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File 132503085313.jpg - (204.67KB , 1325x602 , Tyranid_hive_brood_by_LordHannu.jpg )
7816 No. 7816 ID: 141b84 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So, I want to start playing 40k. Specifically, I want to start up a tyranid army. Incidentally, my tabletop wargaming experience is 0. I realize that this will require a sizable investment, but I believe I'm patient enough to cope. My reason for posting is to ask actual players for advice. So, I'm all ears(eyes). Relay your words of wisdom or tell me how I'm an idiot. Cheers!
No. 7817 ID: 8fe206

From what I've heard you choose one of the 'good' armies. Also one of the most flexible. You can play as swarm, balanced, elite, what have you. The only downside for Tyranids is that monstrous creatures suck compared to vehicles, and that's what you get instead of vehicles.
No. 7819 ID: 199718

Consider looking for a starter army on eBay. You can save loads that way.

I don't play Tyranids myself, but it seems to be a difficult yet fun army to play. The lack of vehicles and troop special weapons is something you will probably curse. Termagaunts with Devourer guns can be incredibly lethal. Lictors can turn battles, but depends on getting that deep strike roll right. Genestealers are good on paper, but enemies tend to focus fire on them because they're such a pure offensive unit. A lot of tyranids will lose melee battles in surprising circumstances. Especially when assaulting things that use terrain cover as their initiative is suddenly down to 1 - unless they count as having offensive grenades, which I remember as being rather rare.
No. 7829 ID: 049dfa

find some Carnifexes or Trygons for cheap on eBay or something. You will basically be required to convert them into Tervigons, they're pretty much a must have unit and don't have an official model. They're a Toughness 6, Wound 6 3+ save monstrous creature that can be taken as a Troop slot (scoring unit) and can produce 3D6 FREE Termigants every turn until a double is rolled. They can also be fielded as HQs. I pretty much never field my Nids anymore without two of them in my Troop slots

File 131731935756.png - (67.13KB , 743x600 , Risk_Game_Graph_svg.png )
7651 No. 7651 ID: 30df25 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Every time a thread starts on 4chan/tg/ about Risk, it gets deleted. goddamnit.

I know there's a good game in Risk, somewhere. What can be done to improve the game without turning it into something else?
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No. 7790 ID: 2563d4

Blank White Mornington Risk?
No. 7792 ID: 30df25
File 132328144284.jpg - (2.57MB , 2500x2298 , game_four.jpg )

"Risk Legacy." Each time you play, you will change the board and cards. Permanently. Future games with this set start with the changes. There's also "unlockables" to add new cards/pieces/rules to the game when events happen during normal play.
No. 7794 ID: 2563d4

Planned obsolescence for boardgames. Dear god.
No. 7802 ID: 9c7334

Do you guys play anything like TripleA or is that considered too complicated to fall under "Risk"?
No. 7825 ID: 30df25

> TripleA is programed in Java and can run on any platform that supports Java (including Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac OS X).

- Axis & Allies is better than Risk, you're slumming it here.
- TripleA is a videogame of a boardgame that is an improvement on an improvement on Risk. You are super slumming it in this thread, mi amigo.

File 132155006184.jpg - (10.40KB , 200x261 , 266-bokomslag_fil-200.jpg )
7754 No. 7754 ID: aca1f1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Anyone who has played this intriguing RPG?
No. 7755 ID: 0ef5d9

as is often the case with such things, never heard of it. why is it intriguing?
No. 7757 ID: aca1f1

Ah, it might not be intriguing for you, but I find it very interesting. Why's that? Because it is a Norwegian roleplay set in the 1800 (aka. while it still was under Danish domonion, but also while nationalism was on the rise) with creatures from Norwegian folklore like the Draug, the Nick, the Fossegrim, the Dovregubbe and the Ones who Dwells under the Ground (faeries).
I am aware that it might sound very niche, but I find it fascinating.
No. 7763 ID: 8fe206

Sounds pretty interesting, in a very niche sort of way. Is there an english version floating around the web?
No. 7822 ID: b6178d


I've played it with its creator, once. Quite the treat. Pretty fun, but as far as I'm aware it's in Norwegian only (though there might be a fan translation around). I also think you get more out of it if you know (and know how to play on) some of the mythology involved, i.e. Asbjørnsen & Moe fairy tales and norwegian history from the early 1800's.

There's an english review here, if you're interested: http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/10/10604.phtml

File 131852691967.png - (971.38KB , 1748x2480 , doodle20.png )
7694 No. 7694 ID: 4c7956 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Greetings, fellow D&D 3.5 DMs and players.

I need your advice on a good build for a werewolf NPC that will become a recurring villain in my campain.

I need a character with raw close contact fighting power and high dommage output to be a rival against one of my PCs, who is a very optimised fighter using heavy plate armor and bastard sword.

He will evolve at the same speed, thus having three level less than the PC, but damage reduction 10/silver

for more details : http://www.d20srd.org/srd/monsters/lycanthrope.htm

If it can be of any help, he has a crew of human goons and an Ur Priest assisting him from a distance, but who will try not to get involved.

I hope you'll find this query challenging.
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No. 7734 ID: b3d229

Here is what you do.
Either Warblade or Unarmed Swordsage from Tome of Battle.
Go into the Blood Blade prestige class, take Tiger Claw maneuvers.
Shred the fighter to bits with authority.
No. 7752 ID: 066919

>optimised fighter in 3.5
>full plate and BASTARD sword
Just take any class from PHB2 and put him in the dirt.
No. 7764 ID: 995f9d

>Blood Blade
>Throwing and catching your claws
This is the best
Go with this
He can regenerate, it should be fine
No. 7770 ID: b7988b

Sue me, I forgot which was the berserker shifter prestige class offhand. Even though that does sound fucking awesome, throwing your claws.
No. 7771 ID: 784dcc

Wolf Trip+Improved Trip, use an Orc, wield jovar or ripper from PlanarHB, get the UP to buff the shit out of 'im.
that Bastard sword? Disarm.
use a triple-weapon-capsule-holder from CAdv, for poisons or possibly worse.
Barb 1 ACF for pounce.
>recurring villain
that might be a problem if you're unwilling to R0 his escapes.
>He will evolve at the same speed, thus having three level less than the PC,
ECL != CR, FYI, even if each aren't considered most reliable. Animal HD are pretty shitty, too.
>high dommage output
Whips and chains are good for that I hear- ReachPlus with a bonus to disarm (/joke)

File 132076146333.png - (342.37KB , 900x1332 , Microscope RPG.png )
7728 No. 7728 ID: fa59a2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Saw this on 4chan. Anyone here know it? Played it? Even if you haven't; opinions?

The official website is http://www.lamemage.com/, go check it out.
No. 7731 ID: 30df25

The game that they tried to play on 4chan lasted all of 4 hours before the thread 404'd. Bleah.

Someone managed to rescue a recording of the game: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Microscope/Humanity%27s_Grandkids
No. 7756 ID: c5d574

It seems interesting. I might give it a shot some time.

File 131707262269.jpg - (100.92KB , 1024x839 , farseer1.jpg )
7643 No. 7643 ID: ef25db hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Farseer stats
3 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7666 ID: 8fe206

Is this just an NPC or are Eldar finally playable in Rogue Trader?
No. 7670 ID: d335e5

I entirely forgot where I got this from.
Likely enough.
Lol no. This is for a friend who was under the mistaken impression he could take his rank 4 Guardsman in DH and take on a farseer 1v1. I tempered his arrogance. With any luck, when they run into this guy and his Dire Avenger guard, they won't get stupid.
No. 7672 ID: 13c92d
File 131783379088.jpg - (484.00KB , 1010x756 , 1239520023483.jpg )

Rank Four Guardman... essentially a human who has become 'fairly decent' at surviving and using a glorified flashlight. Take on one of the most psychically talented, elite-trained individuals of the elder race.

Yeah, seriously, wtf was he smoking? A whole party of at least seven rank 5 characters (including a Nascient Psycher Assassin and a Tech-Resurrected Arbities with a drill arm, oh yeah, and the NPC SPACE MARINE! who saved our asses at the last minute) needed to claw and scrape for our miserable lives, fate points being spent everywhere, to face a band of glorified, druggie space elf gangsters.

Do not fuck with eldar, they have far, far more experience at it.
No. 7685 ID: 35e1a0

what about a culexus?
No. 7735 ID: b3d229

I never said I was kind.
I wasn't running this module, and they were very polite when they ran into him. Until they tried to leave, and the guardsman raised his bolter.
He had it shot out of his hands by a pathfinder who was covering the entire site. He tucked tail, the farseer didn't even turn around.
Haven't seen them yet.

File 131860927310.jpg - (18.14KB , 315x325 , ork40k.jpg )
7699 No. 7699 ID: 20e749 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Ok so i have some orks scattered about, I think a few dozen boyz and some nobz and maybe a big Mek with a shokk gun and also a few bikes and a wartrukk. They aren't assembled or painted aside from about five slugga boyz.

But I bought all this crap with the old rules and I'm not terribly familiar with the current codex. I figured hey other people know this shit right?

What's a good say 500 point ork army? I know I may need to switch things up or move things around a touch to make what I have viable but I'd prefer not to buy more models.

Anyone have any general tips or lists for Ork player who hasn't played since roughly 2000?
No. 7701 ID: 491191

Well, "good" is sort of a relative term for orks in the current metagame, but we'll see what we can do, eh?

Ork boys are ork boys. The only advice I can really offer you here is that shoota boys tend to be slightly more useful than slugga/choppa boys, if you have a choice in models. In the 12-18 inch range a shoota out-shoots a space marine, for a third the cost. In close combat, all boys mostly end up being ablative wounds for their powerklaw/bosspole nob. For the love of god, take a powerklaw/bosspole nob with your boys.

Boys in Trukks work best if you take an all-or-nothing approach. The current game environment makes the majority of vehicles into frustrating resilient shooting platforms, so your opponent can reliably be expected to have several guns capable of tearing your paper-mache, can't-shoot-for-crap death trap into so much scrap metal. Like most ork things, they are most effective when you rush in with more targets than your enemy can possibly kill. In general, that means you want everybody who is moving toward the enemy to be moving at least trukk speed so they cannot focus fire on you.

The old trukk model is comically tiny compared to the new model too, so people might complain at you. However, because it is small, you could run it as a Warbuggy proxie, which solves all sorts of problems. Warbuggies and deff-coptas, either equipped with twin-linked rokkits, are very closely matched for the much needed vehicle hunting capability in an ork army, so thats an option I guess.

Regular bikers are, point for point, the best anti-infantry shooting available in the codex, bar none. You rarely see them though, because if you want to play with just a few bikes, you could take nobs on bikes instead.

Nob bikers (a trivial proxy to claim) are easily in the top five most dangerous and resilient units in the entire game right now. (they will die to thunderwolf cavalry and assault termi
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 7706 ID: cd2742

Wow, what a lengthy and well-informed (presumably) response.

Alright, I went and picked up my old boyz and the inventory is 30 boyz, five nobs, a big mek with a shokk cannon, three bikes, and a single wartrukk. Basically the old ork assault force with some additions.

I'll take your advice when writing up a list. I like charging into melee like a twit so i'm thinking one squad of 11 sluggas+nob in a trukk, one squad 16 shootas with a nob unmounted, three nob bikers, maybe one a painboy dunno. Big mek and shokk cannon.

Of course my brother has this complete wreck of an old chimera sitting about and since he's moved across the country I may well take that and loot it, which can make for another troop transport for the shootas with some work.

Anyway, thanks for the help. I'll dig through the codex for a while and see what I can put together.

File 130213643343.jpg - (99.09KB , 640x595 , etrian324.jpg )
6229 No. 6229 ID: dbbe4a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I've got GURPS: Low-Tech on order. My plan is to use that sucker and GURPS me up some Etrian. There will be some dungeon crawling, monsters will be slain. PC's might die. This could go either way. Gotta play it by ear. Good plan /tg/?
No. 6230 ID: 8c73c8

i fucking love etrian odyssey. i approve.
No. 6231 ID: cf244d

That Madoka girl is supposed to have a spear, not a crossbow.
Also I can't really see her wearing such a revealing top.
No. 6232 ID: dbbe4a

Don't dis the Lady Arbalist. She's one of the most badass classes from EOIII.
No. 7697 ID: c5a93f

Fuck. Yeah. This sounds awesome. :D
No. 7703 ID: 3dde6e

Do want. The premise and style of Etrian Odyssey is pretty neat, even if I don't care too much for the games themselves.

File 128322170897.png - (289.12KB , 1600x900 , DORFSWHAT.png )
4212 No. 4212 ID: 814709 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]


Quick, I need help, What do I do? I don't want my first game to end in Elephant rampage!

Guides, Tutorials, Hints, anything?
6 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 5722 ID: 8555c2

You first game will end in tragedy. They always do, but this one will happen extremely quickly.
No. 5725 ID: 811627

Pshaw, my first game was badass.

All my people were depressed and threw tantrums every few minutes, but noone died and we repelled all invaders.

It was amazing.

Then I got bored and I learned true despair in my second fort.
No. 7673 ID: ab3949


Where do I dump this text to make it work?
No. 7688 ID: de7eea

Things to remember about this version:
-Elephants have been nerfed and are now wimps.
-Carp are still somewhat dangerous, but are not the killing machines they were at one point.
-Stonefall traps are almost entire useless.
-Because of the way the wound system works, no number of hammer blows will ever kill a bronze colossus.

General tips:
-Spike traps can hit anyting (including your guys, so remember to turn them off) and never jam but need to be linked to a trigger.
-Magma normally does not pressurize (pressurizing can force it upwards through bends), but if it has gone through a screw pump it does, allowing for some lovely multi-z-level magma fountains.
-Enemies' habit of dodging traps can cause them to dodge of strategically placed cliffs.
-If a humanoid is dismembered (by falling extreme distances, for example), you can butcher the pieces which are not the main 'corpse'.
-A direct hit from a cave-in can kill anything (except maybe ghosts).
-Magma is the answer. Always.

I am not playing DF at the moment, but I am thinking about coming back to it at some point when the zombie invasion update is out.
No. 7689 ID: d60822

in text files in the "objects" folder within the "raws" folder of your DF install.

First one: Any file that starts out "creature_" and ends ".txt", but "creature_standard.txt" would be the conventional choice.
Second one: "entity_default.txt"

File 130691650945.jpg - (79.69KB , 464x711 , albedo1.jpg )
7139 No. 7139 ID: 8e18cd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Since the thread this was in was merge with some stupid bitching thread, let's continue Albedo RPG discussion right here.

Here are the links for the comics (Setting) and the RPG books. There's a new edition of Albedo but I haven't looked at it yet.
3 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7323 ID: 8e18cd


Well damn then... that's too bad. How is GURPS working out for it then. What exactly did you modify to make it fit?
No. 7325 ID: 8f9d98

Not a lot needs modification. The hardest part was the stat translations for the various races/species. GURPS has a lot of good tools for running a space campaign, and most all of the advantages and disadvantages for a TL9 Space campaign work well with the setting.
No. 7339 ID: 8e18cd


The Albedo stat system is a bit weird at first.

Then again it was designed by an ex-soldier, so the whole thing makes a lot of sense for a military man, but makes less of a sense for a civilian.
No. 7667 ID: 03c30e

Zho Chaka is one of the most interesting modules I ever read for an RPG btw.
No. 7668 ID: 30df25
File 131777008957.jpg - (19.82KB , 695x537 , uboot.jpg )

Thank you for providing the comics so I can finally read this hard sci-fi story I've heard about for years.

Does race/species differentiate the characters in the story any more than just by appearance? I.E.: tools that must be crafted for the different manipulating limbs, different furniture for retrograde legs, dietary requirements for carnivore vs. herbivore vs. omnivore digestive systems.

File 131576816726.jpg - (135.40KB , 500x642 , noicegiants.jpg )
7614 No. 7614 ID: f25cc9 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Hey everybody, just a lonely GM looking for players.
Willing to run a weekly game on sundays.
Games I have run:
Call of Cthulhu
Games I am willing to run:
A Time of War

If anyone would be interested in being in one of my games, just send me an E-mail with your time zone, when you'd be able to play, your preferred system, and your experience with RPGs in general.
No. 7647 ID: 0cf6f3

i am hoping some people replied in email and this GM has players now.

this lonely post from a lonely GM makes me a little sad otherwise.
No. 7660 ID: bd4f34

I sent one. It'd be nice to have a group again. Plus, I've always been interested in nWoD (only ever played D&D 4e before). No idea what "A Time of War" is, but it sounds... Warlike.
No. 7661 ID: 43d730

I sent one as well.
Heard back once.

File 131234537250.jpg - (55.42KB , 750x600 , nat20.jpg )
7505 No. 7505 ID: 3bad4c hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Once upon a time there was an advanced civilisation that lived on a floating island in the sky. Occasionally young people would survive traumatic events and awaken unstable powers within themselves.
Obviously the civilisation did not take kindly to such disruptive people, so each was systematically exiled until they were deemed stable and responsible enough to return.
Each group was given a robotic minder to assist them in their journey, and they were given forced learning so they could apply their talents.

This is the story of one of these groups.
Tensiu chose to become a warlock. However, the civilisation did not have a stock of any catalyst that he required to awaken his powers. Thus, he had to wait until he killed a fey and drank its blood before he could shoot eldritch blasts. When he did so, he decided to take several more vials of this fey blood, something the DM had not anticipated to have rules for at the time.
The DM ruled that the blood would be an extra boost on the eldritch blast damage, but decided to keep the actual bonus damage secret.

Later, after some adventuring the party came to a nation of many small allied states ruled by Lords. After meeting a previous group of this advanced civilisation, Lord Filn Daran VII knew that they did not share the same cultural mores nor respect for authority. He declared that they would not be given permission to cross his borders into neighbouring lands until they could demonstrate the appropriate behaviour.
Thus he sent the adventurers as bodyguards for his daughter, a Paladin/Knight, on a brief sojourn South. She would be able to attest whether they were model citizens or not.
It turns out they were not.
After encountering a flotsam ooze in a river — an ooze with a very resilient adhesive — the party prankster decided to coat the inside of Tensiu's pants with the creature's remains. Tensiu soon put his pants back on, having taken th
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 7654 ID: 84b792

>thou draws out Leviathan with a hook
>it wants to fuck

File 130601264720.jpg - (61.21KB , 406x270 , gold.jpg )
7017 No. 7017 ID: 753cdd hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

How come gold has such low value (relative to PCs) in D&D? In later levels you are gonna own several tons of that stuff. Seriusly, IRL medieval peasants were so poor they never saw one and if you belonged to a social class that actually used gold coins you owned a nice hoise in a town at least.

Now, even the lowliest magic scrolls cost 25 gp, while better magical weapons can cost hundreds of thousands of gold pieces. Gold is supposed to be rather rare (unskilled worker can be hired for about 10 cp a day), even fresh characters own wealth that would let them live comfortably for years and there's barely any reason not to retire your dude after he hit level 5, cos he's fucking millionaire by then.
18 posts and 1 image omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7528 ID: 1444d5
File 131288820720.jpg - (1.37MB , 2680x4876 , 1305647237106.jpg )

>dragon skin
No. 7529 ID: a1de30

You know what this makes me think?
There's a magic wonderland in the setting where everyone shits money and SHENANIGANS happen.
This country is asshole magic shadowrun and a few thousand miles away you have magic pakistralia.
Guess where the PCs get to start.
No. 7615 ID: b6edd6

Alternate explanation for gold's commonness:
Those goddam alchemists succeeded and now gold has suffered massive inflation.
No. 7631 ID: 30df25
File 131657666099.jpg - (186.12KB , 400x600 , avarice.jpg )

If your PCs are carrying around 1,000 gp in their backpack, then you're DOING IT WRONG. back in AD&D, 10gp would weigh 1 lbs. In the default campaign setting for D&D 3.5 it's 50gp to the pound. That's still fukkin heavy. It was intended that PCs would carry gemstones, or jewellery with high resale value, instead of coins.

If you want to know what gold pieces are really worth, check their buying power.
- ale, 1 gallon: 2 silver -- ancient-era beer was probably no better than malt liquor, and a 40oz of Colt 45 goes for $2, or $6.40 a gallon
- meals (per day), good: 5 silver -- anything we eat now would seem extravagant by typical D&D standards. Let's assume the adventurers are eating out, not cooking at home, and they probably have two meals a day. $10 a meal for typical USA? $20 then.

2 silver -> $6.40 -> $3.20/silver
5 silver -> $20 -> $4.00/silver
10 silver -> 1 gp -> $32~40/gold I'll say $40 for ease of use.

So 100gp would be like carrying $4000 in your wallet. 100gp buys a carriage, which is the local equivalent to a car without the engine. The "engine" would be another 75gp~200gp, so the local "car" would be $7000~12000.

A basic +1 sword is at least 2,000gp, or $80,000. The "Treasure Values per Encounter" table recommends 300gp per ECL 1 encounter, or $12000 to be split among the standard 4 adventurers.
No. 7632 ID: 30df25
File 131661138666.jpg - (114.92KB , 650x512 , 5-billion-gold.jpg )

Sept 2011 gold price: $1800 USD / ounce

Remember that gold is measured in "troy ounces," not avoirdupois ounces used for dry goods. When D&D says '1 pound' they mean '1 avoirdupois pound'.

So 1 avoirdupois pound = 14.583 troy ounces.
1 pound of gold = $26,249 US
1 AD&D gold piece = $2,624 US
1 D&D 3e gold piece = $525 US

So the previous post where 1gp = $40 ? Yeah, D&D has way too much gold in their economy.

File 130398098467.jpg - (104.01KB , 1600x666 , 130360641323.jpg )
6653 No. 6653 ID: 995641 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

So I found the x-com boardgame and I have seen a couple of mini conversions for a bunch of things.
Greys are actually pretty damn common as are moderately well armed and armored response teams.
the problem comes from the other stuff...
currently my quest is for Crysalids.
I was thinking about doing some hack-work on Genestealers but does anyone have any other recommendations?
(possible route...
don't add second arms and gloss a bit with greenstuff or other sculpting material and if I'm really stupid and daring make some mandibles.
I'm also up for suggestions on the other aliens as well Mutons, Etherials and the whole gang.
11 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 6744 ID: a41aaf

Those looks way too small for Mutons.
No. 6800 ID: 995641
File 130500036918.jpg - (34.47KB , 348x386 , BHMMM009.jpg )

Well this guy is one of the "skinny minis" from
>> 995641
Another alternative is this guy
"The Armordillo" but the fig is 28mm rather than 15mm and also is $4.00 each vrs the price for the Supers. I'm trying to keep costs low...
The Supers will give me a couple of figures I can modify. I would simply cast figures if I had any real knowledge on that subject.
No. 7524 ID: 2f75ba

Hey x-com guy. I know this is months old, but there might be some stuff in here you can use.


Nothing specifically x-com but a bunch of things that come close and have that "feel". Also 15mm xenomorphs.
No. 7548 ID: 2703d2
File 131314164932.jpg - (54.68KB , 569x569 , pla16.jpg )

Thanks.. I actually got a bunch of things here.
I'm waiting till they (hopefully) gear up after their summer slowdown just to get their planet
No. 7605 ID: 2703d2

love these guys!

File 130640755385.jpg - (80.50KB , 392x400 , 1204586685322.jpg )
7084 No. 7084 ID: 49ef08 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I'm looking for recommendations for systems to play this.
I've looked at Serenity and it weighs in more on the fluff rather than the rule side of things.
I've also considered Traveller but I want the characters to be able to learn new skills and possibly advance in the old ones.. and that's fine as long as a loooog time occurs in the Traveller ruleset.
I was kinda thinking about Fuzion as well but also don't want to make up a bunch of templates for the characters.
So I'm open to suggestions
20 posts and 5 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7473 ID: 30df25
File 131172877066.jpg - (56.92KB , 500x389 , pic508357_md.jpg )

Did I already mention Diaspora? (it's better than Starblazer Adventures) http://www.vsca.ca/Diaspora/diaspora-srd.html

Okay, then how about the "official" Firefly role-playing game? http://rpggeek.com/thread/499237/a-thorough-and-objective-review-serentiy-rpg
No. 7475 ID: b48e91

Serenity was mentioned in the OP.

I don't remember having to have huge amounts of time pass to gain skills in Traveler. I remember huge amounts of time passing in character creation, sure. My character was like 50 when we started. But once we were going I remember rolling dice to see if the skills I used during an adventure got better. That part took no time at all. Sure, if you want to sit around and read a book to learn a new skill, that takes game downtime, but on the job training has no such limitation.
No. 7549 ID: 2703d2

depends if you use GURPS or original rules.
I may go for Savage Worlds in a modified Traveller universe
No. 7603 ID: 2703d2
File 131513200122.gif - (47.23KB , 529x720 , scout111.gif )

Okay I can see how they are designed but how do you take these particular spaces into account when designing floor-plans?
I know in Traveller approx 2 squares are used for each ton of ship. (although that often misses the mark...)- and I don't have campaign Cartographer so I was wondering what recommendations were out there for design?
No. 7604 ID: 2703d2
File 131513207490.gif - (31.31KB , 800x600 , Figure14.gif )

this is the closest to actual given tonnages though a bit bland. (done in CC)

File 131467513989.jpg - (4.31KB , 116x223 , CONSORTicon.jpg )
7596 No. 7596 ID: 715620 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

rolled 51 = 51

Rolling for things here.

Rolling is done by STAT + SKILL + EQUIPMENT + CIRCUMSTANCE determining difficulty. Rolling under difficulty results in a success.

For instance, JACK wants to rummage about. THis is SCAVENGE. He has only one level in this skill, so he has a base of 25 + 35 (his intellect stat) resulting in 60. He doesn't have an item to improve his chances, and the CIRCUMSTANCES are neutral.

File 130256983884.jpg - (224.32KB , 700x563 , 1302482383570.jpg )
6319 No. 6319 ID: 13b3e1 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply] [Last 50 posts]

Hi I'm making a modern-day GURPS game that's like a cross between STALKER and Just Cause 2. Here's some backstory!

The spacious island of Hatai is hotly contested between the Human and Hyaenid factions for its strategic value as well as rich deposits of oil and metals. It is host to a long-dormant volcano, long strips of forest, and large, beautiful beaches. The two warring factions struggle to set up air bases, bunkers, and military bases, each attempting to gain the upper hand on their opponent. However, scattered around the island are ruins of buildings that suggest something was there before either of them. Abandoned bunkers, power plants, even the destroyed tops of skyscrapers lie defeated on the ground in places. A massive road and bridge system was already in place when they arrived. As the party fights in the struggle for power, they may uncover some of the mysteries of the island, perhaps even solve where the previous inhabitants went, and why.

Please note that despite all the Hyaenid propaganda, you will probably be playing as a human soldier unless you have a really good reason!

This is a 100 point, -40 disad, -5 quirk, TL8 game. There is a 5-player cap.

In: Raycaster
Interested: starburst98, Emzee
51 posts and 31 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7440 ID: 1c952a
File 131144576419.png - (220.29KB , 1700x2200 , Kevin Jackson 2.png )

No. 7441 ID: 1c952a
File 131144580562.png - (79.17KB , 1700x2200 , Kevin Jackson 3.png )

No. 7563 ID: 05514e
File 131380579958.png - (295.08KB , 1700x2200 , James Duncan.png )

No. 7564 ID: 05514e
File 131380589297.png - (224.73KB , 1700x2200 , James Duncan 2.png )

No. 7565 ID: 05514e
File 131380606808.png - (96.23KB , 1700x2200 , James Duncan 3.png )

File 131353052864.jpg - (92.19KB , 600x774 , 1313397083878.jpg )
7555 No. 7555 ID: 2703d2 hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

just got this and was looking at character creation.
It's fast and looks great for something like "Firefly meets Traveller" but I do have a question about Professional Edges. Are these something you level up and aim towards or something you can use right away?

They seem very much a way to replace character creation with "jobs" but how would you get the points for this and any other edges?
I guess you could take 2 minor and one Major Hindrances
then if you qualified for the Professional Edge?
Could someone fill me in?
No. 7559 ID: 6a5a08

Pretty sure you can take any edge as long as you meet the stated requirements and can take an edge at the time. Level doesn't seem to matter unless you need at least a certain rank to take it, such as Seasoned.

File 131302664576.jpg - (430.88KB , 2480x3992 , pso-series-2-racast_forprint_forsite.jpg )
7530 No. 7530 ID: 81b3db hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

Recruiting one or two more players for a Mutants and Masterminds Campaign that will be taking place once a week on IRC! Here are the details! Please post if interested!

Frontier is a game that blends Wild-West settings, pulp fiction, space exploration, and anime robots. The players are elite Bio-Androids, with powers and ability's comparable to comic book super heroes, or high powered mecha. They are a group of fortune hunters traveling to a large region of space simply known as the Frontier. Here the communication systems and sensors only travel so far making everything feel remote. This creates a place where exploration must be done in person; a place of discovery and potential, where settlers might travel to find a new life, while criminals travel there to disappear or wreak havoc in a place where it’s easy to hide and the law has no meaning.

Imagine yourself fighting off bandits in the emptiness of space, with blaster fire flying in every direction. Imagine yourself discovering a ruined civilization, only to discover what destroyed it as well, deep under the earth. Imagine yourself speeding across the rooftops as you fight horrors unknown. Imagine yourself sitting back at a space port, having yourself a drink and enjoying the entertainment and gossip from the locals of wanted bandits, new finds, and legends of strange creatures. Or facing off against renegade imperialists thirsting for lost glory. Or in a standoff against a lone gunman, who has left all others before you a piece of scrap behind him.

Here’s a quick list of what you might be doing out here:
-Exploring planets to make claims on the resources found there, dealing with violent natives where they’re found, or even reasoning with the more intelligent ones
-Facing off against giant space horrors and beasts the size of a battleship
-Protecting high speed caravan ‘trains’ as they fly through space from bandits and h
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
7 posts and 6 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
No. 7541 ID: 4c7b39

Alright, I have an idea for a character. I'm going to try to get some pictures commissioned and up by this weekend, but no promises.

Anyway, the way I usually make my characters is that I take a song or a series of songs and try to write a back story around it. In this case, I heard Wild-West and immediately thought of two things; those two being "Wayfaring Stranger" by Johnny Cash, and the Wild Wild West movie.

Of course, the former kinda shoved the latter out of the way, I'm guessing for the betterment of all.

Basically, I want to run a kind of nomadic character. He was an evacuated in a cryostasis pod on a nearby habitable, but rather desolate, planet ignored for it's rather bleak environment and low resource count. The caravan, mid-evacuation, had to FTL jump or lose the entire train. Fifty years later, a cryogenically frozen guy finally gets thawed by a passing ship due to a emergency beacon installed in the pod. He has since been exploring both civilized space and uncivilized space looking for clues or hints of where his derailed train has went, making a quick buck by prospecting harvestable planets along the way.

As for aesthetics, I'm thinking futuristic with a desert-punk/cowboy kind of theme, with hints of exotic knick-knacks picked up in his travels. I'm thinking he's going to act like he has his ear to the ground, friendly enough, but will snap up rumors like freshly baked cupcakes, and, when confronted with a weird, new sight, will say something to the effect of "Wow. I haven't seen something of this marvel since I was prospecting TX-757."

I'm thinking a lot of his abilites are going to be based around free movement and adaptability to odd situations.

No. 7543 ID: 81b3db

Looks good. Gives me plenty to work with as far as adventure hooks go. Leaves plenty of room for places your character might have met the other PCs (or the other PCs parents given the 50+ year time skip) and a basic idea of a power set.

Though he sounds like he'll probably be more skill heavy which is hardly a bad thing. Years of experience as it were over fancy tech. Which I was hoping to get one or two of naturally.

Give me a ring on IRC sometime. I should be lurking on the #tgchan and #RubyQuest channels a decent portion of the time. Not hard to catch.
No. 7550 ID: b19ffd

Hey, a few more questions that I think need to be publicly known, both of which I'm kicking myself for not asking earlier.

First, what's your IRC handle? Just Bribri, or is it different?

Secondly, what edition of the rules are we using? Second? Third? DC reprint?
No. 7551 ID: 81b3db

Yeah just Bribri. Occasionally Anvis or Soleil when I'm IC for other games. I likely won't be on much until late today. Lots to do.

We'll be using 3e for this. I have more experience with 2e granted, but I may as well give the new version a spin.
No. 7554 ID: 81b3db
File 131336007235.jpg - (56.07KB , 810x573 , tempest.jpg )

Right! I'm hoping to see all my players thus far at a discussion session on Tuesday at around 8:30PM Eastern time (-4 GMT).

We'll be talking on IRC Channel: #FrontierIC Server:Rizon Lurkers are allowed within reason.

File 131044756363.jpg - (348.28KB , 1161x984 , 1288747784311.jpg )
7381 No. 7381 ID: d5ae2a hide watch expand quickreply [Reply]

I'm looking to incorporate Sergals into D&D 4th edition.

Now that you are done laughing, I felt like the approach I took in crafting them as a PC race went over pretty well, but I would like a second opinion and I can't think of any other place where I can find what I am after in that regard. I am very serious about this and positive feedback and constructive criticism would be very much appreciated

Info is found here:
No. 7385 ID: f5fe2f
File 131046403055.png - (818.37KB , 973x1261 , Sergal_4e.png )

Uploading the old 4e thing because why not. Yours looks like it's basically this but updated to the newer 4e. Except the skills are different, but yours seem like they work just as well to me. I see no problems.
No. 7387 ID: 049dfa

>Unnerving Presence - Sergals confer a +2 Racial bonus to intimidation during combat encounters. Sergals also confer a +2 Racial bonus to intimidation while bloodied.

Kind of ridiculous, but intimidating in combat is basically useless anyway so it's not overpowered or anything, just silly.

>Sly Tongue
>Because you choose to converse in a witty and coniving manner, you are typically sly in your approach to life. You gain the Sergal "Sly Tail" style feat and +1 to Stealth. (And the other parts of this feature)

If anything you should gain -access- to a style feat based on it, not just straight up get a bonus feat. Also Sergals aren't losing enough for all of these free bonus skills compared to other races.

>Ferocious Charge

Okay there are a ton of things that are shady here.

Most racial attack powers, while they generally let you choose the stat with which to attack, they still lock you into one on damage (See: Dragon Breath).

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
No. 7389 ID: 9cb4b3

The 4e thing is not balanced at all, and was done based on what the late-night /tg/ folks were saying was balanced. I've never really run D&D games, I've always played Rifts/Gurps/World of Darkness instead, so I just trusted them on both the 3.5 and 4e stats.

Turns out, they were way wrong on both, and I've just never bothered to fix them because I don't really have experience statting things for D&D. I have the original .pdf files for both still, I think, if you guys can come up with something better than what is posted here.
No. 7390 ID: d5ae2a

thank god I asked then, jesus this needs work.
No. 7522 ID: 9b0836

You're going to have to repost this if you want us to read it again.

The pastebin is not there anymore

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