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File 148758692062.png - (11.83KB , 400x400 , 000a.png )
108985 No. 108985 ID: 6cbace

Thought this might be a good thing to have.

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No. 124640 ID: c4e86d
File 153341621387.png - (75.98KB , 400x600 , china dress.png )

Something from wherever bea's mom comes from
No. 124641 ID: c4e86d
File 153341695150.png - (45.36KB , 400x600 , sari.png )

Was supposed to be a Sari.
No. 124650 ID: ea36cf

These are genuinely great
No. 125354 ID: ea36cf
File 153642193924.png - (82.23KB , 258x402 , csp25.png )

Upon binge watching Angriest Pat play Nier Automata, I am in realization of something unsettling.
No. 125389 ID: a255bd

..oh god. i am worried.
No. 125390 ID: a255bd
File 153666244187.png - (24.20KB , 400x600 , stemils.png )

the fuck is this!? it's been half a year!
No. 125404 ID: 33cbe7

Don't worry, it already happened.
No. 125417 ID: dbf422

Every part of this fills me with dread.
No. 125506 ID: ea36cf
File 153729399661.png - (804.39KB , 1223x2253 , csp27.png )

Lupa dume
Duhara menua lusi
Lupa lue
Telame fteli musui ha
No. 127308 ID: ee464f

So uh, I’m thinking of making some icons for this quest.
I’m taking suggestions on type of style and stuff if you guys got any.
No. 127309 ID: ebd50b

Character face inside a (colored) bordered circle, with the outside of the circle being transparent. Each icon could also have a logo of sorts somewhere.
No. 127312 ID: 4294c6

How about that captain that blew her own legs off doing that Vault Boy thumbs up pose?
No. 127313 ID: becba8

The icons should represent different forms slime assumed.

Unrelated to this topic: May I as if the pathfinder magic girl class illustrations had anything to do with the rabolds design?
No. 127316 ID: bdfd3c

I meant icons like in /icon/ to use as talky portraits.

any what about stuff like size, 3/4, forwards, sprite, drawn, etc and stuff

No idea what that is, I've never played any tabletops.
No. 127320 ID: becba8
File 154761987780.png - (326.37KB , 443x457 , Gonzo Magic Girl Rabbit 1.png )

Really? When I saw the magic girl being represented by a rabbit I though it couldn't be a coincidence...
No. 127324 ID: fb2a85

The whole magical girl thing is a suggestors thing.
This whole arc is to build up Slimes personality. How people directs slime will affect how it will act in future events.
Emils was originally supposed to be a throwaway personality, to be abandoned eventually.
No. 127325 ID: becba8
File 154763141495.png - (249.91KB , 327x522 , Gonzo Magic Girl Rabbit 2.png )

If I'm remembering correctly the magic girl suggestion was made before the rabolds were introduced and you just made it a long term goal.
When I got a look at the Gonzo books it occur to me that maybe you saw that before and made the rabold specie based on the illustrations because of the magic girl suggestion. I was wrong, but it's still a funny coincidence.

>Emils was originally supposed to be a throwaway personality, to be abandoned eventually.
How would Victoria story connect to the narrative if her bound with Slime were severed early?
No. 127557 ID: 2e758a

I like how the story is going. Is this building up to an adventuring party?
No. 127559 ID: 0b40bc

Years of Kaktus quests have left me unable to trust authors taking the story in a direction the readers want. Are you genuinely letting us turn Bea into a magical girl, Radial?
No. 127560 ID: 080aaf

We're supposed to be turning Emils into a magical slime girl, not Bea.
No. 127562 ID: 158da5

I mean, the noncanon part had a sort of combined magical girl situation going on, so that's really the same thing.

I'm still only going to suggest in reasonable directions, so I'm just going to wait and see where Bea's story is going. But, any variation on this stuff is great.
No. 127570 ID: 1c0f2a

Just so this argument doesn't look so unanimous let me say I'm indifferent to the magic girl thing.
No. 127571 ID: 7e06cf

Most things depends on how you guys take things.
People I've introduced have abilities and skills that can help Slime if it consumes them
Ultimately, how NPCs live or die has been set, but the PCs can adjust and change their lives.

Want someone to join in an adventure, give them a reason to leave a safe city and join you into the dangerous wilderness.
Want Bea and Emils to be magical girls, find ways to turn them into one.

This early settings of iAm are more slice-of-life-ish due to how manual Slime is.
Later on, it'll start taking up more autonomous actions depending on how you progress it's thoughts.

That said, Emils is not Slime. Should Slime take on a different persona, it can be 100% different.
No. 127572 ID: 2e758a

Its it possible to have both i wonder? Slime who understands everything and emils who has learned to be a person
No. 127573 ID: 080aaf

>Ultimately, how NPCs live or die has been set
So if we don't eat them, the other slime will?
No. 127575 ID: f18adc

Emils can learn to be caring and emotional, but in the end it’ll just be a persona of the slime.
Slime cares not.

Also just think of it like majoras mask. The npcs will do their stuff, but Link can change their fate.
No. 127577 ID: b1b4f3

So Slime can never have emotions, just emulate them through a persona?
No. 127582 ID: 3e6031

Maybe we can focus on making emils their own person and find a way to seperate them from the slime some how....even if emils would still be a slime somehow....i mean maybe its possible that slimes can split like cells? I dunno i just feel like emils is becoming a character and is t something id be happy with seeing discarded
No. 127584 ID: 130f18

Emotions or no, slime can learn a directive and a purpose, and develop a preferred methodology. The first impulse we gave Slime was to be a magical girl, and now it has a purpose in following Lust's directive.
No. 127602 ID: 1c0f2a

That is an interesting idea. Not all that useful, but interesting.
If I understand correctly the reason why there is a difference in personality between Emils and Slime is because rabolds though process happen in their brain while mana beasts reasoning comes from their core. Assuming Emils's brain is able to fulfil all functions without needing intervention from her core we could theoretic replace Slime core for a new one and keep Emils as a separate entity.
I imagine you can't just take anyone core and replace with someone's else, specially in the case of Emils who is used to have a core that do much more than what normal rabolds core do. So the best circumstance would be if we could produce a custom new core, the way Lust described.
No. 127603 ID: 92e776

Sometimes the happiest outcomes arent that useful =)

But it could be useful because the two could still work together even if it was in a different capacity
No. 127606 ID: a9af05

>Slime can never have real feelings.
>Feelings are only attached to personas.
Challenge accepted!

We'll find a way for Slime to have real feelings that aren't attached only to its personas!
No. 127616 ID: 130f18

They would need to be programmed into Slime's core.
No. 127617 ID: 4294c6

What does Slime care about? What would cause Slime to drop its persona?
No. 127670 ID: fb2a85

A question came up in regards to Emils shapeshifting limits.
There are two factors that affect how Emils can shift.
How much slime and mana she has, and the size of her core.
Slime can be used for mana, and mana can be turned into slime. This gives a large fluidity to how Emils can compress and shape its mana and slime.
Using slime as a building material, Emils can convert slime into organic material, such as skin, bone, etc...
Slime will also act as a medium to keep these organs alive, much like how blood works. This would mean that these organs would lose the red coloring our organs have, unless Emils emulates blood too.

How much slime Emils can control is dependent on the size of her core. More slime means a larger core is needed to contain the slime and mana. She can grow her core by layering mana over it, giving her more surface area to etch in new skills and abilities.
Emils current core is the size of a golf ball. Comparatively larger than when she was hatched, at the size of a marble.
This means in terms of shapeshifting, she can technically shift into a smaller creature, but will have a golf ball sized lump inside of it. She would also have to lose a lot of her slime, since she can’t fit all her current slime into a vessel that small.
That said, Emils currently is not fully a Rabbold. She’s nothing more than a shell of meat and bone over a compressed mass of slime, carrying and supporting another core inside of her.
No. 127671 ID: fb2a85

This also means majority of what she eats is uselessly converted into digested organic material, since she mostly eats mana. She can leech off mana from the food she eats, but a better source would be from cores.
No. 127799 ID: 8eaf98

so if Slime was to absorb bugs would it be able to manifest (useable) relatively inconspicuous compound eyes at arbitrary locations on Emils body?
No. 127964 ID: 8eaf98

you know being able to discard things that might cause our avatar to deviate from our will is probably better for our avatar
No. 127966 ID: b1b4f3

I think it's implied that suggestions are coming from an outside source somehow.
No. 127968 ID: a9af05

For some reason I keep thinking of Emils as Rimuru Tempest, but I know that's not right.

Am I weird for thinking that?
No. 127993 ID: 99ed9b

I'm curious, Emils is mimicing a body, which would include a brain, is she imprinting the personality of emils onto that brain and if that brain gets destroyed or she gives up Emils as a form, will she lose what limited personality she's developed? How about knowledge?

Could she grow a super brain so as to come up with complex solutions to problems?
No. 128244 ID: 91ee5f

If you mean becoming an overpowered slime, then yeah, I can kinda see what you’re talking about.

Although right now, Emils isn’t anywhere close to being an overpowered slime just yet. Yet being the key word.
No. 128350 ID: 7e06cf

Yes, but slime can already produce a bunch of ordinary eyes too.

Rimu is the element of Japanese beta chill.
It's probably the overall indifference they have.

Personality and Knowledge of mana beasts is stored in it's core instead.
Any brain she creates would be brain dead.
There won't be any spark of life or whatever.
A primitive brain that could act upon reflexes if Slime stops controlling it.

Like a tumor!

I mean, unless people consume, suggests would be crippling Slime's growth.
No. 128361 ID: e20bdf

Allow me to overthink a little:
Eyes aren't windows that allow you to see. The information collected must be interpret, thus there are specialized sections of the brain that turns images into useful information.
That makes me wonder if Emils's core is inherently capable of interpret information from mimic mammalian eyes or if she uses the appropriate mimic brain parts to reduce the amount of information the core have to handle. If the latter is true, than did she replicate more brain matter when she used multiple eyes to read a bunch of books?
In regard to compound eyes, what kind of information would she be able to obtain from those?

>Japanese beta chill
I'm unfamiliar with this term. This must have something to do with that show being all wish-fulfillment with no challenges.
No. 128373 ID: 5eb631

In regards to such, yes. Outside of mana manipulation and perception, the core can’t see outside of touch and vibrations. An ocular implant is needed, unless the core develops a way to recognize and interpret light. Raw light can be fed from the implant to the core, or can be filtered though a translator that makes it easier for the core to process. But that doesn’t mean that she needs to make more brain to read more light, since they can feed to a similar area to make a wider view.

>Japanese beta chill
Isekai genre has pushed this character of a guy from japan who is pushed to a new world, but still wanting food and amenities from japan.
They don’t actively look for love, or handles direct affection badly, and thus is a beta
Chill because most of these stories has a hard working protagonist that’s worked to the bone in a modern environment, have a slower country life.
No. 128374 ID: 5eb631

Also I forgot to say this again, but the reason for no updates recently is because I’m in the army for the first two weeks of March.
No. 128377 ID: e20bdf

Good luck out there.
No. 128513 ID: 2e228d

So quick general question
what direction do you want iAm to go to?
Should Emils continue her aspirations to be some kind of magical girl?
Should she focus on what the natives call magic, more?
Should I follow other casts?
Is the pacing too fast or too slow?
Should Slime focus on the ails of the planet?
Should slime even care for something that might take centuries to deal with?
Why should slime care?
No. 128515 ID: 080aaf

Progress down the slime tree. That is what it means to become a magical slimegirl.
Too slow.
As far as we know, slime's lifespan is long enough that she should either find a solution for sufficient mana (for herself at least) or leave the planet, and the latter seems unlikely.
The secret of her creation, if that hasn't been explained as a hail mary plan to solve the mana crisis already, also merits exploration. Also the dragons, whether they are around or not, and other such mysteries. The surface races are less important.
iAm NSFW fills the rabbold cast slot.
No. 128518 ID: e20bdf

I'm somewhat divided between weird teen drama and urban stealth predator.
On one hand I love the to be able to plan a crime and get away with it, accumulate powers and spread terror to anyone who witness something they fail to comprehend the nature of. On the other hand I'm interested in the problems those kids are having and their interactions with this crazy savant incapable of demonstrate emotions. The problem is that as we explore their conflicts we develop emotional investment (is not Emils than just the readers) that seems to be at risk of being wasted every time we consider eating them.

I like the idea that the natural disaster looming over the world will take centuries. The story itself never established a time frame, so I just assumed a Hollywood convention that the disaster will happen when is dramatically convenient, meaning very soon. Honestly I prefer the realistic approach. Nature time if different from our time...
And yes, Slime should care about the end of the world because, as far as we know, she is immortal. People are somewhat accepting of the end of the world, no reason to fear death if everyone else is going to die the same way apparently, but for someone without peers like Slime the desire o prevent death shouldn't be dissuaded by some collective oddity.

I enjoy seeing other characters but every time I get nervous because Emils is so unpredictable that I'm uncomfortable leaving her act without readers guidance, even though I don't really expect her to do anything we wouldn't agree anyway.

To me the pacing is fine.
No. 128519 ID: 99ed9b

I like the current pace just fine, it's definitely slow but the occasional burst of heavy plot means we still get to advance, and I like the idea of things slowly crumbling outside our view while our slime is still learning who they are and what they want to do with their life. I mean, they are just a few weeks old, after all.

I'm hoping thing will continue on their current trend for a while, Emils will learn neat tricks and grow in power and possibly influence as well, while maybe catching whiffs of what's going on in the larger world. Eventually we'd want to go and try to do something about the slowly flagging world, Emils still needs other creatures to survive so it's in their best interest to save the natives.

I do like the idea of becoming a huge bioship and blasting off to try and find another planet. Suddenly having a creature develop mana creating physiology based on the history we've been given would seem like a bit of a deus ex machina, but I do see Emils at some point in the future interfering with the larger native society in the attempt to find a solution that saves everyone, herself included.
No. 128520 ID: 1ed92d

I want to go fix the impending mana-apocalypse.
No. 128568 ID: 130f18

>what direction do you want iAm to go to?
Gradually towards an overarching plot
>Should Emils continue her aspirations to be some kind of magical girl?
>Should she focus on what the natives call magic, more?
She should try to figure out the secrets of 'true' mana production.
>Should I follow other casts?
I enjoy the little side adventures.
>Is the pacing too fast or too slow?
Pacing is just right, for the most part. I enjoy the slow burn.
>Should Slime focus on the ails of the planet?
>Should slime even care for something that might take centuries to deal with?
>Why should slime care?
Stories about magical girls saving the world from world-ending disasters, of course. A blue and orange morality of 'what would a magical girl do?'
No. 128572 ID: b1b4f3

>what direction do you want iAm to go to?
Towards the dragon tower plotline, eventually.
>Should Emils continue her aspirations to be some kind of magical girl?
>Should she focus on what the natives call magic, more?
Enough to get some extra utility out of her affinities, at least.
>Should I follow other casts?
On occasion.
>Is the pacing too fast or too slow?
It'd be fine if you updated more...
>Should Slime focus on the ails of the planet?
Yes, if only for its own survival.
>Should slime even care for something that might take centuries to deal with?
Yes, it can live that long via limiting its mass by my understanding, and even if it can't, it will have offspring just like Lust did.
>Why should slime care?
Everything cares about something, even if that something isn't other people. Caring is part of how we make decisions. Slime should care about interesting or useful people. That makes sense even without empathy- those types of people are good to have around for purely selfish reasons.
No. 128583 ID: e2f5cc

>What direction do you want iAm to go to?
A story that involves a strange rabbold that wants to become a magical girl which saves the world from a coming catastrophe, is a master of all spells, and romances her best friend. which is that's what that book said they do anyway and there's a lack of material on being a magical girl.

And as a side objective, try and figure out why these people do the things they do. (probably through digestion)
>Should Emils continue her aspirations to be some kind of magical girl?
>Should she focus on what the natives call magic, more?
See Above.
>Should I follow other casts?
>Is the pacing too fast or too slow?
Just a weee bit too slow for my tastes.
>Should Slime focus on the ails of the planet?
Yes, because that's what a magical girl would do
>Should slime even care for something that might take centuries to deal with?
>Why should slime care?
She probably wouldn't truly care at first, but if she does try and figure out what makes people tick she'll hopefully find out what empathy is and get some herself.
No. 128720 ID: d3450c


I guess the idea of having emils as a character seperate from the slime is a no-go.
No. 128737 ID: 834378

>what direction do you want iAm to go to?
To the saving the world part.
>Should Emils continue her aspirations to be some kind of magical girl?
No. Or rather, Emils personal, but Slime should develop other personas as well.
>Should she focus on what the natives call magic, more?
I think she should focus on a more varied set of abilities.
>Should I follow other casts?
>Is the pacing too fast or too slow?
The pacing of the story is fine, altho it may be too slow with a once-per-week update schedule.
>Should Slime focus on the ails of the planet?
Yes, the slime should certainly be interested in the grand scheme of things.
>Should slime even care for something that might take centuries to deal with?
Centuries maybe no, but I think plenty can be done in the short term.
>Why should slime care?
Because slime needs to find out what is love.
No. 128738 ID: 130f18

I suspect that the blue-cored administrator (First?) or one of its agents may be the one that consumed the guard we were observing. That slime also appeared to have a blue-ish overall coloration to it, and Emils denied involvement and doesn't appear to have gained any skills or magic that would have come from the guard. Since First(?) just stated that it's been supplementing its mana using the natives, it seems reasonable that it sent out smaller portions to gather, and either came upon the guard by chance or acted directly to prevent Slime from being discovered by removing someone on its trail.
No. 128740 ID: b1b4f3

I think it's more likely First was the giant manabeast that was demanding sacrifices from the Rabbold capital.
No. 128749 ID: e20bdf

The Third is Gluttony because: >as worm-like Mana Beasts begin to emerge from within The Third's body

>Oh, The Fifth is Pride then. Weavers have been trying to get to the towers.

Because Slime is probable the only one who caries an extra core, Sixth is Sloth, who would be ironically active.
Since we know Slime's core is from Gluttony (the Third) mixed in with a gift from Envy and a body from Lust it would make sense the successful experiment is her. Maybe the First was referring to the Sloth core when it asked about "the other subject".
As Lust is currently inactive she have to be the Second, making the First Envy.

The First asked the Third help penetrating Mother's Defenses for fear of waking the Seventh. So the Seventh have a defensive role, what makes me believe it's Wrath.

Lastly the Fourth should be Greed.

First - Envy
Second - Lust
Third - Gluttony
Fourth - Greed
Fifth - Pride
Sixth - Sloth
Seventh - Wrath
No. 128752 ID: b1b4f3

You missed my first post

First: Lust
Second: Envy

The First has a slime body. Slimes are Lust manabeasts.
No. 128754 ID: e20bdf

I'm confuse, when would this encounter happen?
Lust didn't knew about Slime the first time they meet and that encounter end with Lust core being deactivated. She said her slime body would continue to work autonomous and her original body was above them, but I don't recall anything about prime core. Beside, she said her core was too big to leave that cave and her last meeting with Gluttony happened when it passed by during it's diggings.
I'm missing something?
No. 128756 ID: b1b4f3

What? What are you talking about? I don't understand what you just said.

Do you think the giant core Emils met was the First or Second? No. That was just a very large Lust Manabeast, that produces smaller slimes that are more like extensions of its will than separate manabeasts. At least until the main one dies. There are several of them in the world, in charge of cleaning duties.
The First is something else, possibly one of the systems of the spaceship that arrived on the planet. More likely there were multiple spaceships, as the Dragons left somehow.
No. 128764 ID: 130f18

The slime in the sewers was Lust itself.
No. 128766 ID: b1b4f3

I thought it was apparent now that "Lust" is not one single entity. It's a category. First/Second/etc are special somehow, the slime mother we found did not seem to be.

Honestly the only way the slime mother could be First is if the current intermission took place in the short timeframe between Slime waking and meeting the slime mother. The slime mother said its memories were degrading so maybe it just fucking FORGOT that it knew Slime existed? But this is a time window of days. Slime has not been active for long. I really doubt that First grew too big in that time AND forgot Slime.

Anyway, First isn't an Envy type, we know that much. First has a slime body.
No. 128768 ID: e20bdf

Or maybe the shapeshifters can assume the form of a slime.
No. 128816 ID: f46e5e

>Where I Am go
I wanna see inside the mountain range.
No. 128875 ID: 7e06cf

And thus, Beatrice is no longer playable.
No. 128878 ID: b1b4f3

This is a bad april fools joke.
No. 128879 ID: 7e06cf

is it?
No. 128880 ID: b1b4f3

It better be!
No. 128881 ID: b1b4f3

Also it looks like even though toggling off Bea's ability results in less mana usage, her body is not used to using less mana so it doesn't move around her body properly? And I guess it gets clogged up at her core while the ability's toggled off?
No. 128882 ID: 91ee5f

If this is an April Fool’s joke, then congratulations, you got me. You made me believe it was real and I got pretty scared.

If this is real and not an April Fool’s joke, then OH GOD WHY DID YOU DO THAT?! D8
No. 128889 ID: e20bdf

I though Slime would always have white fur, skin or scale because of the dragon blood interference.
No. 128890 ID: 8eaf98

I thought it was just albino, though I guess the end result is kinda the same.
No. 128891 ID: 8eaf98

I Am really hoping Bea just got real tired due to actual muscle use and fell asleep and this is, in fact, a dream.
No. 128898 ID: b1b4f3

So was that a dream or did those two updates just not actually happen?
No. 128925 ID: 8eaf98

ima go with not happen
No. 128966 ID: ba2304

Wait wait wait.....maybe we're looking at this wrong......what if trying to make emils into more of a person is wrong....its the rabolds who have mana problems....what if we turned rabolds into shapeshifting slime people like emils....adventure!
No. 128967 ID: 080aaf

I like the cut of your jib.
No. 128968 ID: 130f18

The slimes can't produce their own mana any more than the people can. We need to find a way to quickly stimulate the development of natural mana generation, or get a damn rocket to fly them to somewhere with people who can. As it stands this rock and everything on it are doomed.
No. 128973 ID: 080aaf

We can also reduce the consumption rate of mana to extend our current supply.
No. 128985 ID: 9cdf42
File 155454795764.jpg - (347.48KB , 1547x1562 , F0C1DD71-D6D8-4E56-B35F-71102253340E.jpg )

A bit of a wait as I try out different art apps.
Have an older Emils, drawn on Tayasuki Sketches.
No. 128986 ID: 71c0d8

But i wanna see bea be a cute slime
No. 128987 ID: e20bdf

That's Emils? But she is smiling with a relaxed look. That's so unlike her...
Are you insinuating Emils will eventually learn how to act naturally?
No. 128990 ID: 080aaf

Or it's the person Emils is copying at an older (though probably younger than in-quest) stage.
No. 128991 ID: e20bdf

In this case Radial could just call her Samatha instead of Emils.
No. 128999 ID: c8452a

It's definitely an older Emils.
No. 129097 ID: bcc41d

>LU-5 said
>"[Mother] had landed on this planet when she had confirmed it suitable for habitation, and began terraforming though the spread of [towers] to infuse the land with artificial >[Mana]. Somehow, Life had appeared on it's own during the terraforming procedure, and had infused themselves with the artificial [mana]. As a result, the native lifeforms had >adapted to the artificial [mana] without any means to produce proper [mana]. We had hoped that though decreasing the supply of artificial [mana], the natives would be able to >produce their own. Sadly this is not true. Instead they somehow are capable of interfacing with the artificial [mana], somehow accessing [core] abilities to produce localized >environmental and biological modifications. We are not sure how that works or how to patch it, but we could replicate it to our own benefit regardless. If you want to produce >[Mana], your best option will be getting a living [Dragon] or a real [Core]."

Either I'm misinterpreting or it sounds kind of like both sides (or at least LU-5) were a bit unclear on what had actually happened. That or LU-5 was being deliberately vague. Anyway, the timeline, as best as I can figure is this:

* Mother/Dragons crashes on a terraformable planet. Begins terraforming by placing out mana towers, despite damages to herself. The Seven Moderators are created out of [Dungeon Cores] and the parts that made up the ship, manufactories, life support, etc. Mana Beasts serve the Dragons. Dragons remain in deep sleep while terraforming occurs.

* Something goes wrong during terraforming. Intelligent life appears and has come to depend Mana to live. Dragons awaken and begin interfering with the natives who have settled around their terraforming towers. Their solution is to try to slowly wean the natives off of mana.

* This does not work. LU-5 claims the natives 'somehow' began interfacing with [mana] to access [core] abilities. While unable to fix or patch it, the abilities were replicable by LU-5 and her ilk (and Emils - through eating native cores).

* On the other hand, Matron claims that the Avaros' experiment with a live - and then dead - Dragon caused the 'gift of magic' to descend on the people of the world. Devouring Dragon's Blood - and possibly people with cores? - makes mana beasts wild and corruptdd and also be able to take control of others of their kind.

* The Dragons DESTROY THE FUCK out of the Avaros empire, take all of their own tech they can get hands on and leave to hide behind the Dragon's Ridge. Total quarantine. Perhaps they plan to wait it out (deep sleep) again and start over once everything has collapsed and is dead - or perhaps they've got something else going on.

* Thousands of years pass. Somehow some of the Seven separate from their 'real bodies'. Without competent maintenance and a new supply of artificial mana from the Dragons and 'Mother', the mana towers, now known as Dragon Shrines, start failing.

Thought: The problem of mana beasts 'eating' native cores and dragon's blood is proooobably that they gained sentience and free will and no longer had to do what the Dragons ordered. They may have exploited their new-found freedom for various reasons, perhaps by being 'high on life'. Think of it like Emils LITERALLY considering eating ANY living thing she comes in contact with WHENEVER she's given the chance - and not having a bunch of impulses that tell her not to. Some might've never tried - but among the lesser servitors many of the ones that survived and evolved and produced offshoots did, hence how we end up with those of today's wild mana beasts who nom on people on the regular. Sammy is probably an 'evolved' Mana beast of old, being of a size that makes it obligatory to subsist on larger cores, but it's kept its mission priorities in service of Pride. Jogert may be of an 'old school' of mana beasts - i.e. an original mana beast servitor who's just lived for so long that she cannot help but gain sentience. Interestingly, it also had 'sisters' whose solution to that problem was to integrate into a collective consciousness (the one Bag ran into before bringing Jogert to Emils).

Thought: It's entirely possible the Avaros may have considered the lowering amount of mana and that this was one of the reasons for why they were trying to find fixes and going so far as to desperately experimenting on a dragon and making use of its body and blood. That the Avaros Emperor was greedy for immortality is plausible - it certainly is the historical reason that Matron can give us - but keep in mind that we don't know the full extent of the story here. How does an empire react to its lifeblood slowly tricking away - and how is its ruler treated in the aftermath of a catastrophe as big as the one he seemingly caused? No doubt anyone who survived cursed him to hell and back and then to hell again, so the source may be unreliable.
No. 129102 ID: b1b4f3

>mana beasts got free will from drinking dragonblooded natives' blood
Hold up, Radial's said that Emils cannot willingly harm a dragonblooded native. This means that the manabeasts either ingested it accidentally or Kali's Monster gave it to them.
No. 129104 ID: bcc41d

Hm. It's possible that's how it went down, or that there's more we don't know. My blood-to-sentience theory could certainly be off, but if the no-hurting dragon-blooded natives holds true for all mana beasts... that means Gluttony doesn't even kill the family members - it just makes the family sacrifice them instead. Brutal. Even more so if it's been tricking/coercing them and hasn't done any kind of maintenance on the dragon shrine in exchange. It's the classic sentient AI with AI shackles problem - even if it can't hurt you, it can arrange for other factors to hurt you.

Anyway, the conversation with Jogert indicated that (most? some?) mana beasts (at least slimes) weren't initially sentient and had maintenance cycles to prevent them from breaking down or gaining personalities (which means they already knew it could become a problem way back when). If mana beasts in the past suddenly displayed agency and became all lethal and people-eat-y and could co-opt other mana beasts, I'm pretty sure it's either due to sentience o' clock being prompted somehow - or it already having been there, boiling under the surface, due to bad maintenance. A kind of slow-burning 'rebellion', perhaps?

Another possibility - that does not discount the first one - is that there's a difference in the source as regards Emils' dragon blood. Native dragon blood may indeed lift restrictions and add sentience, but when Emils drank 'pure' blood from an actual dead Dragon and is thus subject to in-built Draconic restrictions about not hurting natives (or dragon-blooded natives). Emils is sentient anyway because, A) pure dragon blood adds that too (int boost), but has more restrictions bound into it and/or B) they're a special artificial creature made from parts of three Moderators who already were sentient.

A third theory is that consuming native dragon blood STILL makes mana beasts unable to directly hurt all Dragon-blooded (unless you're a hybrid monster like that Avaros Emperor) and the Dragons were ALWAYS safe from the depredations of basic sentience'd mana beasts - but they could no longer control those mana beasts - who could wrest control of other mana beasts from them. Which meant they were bleeding servants and could no longer safely face the natives or other factors that COULD kill them, like the monster. Perhaps they felt their only option was to take extreme measures to prevent a collapse of power and authority and preserve their people against a worst-case scenario, so dealt a rushed alpha strike and retreated posthaste.
No. 129113 ID: fb2a85
File 155515277189.png - (399.96KB , 1200x1314 , DD870491-AF2B-49B0-89FE-39B3EA8211C3.png )

No. 129114 ID: bcc41d

See? My word might as well be canon. Hand over the quest reins, Radial, here comes internet mook #844629398!

But yes, I'll hop off the over-analyzing speculation train now.
No. 129126 ID: 4294c6

I'd like to congratulate Emils for learning how to correctly boop a snoot.
No. 129206 ID: 5ba090

Hey, I just read this whole thing. Its rather good.
The setting reminds me of this short story a bit https://www.toothycat.net/%7Esham/Access_History.html, which is about a fantasy world that is actually a simulation.
I Am probably doesn't take place in a simulation though. But there are lots of little things that make me think there's something similar going on. The magic system for one, seems very technical and is reminiscent of coding. Jogert also just casually says magic doesn't exist when Emils brought it up, and the way the mana beasts talk about magic also seems very technical, with the natives learning to "interface" with it. The way certain words always appear in brackets, like they're referring to a specific technical meaning and not just the casual everyday one.
Oh, and also a big bar that seemed to indicate health appeared in Emils' vision when she talked to the giant Lust slime. That was a thing.
What this means, I have no idea. My guess would be that the world isn't a simulation, but "magic" is somehow technological in origin. Maybe the world is covered in nanomachines that respond to certain commands.
No. 129210 ID: e20bdf

What we got from the backstory is incomplete and a bit convoluted, but basic the universe is a futuristic version of a more normal fantasy setting.
There were dragons, and presumable other common fantasy races, in another planet, capable of producing mana and cast magic. The mana they produced fed dungeons cores kind of like in Dungeoneer.
At some point the dragons used dungeons cores to produce artificial cored (more machine like) for their terraforming project. So space ships would bring the artificial cores (the mana beasts) to barren planets, those would transform the environment so it could sustain life, and latter the dragons would come in their space ships to colonize.
During the terraforming of the planet the story take place life developed spontaneously, and adapted to the artificial mana the cores were pulping into the environment. That is why the magic system have a program style, the living creatures have the equivalent of dungeons cores and basic hack into the machine like magic of constructions to cast spells.

The mana beasts denying the existence of magic confuse me. I get the idea of magic being whatever science can't explain, but I can't imagine the dragons would stop calling the ability of make fire (or whatever) appear in the palm of their hands "magic" even after they learn how it works.
No. 129216 ID: 8eaf98

I feel this could best be explained by linguistic differences. this ability would have been very pervasive in their lives (if the civ grew up with it) and thus would likely not all be covered by one blanket word of 'magic' and would be treated as a normal thing like say: smell or taste to us. If we were asked is smell magic we would be like obviously not.
Alternatively, it was something they actively developed and then why on earth would they call it magic, they engineered it.
TL;DR: The languages being spoken are not English and translation happens.
No. 129240 ID: fcbaaf

Sorry for the recent lack of updates, for the past week or two I’ve been sick with coughing and runny nose, and recently, sore throat.

In regards to >>129206 Yes, that’s the idea. There is a hint of technomancy in the way the mana beasts interact with mana to alter the world.
So far, you’ve only seen magic in the view of Emils, or the caster, both of which know what the words they are saying roughly mean.
Like if you say Sayanora, you know it means goodbye despite not knowing Japanese.

Mana is a thing, but there’s very little actual mana on the planet. Majority of it is replaced by artificial mana, which needs to be recharged in the Towers.

Ultimately that means all the towers are a hotbed of life or civilization that can cast high mana processes, at the cost of starving out other regions.

“Magic” is only “magic” because there’s an element of fantasy or unknown to it.
Computers and robots to someone who doesn’t know about electronics can seem like magic.
The mana beasts know full well what they’re doing, and how to do it.
No. 129248 ID: 8eaf98

oh good that probably means people are using high magic to try to fix the problem, which probably has zero chance to fix it AND accelerates the problem
No. 129438 ID: 2e758a

Still dying?
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