest outcomes arent that useful =)

But it could be useful because the two could still work together even if it was in a different capacity
No. 127606 ID: a9af05

>Slime can never have real feelings.
>Feelings are only attached to personas.
Challenge accepted!

We'll find a way for Slime to have real feelings that aren't attached only to its personas!
No. 127616 ID: 130f18

They would need to be programmed into Slime's core.
No. 127617 ID: 4294c6

What does Slime care about? What would cause Slime to drop its persona?
No. 127670 ID: fb2a85

A question came up in regards to Emils shapeshifting limits.
There are two factors that affect how Emils can shift.
How much slime and mana she has, and the size of her core.
Slime can be used for mana, and mana can be turned into slime. This gives a large fluidity to how Emils can compress and shape its mana and slime.
Using slime as a building material, Emils can convert slime into organic material, such as skin, bone, etc...
Slime will also act as a medium to keep these organs alive, much like how blood works. This would mean that these organs would lose the red coloring our organs have, unless Emils emulates blood too.

How much slime Emils can control is dependent on the size of her core. More slime means a larger core is needed to contain the slime and mana. She can grow her core by layering mana over it, giving her more surface area to etch in new skills and abilities.
Emils current core is the size of a golf ball. Comparatively larger than when she was hatched, at the size of a marble.
This means in terms of shapeshifting, she can technically shift into a smaller creature, but will have a golf ball sized lump inside of it. She would also have to lose a lot of her slime, since she can’t fit all her current slime into a vessel that small.
That said, Emils currently is not fully a Rabbold. She’s nothing more than a shell of meat and bone over a compressed mass of slime, carrying and supporting another core inside of her.
No. 127671 ID: fb2a85

This also means majority of what she eats is uselessly converted into digested organic material, since she mostly eats mana. She can leech off mana from the food she eats, but a better source would be from cores.
No. 127799 ID: 8eaf98

so if Slime was to absorb bugs would it be able to manifest (useable) relatively inconspicuous compound eyes at arbitrary locations on Emils body?
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